Notorious Station

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B05: Wack 8-Ball Station
Deepsea Metro Line B
B07: Fly 8-Ball Station

"Blowin' up like it's all good."
Notorious Station
Get to the goal using Curling Bombs!
OE Deepsea Metro Notorious Station.jpg
Station B06
Test Fee CQ Points 200
Lives S2 font - octopus glyph.svg × 3
and rewards
S2 Weapon Main None.pngS2 Weapon Sub Curling Bomb.png
CQ Points 800
Mem cake S2 Mem Cake Octobomber.png Octobomber
Music #2 ripped

Notorious Station is a test in Splatoon 2's paid downloadable content, the Octo Expansion. This station is unlocked after clearing either Wack 8-Ball Station or Fly 8-Ball Station.


The player must clear either G09B05 Wack 8-Ball Station or B07 Fly 8-Ball Station to access this test. The shortest way to access this station is to clear G09B05 Wack 8-Ball Station.


Notorious Station Stats
Area Enemies Armor Main Weapon Special Weapon Sub Weapon
Checkpoint 1 2x Sanitized Octotroopers N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 2 4x Sanitized Octowashers N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 3 10x Sanitized Octozeppelins

1x Sanitized Octotrooper

Final Checkpoint 1x Sanitized Octomissile launcher N/A N/A N/A N/A

Checkpoint 1

Notorious Station can only be navigated with Curling Bombs. The test begins with a platform suspended high above most of the rest of the stage. After jumping down to an area below, Agent 8 must cross a long, thin area of the platform with two Sanitized Octotroopers at the end. If the player is standing at the end of this part, the Curling Bomb will stop right next to them. Next, there is a checkpoint and a turn to the left.

Checkpoint 2

Immediately in front, there are two platforms that move around in a circuit. Partly through the path of the platforms, there are two pairs of Sanitized Octowashers. These will cover the platform in enemy ink, making it hard to move around. After that, there is another left turn leading to a thin area with fences placed on the sides. The fences can be used to collect Power Eggs if a Curling Bomb is bounced off of them. There is then another checkpoint and a left turn.

Checkpoint 3

This leads to a very long section with ten Sanitized Octozeppelins. The player can use Curling Bombs to move through this section quickly and avoid an Octotrooper. There's also an Ink Refill to collect. At the end of this section is a Bounce Pad. This can be used to bounce up to a platform above, which a player can use a Curling Bomb to move across. The bomb will activate a Splat-Switch, lowering the platform and letting the player walk across it to the other side. The final checkpoint has a ride rail next to it.

Final Checkpoint

The rail, when ridden on, takes the player through the previous circle of Octozeppelins. The player must be careful to jump over Sanitized Octomissiles and time the final jump, up to the goal platform.


  • When using curling bombs, the player can hold R to set when it will go off. The longer the button is held, the shorter the distance it will travel, the faster it will explode, and the bigger its explosion radius will be.


Mem Cake

S2 Mem Cake Octobomber.png
Destroy your troubles—bombs away! A tempting thought: bring all to naught. No wonder your friends tend to stray.

Completing this test awards the player with the Octobomber mem cake.

Enemies and Mechanics

Previously Introduced


OE Icon CQ Cumber.png
C.Q. Cumber's Quotes

You won't have a main weapon this time, so proceed with caution.
That said, feel free to dispatch your foes with Curling Bombs.
You can adjust how far your Curling Bombs go by pressing and holding R.

OE Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png
Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

Fabulous! Fantabulous!
That's quite precisely exactly what I would have done myself!

OE Icon Marina.png
Marina's Quotes

Octozeppelins! Don't you have a poster of these things in your room, Pearl?
You can throw Curling Bombs a shorter distance by holding R!
There's the goal up ahead!

OE Icon Pearl.png
Pearl's Quotes

Trouble inbound!
See if you can get all those with a curling skillshot!
Settle down, Cap.
See if you can do something with that switch over there!
Get ready to jump!


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  • The subtitle is a portmanteau of two lines from The Notorious B.I.G.'s song Juicy, "I'm blowin' up like you thought I would" and "it's all good".
  • This stage has proto-film, plastic containers to store them in and tickets (probably cinema tickets) floating around in the background.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese それはタコッペリン号の タイフーン
カーリングボムだけで ゴールせよ!

Sore wa takopperin-gō no taifūn
Miru ribā-eki
Kāringubomu dake de gōru seyo!
It's a hurricane of Octozeppelins
Milibar Station
Reach the goal with only Curling Bombs!
Netherlands Dutch Er hangt iets in de lucht
Kleuren en curling
Bereik het doel door alleen Curlingbommen te gebruiken!
There's something hanging in the sky[note 1]
Coloring and curling
Reach the goal by using Curling Bombs only!
CanadaFrance French Balaie l'ennemi et atteins la maison !
Atteins l'arrivée avec des bombes curling !
Sweep the enemy off and reach home!
Curlingrad[note 2]
Reach the end with Curling Bombs!
Germany German Ein Wirbelsturm aus Oktozepps!
Erreiche das Ziel nur mit Curling-Bomben!
A hurricane of Octozeppelins!
Reach the goal with only Curling Bombs!
Italy Italian Dirigibili? Meglio dirigersi altrove
Palazzo del ghiaccio
Raggiungi il traguardo usando solo bombe curling!
Airships? Better to head elsewhere
Ice Palace
Reach the finish line using only curling bombs!
Russia Russian ...Фотолюбитель, стой!
Доберись до цели с керлинг-бомбами!

...Fotolyubitel', stoy!
Doberis' do tseli s kerling-bombami!
...Amateur photographer, stop![note 3]
Zenith Town Station
Reach the goal with Curling Bombs!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Sigue la corriente
Fortín Zepelín
Llega a la meta solo con bombas deslizantes.
Follow the stream
Zeppelin Fort
Get to the goal with only Curling Bombs.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Sigue la corriente
Fortín Zepelín
Llega a meta solo con bombas deslizantes.
Follow the stream
Zeppelin Fort
Get to the goal with only Curling Bombs.

Translation notes

  1. Comes from "In de lucht hangen", a Dutch expression meaning "something troublesome is going to happen".
  2. Comes from "curling" and "-rad", a suffix found in certain Eastern Europe city names.
  3. This is a reference to the 2000s Russian web series "Masyanya".