MC.Princess Diaries

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MC.Princess Diaries

MC.Princess Diaries

Added in 20 July 2019
(Chaos vs. Order)
Total area 2,743p
Features Princess Cannon, hyperbombs
Hazards Abyss

MC.Princess Diaries is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. It was the twenty-fourth and final variation of Shifty Station and appeared in the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest. As of version 5.0.0, it is exclusively playable in Private Battles. Periodically, hyperbombs will drop from the sky which allow teams to ink large areas of turf. When one minute is left on the timer, Pearl will descend to let one player use the Princess Cannon.


MC.Princess Diaries is a large and open stage, including many curved walls, similar to Blackbelly Skatepark. Notably, the stage features the Princess Cannon and hyperbombs as unique features, and Off the Hook are seen performing live during the match.

While playing, groups of hyperbombs appear in three waves, at 2:45, 1:30, and 0:45 remaining. Players can only detonate the other team's bombs. At 1:20, Off the Hook's helicopter flies to the center of the stage; with one minute remaining, a pink cylinder appears and Pearl descends, accompanied by the text "It's the voice to end all voices!" As she nears the ground, her head begins to glow, indicating her special weapon, the Princess Cannon, is ready to be used. Regardless of team or weapon, the first player to meet her gets to use the Princess Cannon, a weapon similar to the Killer Wail from Splatoon. After aiming it with motion or Right Stick and activating it with ZR, the player moves to the side and Pearl takes over, using her battle cry to fire it. If the player is splatted before the cannon is able to fire, the next player to meet Pearl will get to use the Princess Cannon. If the player is wearing Ink Armor and gets hit in the blast, they will immediately be splatted.

The stage takes place near the fallen NILS Statue, now surrounded with jellyfish that are studying it. Sponges and bunkers can also be found across the stage.

Princess Cannon text

Event English message Japanese message Dutch message NOA French message NOE French message
Pearl jumps down It's the voice to end all voices! 終末の歌声がきこえる!
(I can hear the singing voice of the end!)
Tijd voor een oorverdovende finale!
(Time for an ear-splitting finale!)
Voici la voix qui fera taire toutes les autres!
(Here's the voice that will silence all others!)
Place à la voix de l'apocalypse !
(Make way for the voice of the apocalypse!)
Obtaining the cannon Fire! 弾を撃て!
(Shoot the bullet!)
Feu !
Event German message Italian message Russian message NOA Spanish message NOE Spanish message
Pearl jumps down Hier kommt der letzte Schrei!
(Here comes the last scream!)
Ecco una voce fuori dal coro!
(Here is a voice out of the choir!)
Гром среди ясного неба!
(A bolt from the blue!)
¡Que cante la voz definitiva!
(Let the definitive voice sing!)
¡Despejad la pista para la artista!
(Clear the floor for the artist!)
Obtaining the cannon Feuer!
¡Que oigan tu voz!
(Let them hear your voice!)
¡Hazte oír!
(Make yourself heard!)




  • The filename for this stage is "Deli24" and the codename is "Pipe".[1]
  • This is the only Shifty Station to not be named after a shōjo manga in the Japanese version. However, months after its release, the 10th volume of the Splatoon manga included a six-page manga made by Marina titled Dear Pearl (Dear Senpai in the Japanese version) as a bonus.
  • A Chikyuu ship, like the one from Manta Maria, is seen in the background.
  • MC.Princess Diaries was the only Shifty Station that did not have its individual name displayed on the battle introduction screen during Chaos vs. Order, only displaying "Shifty Station" instead.
  • MC.Princess Diaries is the only Shifty Station that is not in an Octarian dome-like environment.
    • Because of this, it is the only stage to take place during sunset and not daytime or nighttime.
  • In Private Battles, Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow (Octo) is the only track that plays on this stage.
  • Deca Tower is visible to the left of the NILS Statue.

Name origin

MC.Princess Diaries is named after The Princess Diaries, a series of young adult novels by Meg Cabot, as well as referencing Pearl's screen name in Marina's chat room.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese DEAR SENPAI[a] Dear Pearlie
Netherlands Dutch Eeuwige vriendschap Eternal friendship
CanadaFrance French Éternelle amitié Eternal friendship
Germany German Ewige Freundschaft Eternal Friendship
Italy Italian Grande amicizia Great friendship
Russia Russian Жемчик-холл
SpainMexico Spanish Área definitiva Definitive area
  1. This stage may have been made for Pearl, as Marina refers to Pearl with the honorific term "senpai" in the Japanese version (localized as the nickname "Pearlie" in the English versions).