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For the deep-sea jellyfish in Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion, see denizens of the deep.
A Jellyfish in Inkopolis Plaza.

Jellyfish are creatures found in Splatoon. They can be observed walking around Inkopolis Plaza wearing various articles of clothing. They are the second-most common creature in the city, but most do not speak Inkling and cannot be interacted with.[1] Like Inklings in the Plaza, however, they can be pushed around slightly and will turn to look at the player when they approach.


Unlike Inklings, jellyfish look fairly similar to their aquatic counterparts, with the most significant change being that their bodies have taken on a more humanoid shape. They have large, round heads, with their only facial features being a pair of very close-set eyes with diamond-shaped pupils and no visible irises. They have a pair of upper tentacles that serve as their arms, and a ring of eight lower tentacles that serve as legs. A jellyfish can stretch its "arm" tentacles to several times its body length at will.

A jellyfish wearing a FlagUSA.svg Team Naughty Splatfest Tee.

Being quite gelatinous, jellyfish noticeably jiggle when they move. Through their translucent skin, squishy innards can be seen. Greenish-blue skin seems to be uniform across the species, with the exception of Jelonzo, whose skin is pure blue with a slight purple tinge in some areas. In Splatoon 2, jellyfish change color in accordance to their team during a Splatfest.

Though jellyfish have been shown to wear a variety of clothing, most only wear a t-shirt. Many of their shirts are just smaller versions of Inkling shirts, such as the Pirate-Stripe Tee and the Black Squideye. During a Splatfest, all jellyfish in Inkopolis Plaza wear a Splatfest Tee in support of their chosen team. However, their version of the shirt lacks the wristband, as they have no wrist to wear it on.

Jellyfish are capable of giving off light, possibly from bioluminescence, an ability some real-life jellyfish such as the crystal jelly possess. Jelonzo appears to glow slightly, which has been confirmed by Callie; she often mistakes him for a "glowing ghost", as seen in one of her comments on Bluefin Depot. In addition, all jellyfish in Inkopolis Plaza give off a very faint green glow during a Splatfest, seen only on the ground around them.

While most jellyfish have never been heard speaking, Jelonzo's voice has been heard. It is somewhat high, being very close in pitch to Annie's, but louder and clearer. It is possible that other jellyfish have a similar voice.

Jellyfish apparently reproduce by splitting off of one another, as Live from Squid Research Lab has stated Jelfonzo split off of Jelonzo. This resembles the reproduction of real-life jellyfish, who spawn daily given enough food and depending on sunlight.

Jellyfish are said to have a hive mind, where they aren't individuals but work as a part of a lager organism. When jellyfish show individual traits such as having a relationship, it doesn't mean that they are personally in love, but are trying to impersonate the behaviour.[2][3]

Notable individuals


Jelonzo is a blue jellyfish that owns Jelly Fresh, a clothing store in Inkopolis. He is the only jellyfish in Splatoon who can be interacted with.

DJ Lee Fish

While little is known about DJ Lee Fish, their name seems to suggest that they are a jellyfish. They are a musician; four variants of their song Lookin' Fresh are heard in the shops of Booyah Base.


Jelfonzo is the owner of Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe in Splatoon 2. He learned the Inkling language from reading old books, which causes his speech to be somewhat outdated. He split off of Jelonzo, which Live at the Squid Research Lab states makes him Jelonzo's son.


Jellyfish do not appear in Ranked Battles in Splatoon.

Jellyfish working in Inkopolis Tower.


Jellyfish can be seen in and around Inkopolis Plaza, performing various activities.

  • Two jellyfish operate the air traffic control center above Inkopolis Tower.
  • Jellyfish stroll around the plaza, wearing different pieces of clothing.
  • Some jellyfish can be found sitting on benches, both inside and outside the Plaza.
  • Below the Inkopolis News Studio, a jellyfish can sometimes be seen dancing beside a pillar.
  • A jellyfish often stands at the train station behind the Plaza.
  • Four jellyfish can be found standing near a tree outside the Plaza.
  • During a Splatfest, jellyfish congregate in front of the Squid Sisters' trucks, wearing Splatfest Tees and dancing to the music.

Urchin Underpass

  • Some Jellyfish can be seen cheering from behind the secret alley windows.

Walleye Warehouse

  • Outside the stage's boundaries, jellyfish can be seen walking around and spectating the current battle from the warehouse's large windows.

Saltspray Rig

  • Jellyfish often stand on the towers surrounding the map, either alone or in pairs. Some of them dance.

Arowana Mall

  • Many Jellyfish can be seen behind the shop windows watching the battle.

Blackbelly Skatepark

  • Some Jellyfish can be seen outside the skatepark.
A pair of differently-sized jellyfish talking at Port Mackerel.

Port Mackerel

  • Behind the glass forming the boundary of the Stage, a jellyfish can sometimes be seen directing a forklift.
  • Also behind the glass, a pair of jellyfish can sometimes be seen talking to each other. One is smaller than the other; it may be a younger jellyfish or simply a short one.

Kelp Dome

  • Outside the boundary of the Stage, a few jellyfish, possibly workers for the greenhouse, can be seen.
A lone jellyfish at Bluefin Depot stretching out its tentacle.

Bluefin Depot

  • Across the water, outside the bounds of the Stage, there is a lone jellyfish which can only be seen up close by zooming in with a scoped Charger. It is not always there, but when it is, it either sits peacefully by the edge or stands and stretches its tentacle into the water.
  • On the opposite side, along the wall of Miiverse posts, there are sometimes a few jellyfish standing or sitting around. Some of them seem to be spray painting the wall.

Moray Towers

  • There are four jellyfish next to the ramp on each side of the stage, standing next to a car inside a parking lot.
  • A couple of jellyfish can be seen doing construction work on some scaffolding on a nearby tower.

Camp Triggerfish

Jellyfish can be seen across the lake at Camp Jellyfish.

  • A jellyfish can be seen hopping around in a canoe.
  • Other jellyfish tend to stand on the Camp Jellyfish fort.
  • One or two jellyfish at Camp Jellyfish can sometimes be seen crouching by the water and noticeably vibrating. The reason for this is unknown, and it is not seen in any other location.
A jellyfish dancing on a balcony at Flounder Heights.

Flounder Heights

Jellyfish appear to live in Flounder Heights, and can be seen performing daily activities there.

  • Two jellyfish can be seen behind each glass door. One appears to be dancing and cheering on battling Inklings, while the other stands with a tentacle on its "hip."
  • A group of jellyfish play at the nearby playground.
  • There are two balconies on either side of each team's Spawn Point, with a single jellyfish on each one. One of them is usually dancing.
  • During a Splatfest, with the lights in the apartments on, silhouettes of jellyfish can be seen in some of the windows.

Hammerhead Bridge

  • Several Jellyfish can be seen dancing or sitting down on the top railings of the bridge. One is saving another jellyfish from falling into the water with its tentacle.

Museum d'Alfonsino

  • Several jellyfish can be seen painting inside a studio outside the stage's boundaries. These jellyfish were shown in the 12 November 2015 Nintendo Direct.
  • Some jellyfish in red berets and smocks usually stroll around inside an inaccessible portion of the museum.
  • There are countless paintings and sculptures of jellyfish scattered throughout the stage.
A jellyfish construction worker at Moray Towers during a Splatfest.

Mahi-Mahi Resort

  • A few jellyfish sit in inner tubes and lie on inflatable rafts on the water.
  • Some jellyfish (along with horseshoe crabs) lie on chairs and towels by the poolside; others simply walk around.
  • Some jellyfish can be seen playing volleyball.
  • A jellyfish wedding can be seen in the distance.

Piranha Pit

  • A jellyfish stands in a raft floating on the surrounding water.
  • A worker jellyfish waves at the Pit from a small platform with a tent and a couple of weapons.
  • Three jellyfish are tightrope walking on top of the stage. One appears to be falling off.

Ancho-V Games

  • Within the stage boundaries, jellyfish are seen working at computers in small rooms behind glass doors. There are a total of six, with two in the central area and two near each Spawn Point.
  • Many jellyfish sit at the tables of the cafeteria below, with a few wandering around. However, unlike the ones within the stage itself, they are flat, static images instead of animated 3D models.
  • There is also a room filled with jellyfish, possibly a meeting.


  • Jellyfish are featured in all of the Arcade Games.
  • By assuming squid form the player can clip through the jellyfish in Inkopolis Plaza. The same can also be done to Inkling's legs.
  • Jellyfish may have large sums of money, given that they are often seen in cars, can afford to live at the expensive Flounder Heights, and that Camp Jellyfish seems to be significantly larger and more elaborate than Camp Triggerfish.
  • Jellyfish make soft squishy sounds when they move or shake their heads. This can be heard via Recon and with Jelonzo in Jelly Fresh. Jelonzo's "BLUUH" may be an onomatopoeia referencing these sounds.
  • Some, if not all, graffiti in Inkopolis Plaza is implied to be made by jellyfish; as stated in a developers' interview, jellyfish are known to create a large amount of graffiti.[4]
  • Many Jellyfish participate in Splatfest to some extent, as they can be seen wearing tee shirts of the team the support. However, it is unknown how involved they are in Splatfests as they can not compete in Turf Wars.
  • In Splatoon 2,different coloured jellyfish can be seen in Inkopolis Square during Splatfest, such as green jellyfish during the Flight vs. Invisibility Splatfest.
  • Jellyfish do not seem to be bothered by water, as they are seen in it at Mahi-Mahi Resort and near it in Camp Jellyfish. This would suggest that they do not dissolve in water like Inklings do.
  • Jellyfish can be seen in every multiplayer stage as well as Inkopolis Plaza and Inkopolis Square.
  • The developers suggested that jellyfish might be the sponsers for the Turf War industry.[2]
  • Jellyfish didn't appear in Ranked Battles in Splatoon, but do in Splatoon 2. The developers mentioned that the in-universe reason for that is because the jellyfish have started to take an interest in these competitive sports, whereas before, Ranked Battles used to just be underground battles.[3]


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese クラゲ
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Kwal Jellyfish
FlagGermany.svg German Quallen Jellyfish
FlagItaly.svg Italian Medusa Jellyfish
FlagChina.svg Chinese 水母*


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