Eye of Justice (character)

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Eye of Justice
Species Octoling
Hair color Cobalt Yellow
Eye color
Gender Male
Maximum HP
Other forms

I am always correct.
— Justice during his fight with Goggles in Volume 13 of the manga.

Eye of Justice (usually just called Justice), is a character from the Splatoon manga who first appeared at the end of Volume 12. He is on Team Order in the Final Splatfest, and is one of the three Guardians of Sheldon's grandfather's treasure.


Justice is a male Octoling with the "Afro" hairstyle. He wears the Eye of Justice, Silver Tentatek Vest, and Annaki Arachno Boots. His weapon is the Neo Sploosh-o-matic and his eye color and hair color are both cobalt yellow, like the rest of the Guardians. Goggles accidentally knocks Justice's helmet off in the first match of the Final Fest, revealing his face.


With his helmet on, Justice is very focused and logical, making accurate predictions of his opponents' moves. He can also copy and download battle strategies into his mind from other players, which can often backfire and cause the display on the Eye of Justice to glitch out. An example of this would be when Justice tried to copy Goggles' silly personality in their match together; this in turn conflicted with his serious demeanor, causing Justice to panic for a while before joining Goggles in his shenanigans for the remainder of the battle. Without his helmet on, Justice is less robotic and is noticeably more expressive.