New Order of Splatlands

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New Order of Splatlands
Species Inkling (8 Bit, Shady, Wireglasses)
Octoling (Ocho)
Hair color Red (8 Bit)
Indigo (Ocho)
Teal (Shady)
Orange (Wireglasses)
Eye color Red (8 Bit)
Red with blue pupil (Ocho)
Teal (Shady)
Dark Red (Wireglasses)
Age At least 14
Gender Male (Shady, Ocho, Wireglasses)
Female (8 Bit)
Location Splatsville
Maximum HP
Members 8 Bit
Ocho (Second-in-command)
Wireglasses (Leader)
Other forms
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The New Order of Splatlands are the main antagonists in the Splatoon 3: Splatlands manga. They are a group of three Inklings and an Octoling who represent the top half of the Splatsville Great Eight.

If a member of the New Order of Splatlands loses a battle, a "Black Label" will be placed on their weapons by Ocho or Wireglasses, rendering them unable to use it for the time being as punishment for making the group look weak.



Main article: Wireglasses

Wireglasses is the leader of New Order of Splatlands He is competitive and aggressive, similar to the rest of the New Order of Splatlands (excluding Shady) and Rider, he tends to think highly of himself according to his quote "I am Splatsville" where he sees himself as the highest being in Splatsville.


Main article: Ocho

Ocho is second-in-command of the team, he previously was the one to black label the members of the Splatsville Great Eight if they ever lost a battle, but after losing to Team Blue, he agreed to stop black labeling. He is shown to be very standoffish and cruel. Because he is competitive, he tends to anger quickly in battle, and even after battling is still resentful.

8 Bit

Main article: 8 Bit

8 Bit is a ruthless and tough fighter. Similar to Ocho, she gets angry quickly if the battle does not play in her favor. She tends to call her teammates "slackers" if they are caught not working; however, she is not entirely mean-spirited. After losing to Team Blue, 8 Bit praises her team for trying their best throughout the fight.


Main article: Shady

Shady presents himself as serious when he first meets Team Blue. However, as the battle progresses Shady allows himself to become distracted by a question Goggles asks. He then refuses to play the battle until he can figure out the answer, forcing his teammates to help him solve the question.