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Species Inkling
Hair color Orange with purple tips
Eye color Dark Red
Gender Male
Relations Octophones (Second in command)
Location Splatsville
Maximum HP
Other forms
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I am Splatsville.
— Glassless to Team Blue during their fight.

Glassless is the leader of the Splatsville Great Eight as well as the New Order of Splatlands, and is a character in Splatoon 3: Splatlands. He debuted in Chapter 68 and made his full appearance in Chapter 75.


Glassless is an Inkling with the "Cornrows" hairstyle and "Classic" masculine eyebrows, though they are bent down. He wears the Glassless Glasses, Apex Sweater, and the Blue Shrimpsiders. He uses the Splattershot Pro.


Glassless shares a similar personality to Rider before he lost to Team Blue. He is competitive like the rest of the New Order of Splatlands and Rider, he tends to think highly of himself according to his quote "I am Splatsville" where he sees himself as the highest being in Splatsville. He sees the 'weak' as lesser and believes they should be 'silenced' according to his quote "Weak ones will be silenced." He also gets disgusted by people weaker than him.



  • Glassless tends to put black labels in his mouth.
  • Glassless is the only character who is a part of the New Order of Splatlands or the Splatsville Great Eight whose design and appearance are not based on a character from Splatoon 3's promotional art.
    • An Octoling with the same headgear, clothing, and skin tone does appear in the promotional art, however.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ワイヤーグラス
Waiyā Gurasu
Wire Glasses