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Specs Manga.png
Species Inkling
Hair color Blue
Eye color Blue
Gender Male
For other things called "Specs", see Specs (disambiguation).

Specs is a character from the Splatoon manga, and is one of the four members of Team Blue, as well as being the leader.


In his debut appearance, he wore the Retro Specs, Vintage Check Shirt, and White Kicks as well as wielding the Inkbrush. Starting with Volume Three, he maintains his Retro Specs but wears a Baby-Jelly Shirt & Tie and a pair of Smoky Wingtips. He then uses the Octobrush in addition to a few other brushes, such as when he wielded the Inkbrush Nouveau against Emperor. In the Octo Expansion escape chapter of the manga, he is seen using an Undercover Brella, hinting that Specs may be skilled in more than one weapon class. His normal appearance in Splatoon 2 consists of his Retro Specs, Baby-Jelly Shirt & Tie and Smoky Wingtips. In Splatoon 3, he kept his Retro Specs, but changed his shirt to Business Animal and his shoes to Dark-Roast Boaties.


Specs is almost always seen with a serious demeanor at all times. He is shown to be very anxious, which he tries to conceal to the best of his ability. Specs is shown to have a wide array of knowledge regarding Turf Wars, Ranked Battle modes, and various weapons, but he gets upset when others don't listen to the advice he gives. Like Headphones, Specs is shown to dislike the random shenanigans that Goggles gets himself into, like getting naked in public and pulling down the pants of various Inklings.


Specs is shown to mostly get along with his teammates until Goggles or Bobble Hat goof off. He doesn't like when people think that Goggles is the leader of the team.


  • Specs is the actual leader of Team Blue despite Goggles being the mascot of the manga.
  • Specs is near-sighted, as shown by the bonus manga for Volume 7.
  • It is possible that Specs is jealous of Gloves, as when Gloves often gets attention, Specs can be seen, flustered, in the background.
  • In the Square King Ranked Tournament arc, Specs is attacked by bees and is replaced by Emperor, similarly to Army.
  • He was on Team Order for the final Splatfest.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese メガネくん Glasses-kun
Canada and France French Mr. Binoclard Mr. Nerd
Spain Spanish Megane