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Inkbrush HQ.png
Type Main, Roller
Level Unlocked 8
Splash Damage 28
Roll Damage 20
10 / 100
Ink Speed
100 / 100
100 / 100
Sub Weapon Weapon Sub Sprinkler.png Sprinkler
Special Weapon Weapon Special Inkstrike.png Inkstrike
Special Depletion Specdep icon.png Light

The Inkbrush is a Roller-like Main Weapon that was released as free DLC on June 5th, 2015.


It is similar in ability to the Splat Roller, but covers a smaller area at a much higher speed. It also does significantly less damage, take five hits of the brush or four or so brush strokes to kill a normal opponent. Much like the Splat Roller, the Inkbrush can be used as a sort of melee weapon that splatters some ink in front of the Inkling. It comes in a set with the Sprinkler and the Inkstrike.

A newly developed weapon with high mobility and a sturdy brush design. Its ink trail is narrow, but it paints the ground at incredible speed and delivers swift close-range attacks.
— In-Game Description
Holy Smokes, Splatfans! The Squid Research Lab just received an anonymous tip that a new weapon called the Inkbrush has been discovered. It’s apparently similar to a paint roller, but a bit quicker to use. It’s not the strongest offensive weapon but it comes with Sprinklers and Inkstrikes to maximize inking.
Sheldon's Introduction
The Inkbrush is similar to roller weapons, but it inks the ground as fast as you can dash!

It's weak and a bit narrow, but you can make up for that with Sprinklers and Inkstrikes!

I would recommend this weapon to anyone who wishes to try out a new type of fighting style!


Sheldon's Introduction
This is the Inkbrush! It's similar to Roller weapons, but it paints the ground as fast as a squid can dash!

It's weak and a bit narrow, but you can make up for that with Sprinklers and Inkstrikes!

I would recommend this weapon to anyone who wishes to try out a new type of fighting style!



  • Fastest main weapon in the game.
  • Takes up the smallest rolling area.
  • Lightweight and easily knocked around.
  • Lowest roller damage in the game taking 5 hits to splat someone.
  • Fastest ink shake.


Recommended Abilities

The Damage Up ability increases damage of your main, sub, and special weapons by up to 30%. This will increase the strength of the brush when trying to splat an opponent.

The Defense Up ability decreases damage taken from all attacks by up to 20%. Less damage will be taken when trying to splat an opponent.

The Ninja Squid ability allows for stealthy movements, so the Inkbrush can sneak around and cause flanks.

Version history


  • Ink usage while running decreased by 10%.


  • Special gauge loss: 50% → as low as 40%


  • When repeatedly using swinging attacks, ink will also be painted where you are standing.


The Inkbrush being shown in the 4/2/15 Japanese Nintendo Direct.
  • Since this weapon is so fast, many maps that were once dominated by Chargers, such as Arowana Mall, are excellent for the Inkbrush, as its speed makes it difficult for Chargers to get a good shot.
  • When using the Inkbrush, the player's Inkling will hold the weapon on the right hand side of its body. Usually this has no effect on the gameplay, but if a player makes a sharp left turn while in enemy ink, they will actually get stuck in the ink.
  • This could mainly be used as an assassination item as of the speed boost
  • Due to the fast speed you can receive, you can pull off hit and run tactics on the enemy and escape cleanly.
  • Try wearing gear that has Damage Up and Ninja Squid. This allows you to do more damage quickly and escape faster before the enemy arrives to finish you off.
  • As a speedy roller, distract the enemy and terrorize them as much as you can. When the enemies try to group up against you and finish you off, drop an Inkstrike on yourself and watch them blow up.
  • Since it does barely any damage, the Inkstrike (as previously stated) is a great weapon to use.
  • Try using its sub weapon, the Sprinkler, in choke points (small gaps) so the enemies have to run through it, or hit it from a distance before going through the gap.
  • Do not run directly towards opponents as you can easily be knocked (as stated before).
  • You can use this item as a support by claiming land with your Sprinkler and assisting with your Inkstrike from anywhere on the map.
  • A useful Inkbrush technique also known as Jumpbrushing is used by using your shake onto the ground, going into squid form and jumping and repeating the process. This allows you to save ink while getting to the frontlines faster.
    • It also widens the area of claiming turf but does not lengthen it.


  • Using the Blaster can help you take them out with the splash damage.
  • The Seeker can be devastating towards Inkbrushers if they are unaware of it coming towards them. In case it does not hit, follow up the trail the Seeker leaves in their path to get up close to kill.
  • Cornering Inkbrushers can prevent an escape, since they do not have escape tools.
  • Using the Disruptor can slow down Inkbrushers and stop their escape, allowing them to be easily hit and forcing them into squid form.
  • Inkbrushes do barely any damage, therefore if you catch them off guard, they may get one hit on you before dying.


Similar Weapons

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese パブロ
Pablo, a reference to Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter.
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Pincel Brush
FlagFrance.svg French Épinceau Brush
FlagGermany.svg German Quasto (Quaste = powder puff) -> Puffo
FlagItaly.svg Italian Calamaravaggio A portmanteau of the words "calamaro" and Caravaggio, an Italian painter.

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