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The Torpedo is a sub weapon in Splatoon 2.


The Torpedo is a clear plastic ink canister with a resealable nozzle.

The expanded Torpedo is designed after single-use soy sauce packets shaped like fish, popularized by Kikkoman. The weapon's front is shaped like the resealable nozzle of these packets, and its body has fish scales, fins, and eyes. The bottom of the pre-expansion projectile has a black circle which transforms into a propeller when the weapon activates.


It is a bomb-type weapon which, when thrown near an enemy, changes shape and targets the foe, exploding on impact and spraying ink around the explosion. Torpedoes thrown by opponents can be shot down with attacks by dealing 20 points of damage to them.

After being thrown, ink is spread below the player's feet. While still in the air, if an enemy is near the Torpedo it will stop in midair and change forms. After fully expanding it will slowly launch forward, ultimately exploding when touching the enemy or a wall or floor. The explosion will also spread droplets which do additional damage. A dashed circle will appear around the enemy being targeted, similar to the target markers for Tenta Missiles.

Torpedo's locked form works similar to Splash Wall in matters of lethal bombs. They explode immediately, which can be disastrous if the thrower or a teammate is too close to the Torpedo.

A direct hit from the Torpedo's explosion will deal 60 damage while the droplets will deal an additional 12 damage each. The droplets can hit up to three times, capping the damage at 96. The explosion's inking range is slightly larger than a Suction Bomb's, and the droplets will also ink the ground.

If a player attempts to throw a second torpedo while the first one is still active, a "Can't Use" prompt will appear, preventing them from using it. Therefore, Ink Saver (Sub) cannot be used to throw two, so the ability has minimal use outside of conserving your ink.

If the Torpedo touches any surface (floor, wall, grate, etc.), or does not find a target, it will not activate its second stage and will explode much like a Splat Bomb or an unshaken Fizzy Bomb, only dealing the base explosion's damage and not spreading droplets. In this case, the explosion's painting range is also much smaller.

Splatoon 2

S2 Weapon Sub Torpedo.png
Category Sub
Special points
Special depletion
Fire rate
Charge speed
Ink speed
Handling Acquirement
Requirement Specifications
Base damage 35 (Splash)
60 (Direct)
12 (Droplets)
Base duration
Ink consumption 65%
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy
MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
Other variant

The Torpedo was first teased in 31 October 2018 by official Nintendo social media. [1]. It was added to the game on 7 November 2018 as part of the 4.2.0 update.

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Increased ink consumption on use from 60% to 65% of a standard ink tank.
  • Decreased splash damage dealt by ink explosions from 18 to 12.
  • Increased splash damage dealt by ink explosions to Bubble Blower bubbles by roughly 50%.
    • Combining the effects of the above two changes means that damage dealt to Bubble Blower bubbles remains the same as it was prior to this update.
  • Fixed an issue causing Torpedos to disappear instead of exploding if they touched a piece of moving terrain while following a player.
  • Extended the time until ink begins to refill after use by roughly 8/60 of a second.


A sub weapon that flies towards your enemies.

When thrown near an enemy, it changes shape and targets the foe, exploding on impact and splatting ink everywhere.

You can shoot down enemy torpedoes.

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  • The Torpedo bears a resemblance to the torpedoes launched by Drizzlers. Both can be shot down in mid-air, and both stop in mid-air and change in appearance before they unleash their attack.
  • The droplets created by the explosion are similar in appearance to paintball ammunition.
  • The Torpedo and the Fizzy Bomb are both used in the fewest number of weapon sets (4). Both are paired with the Splashdown, Bubble Blower, and Ink Armor specials. The Torpedo is also paired with the Baller while the Fizzy Bomb's other special is the Ink Storm.
  • The Torpedo is not used in any Octo Expansion stations, as it was released after the Octo Expansion.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese トーピード
Netherlands Dutch Torpedobom Torpedo bomb
France French Bentorpille Bento + Torpedo
Germany German Torpedo Torpedo
Italy Italian Torpedinatore Portmanteau of "torpedo" and "pedinatore" (lit. "stalker")
Russia Russian Торпедная бомба
Torpednaya bomba
Torpedo bomb
Spain Spanish Torpedo Torpedo