Kensa Splatterscope

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The Kensa Splatterscope is a main weapon in Splatoon 2. It is a Toni Kensa-branded variant of the Splatterscope and a scoped variant of the Kensa Charger.


The Kensa Splatterscope is a black-and-white Splatterscope with the Toni Kensa signature red clothespin attached to the grip under the barrel. Unlike the Splatterscope and the Firefin Splatterscope, the ink reservoir of the Kensa Splattershot does not change with the user's ink color and is always white.

It also retains the white barrel of the Kensa Charger, differing in the reservoir color (where the Splatterscope and Firefin Splatterscope have a different barrel colors from their non-scoped versions).

Splatoon 2

Kensa Splatterscope
Basic information
Category Main
Class Charger
Sub Sprinkler
Special Baller
Special points 190p
Special depletion
91 / 100
Fire rate
Charge speed
50 / 100
Ink speed
30 / 100
Obtainable at
Level 28
Cost Cash 20,400
Added in 3 October 2018
Base damage 40–80 (Partial charge)
160 (Full charge)
Base duration
Ink consumption 2.25% (No charge)
18% (Full charge)
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy

MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
Other variants Splatterscope Splatterscope
Firefin Splatterscope Firefin Splatterscope

The Kensa Splatterscope was released on 14 September 2018 at 02:00 UTC. It comes with Sprinkler and Baller.

  • Unlike Damage Up in Splatoon, while Main Power Up increases damage, it does not allow shots below full charge to reach 100.0 damage.


  • The Kensa Splatterscope is a middleweight weapon.
  • The matchmaking range is 280. The game's matchmaking system looks at a team's average matchmaking range value, and matches them against a team with a similar average.
  • Ink consumption scales from 2.25% to 18% depending on the charge level.
    • The full-charge ink consumption of 18% allows players to fire 5 shots before needing to refill the ink supply.
    • This stat can be changed with Ink Saver (Main).
  • The scoped view begins to appear at 50% charge and becomes fully zoomed in at 100% charge.
  • The scope limits the y-axis field of view to 28 degrees.
  • The Kensa Splatterscope cannot store its charge.
  • It takes 1 second to fully charge the weapon.
    • When charging a shot with an empty tank, the charge rate is 33.33%, permitting the player to fully charge a shot in 3 seconds.
    • When charging a shot while in the air, the charge rate is 33.33%, permitting the player to fully charge a shot in 3 seconds.
  • Fully charged shots will pierce opponents.
  • When charging while moving, the player's movement speed is set to 0.2 units per frame.
  • After firing, there is a 20 frame cooldown before the ink tank starts refilling.
  • Damage scales from 40 to 80 depending on the charge level. At full charge, the damage is 160.
  • Shot velocity scales from 24 to 48 depending on the charge level.
  • Shot distance scales from 90 to 240 depending on the charge level. At full charge, the distance is 260.


Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Slightly narrowed the spread of ink created by shots.
  • Slightly narrowed the area covered by ink droplets from fired shots.


Sheldon's Introduction

The Kensa Splatterscope is basically a Kensa Splat Charger with a scope attached for long-range sniping! While it's got the same specs as a standard Splatterscope, it comes with a Sprinkler for supporting your teammates. And when the time comes, use the Baller special to flip the script and take the fight directly to the enemy! If you're a scoped charger user who's looking for something new, look no further than this set!



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スプラスコープベッチュー
Supura Sukōpu Betchū
Splat-Scope Bespoke
Netherlands Dutch Toni Kensa Schelpschutter Toni Kensa Shellshooter
Canada French (NOA) Concentraceur zoom Thony K Toni Kensa Concentrated Tracer Zoom
France French (NOE) Concentraceur zoom K Concentrated Tracer Zoom K
Germany German Kensa-Ziel-Konzentrator Kensa Scope Concentrator
Italy Italian Splatter con mirino Nero Marlin Splat charger with scope Toni Kensa[a]
Russia Russian Снайпокрас от С.Кусаки
Snaypokras ot S.Kusaki
Sniperdye from S.Kusaki
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Telecargatintas Tonken From the Greek prefix tele- ("distant"), carga ("load"), and tinta ("ink"), plus Tonken (the name for the Kensa set)
Spain Spanish (NOE) Cargatintas con mira elegante Elegant ink charger with scope
 Internal Charger_NormalScope_02[2]

Translation notes

  1. Nero Marlin ("Toni Kensa" brand in Italian)