Kensa Rapid Blaster

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The Kensa Rapid Blaster is a main weapon in Splatoon 2. It is a Toni Kensa-branded variant of the Rapid Blaster.


The Kensa Rapid Blaster is similar in appearance to the Rapid Blaster. However, it is almost completely black with a few white parts as opposed to mainly red and gray. The Toni Kensa signature red clothespin is pinned in between the two bottom parts.

Splatoon 2

Kensa Rapid Blaster
Basic information
Category Main
Class Shooter
Sub Torpedo
Special Baller
Special points 200p
Special depletion
62 / 100
35 / 100
Fire rate
40 / 100
Charge speed
Ink speed
Obtainable at
Level 21
Cost Cash 13,500
Added in 3 October 2018
Base damage 17.5 (Splash)
35 (Blast)
85 (Direct hit)
Base duration
Ink consumption 7%
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy

MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
Other variants Rapid Blaster Rapid Blaster
Rapid Blaster Deco Rapid Blaster Deco

The Kensa Rapid Blaster was announced on 4 December 2018. It was added to the game on 5 December 2018 as part of the Version 4.3.0 release [1], equipped with Torpedoes and Baller.


  • The Kensa Rapid Blaster is a middleweight weapon.
  • The matchmaking range is 167. The game's matchmaking system looks at a team's average matchmaking range value, and matches them against a team with a similar average.
  • The ink consumption of 7% and ink tank capacity of 100% allows players to fire 14 shots before needing to refill the ink supply.
  • When initially firing the weapon in humanoid form, the first shot takes 12 frames to come out.
  • When firing from swim form, the first shot takes 21 frames to come out.
  • The interval between firing and when the player is able to enter swim form or use a sub weapon is 20 frames.
  • When firing continuously, it shoots a bullet every 35 frames (1.71 shots per second).
  • When firing while moving, the player's movement speed is set to 0.55 units per frame.
  • After firing, there is a 50 frame cooldown before the ink tank starts refilling.
  • Each shot has a base damage of 85.
  • The bullet hitbox has a radius of 2 units.
  • Shots cannot ever deviate from the inner reticle while on the ground.
  • The angle its shots can deviate while in the air is 8 degrees.
  • The outer reticle immediately expands after jumping. After 40 frames, the outer reticle will start shrinking, and will finish shrinking after 70 frames.
  • When jumping, the chance to shoot towards the outer reticle instead of the inner reticle is immediately set to 50%.
  • Shots initially travel straight at a rate of 12 units per frame for 11 frames. Shots travel straight for 132 distance units.
    • After that, the shot's velocity is set to 11.3305 units per frame if it is not already lower than the listed value, and decreases further as it travels.
  • Ink droplets occur every 16.2 units.
  • The frequency at which ink drips from a shot occurs at a rate of 11 droplets per shot.
  • There are a total of 1 different droplet patterns that can be created while firing this weapon.
  • Ink droplets have a radius of 11 units.
  • Droplets have their radius multiplied by a value ranging from 1 if they fell from a height above 100 units to 1.2 if they fell from a height below 30 units.
  • The shot explodes 15 frames after being fired.
  • The far damage radius of the explosion is 33 units.
    • Main Power Up increases the far damage radius up to 35 units.
  • When the shot explodes on the ground or wall, the far damage radius is 16.5 units.
  • The near damage radius of the explosion is 9.4 units.
    • Main Power Up increases the near damage radius up to 10 units.
  • Damage from the explosion is 35. Damage does not change based on distance from the center of the explosion.
  • When the shot explodes on the ground or wall, the damage is 17.5.
  • When the shot explodes in the air, it creates a splash of paint with a radius of 28 units.
  • The radius of wall dripping paint is 10 units.
  • The wall impact painting radius is 19 units.


Version history

Version Adjustments
  • The Main Power Up gear ability will now also increase the radius of explosions while equipped when using these main weapons.
    • The above effect will be maxed out when 2.9 times the normal amount of gear ability is equipped.
    • Each additional gear ability is worth .3 of the effect of the base gear ability.


Sheldon's Introduction

The Kensa Rapid Blaster is a limited-edition blaster created in collaboration with Toni Kensa!
Send out a Torpedo sub to get your enemies looking, then send them backing with a bursting blaster shot!
Opponents closing in? Flip the script on them by popping your Baller special, and watch them turn and run!
This is just the set for the disciplined player who doesn't like others invading their personal bubble!




For competitive tips about the Kensa Rapid Blaster

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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ラピッドブラスターベッチュー
Rapiddo Burastā Betchū
Rapid Blaster Bespoke
Netherlands Dutch Toni Kensa Flitsblaster Toni Kensa Flash blaster
Canada French (NOA) Turboblasteur Thony K Toni Kensa Turbo Blaster
France French (NOE) Turboblaster K Turbo Blaster K
Germany German Kensa-Turbo-Blaster Kensa Turbo Blaster
Italy Italian Blaster rapido Nero Marlin Rapid blaster Toni Kensa (Toni Kensa = Nero Marlin brand in Italian)
Russia Russian Бластермат от С.Кусаки
Blastermat ot S.Kusaki
Blastermat by T.Kensa
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Turbolanzamotas Tonken Tonken Turbo Speck Thrower
Spain Spanish (NOE) Devastador exprés elegante Elegant express devastator