Hero Brella Replica

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The Hero Brella Replica is a main weapon in Splatoon 2.


The Hero Brella Replica is identical to the Level 1 Hero Brella. The shield is black and neon yellow with light blue beads and an Ammo Knights logo in white.

Splatoon 2

Hero Brella Replica
Basic information
Category Main
Class Brella
Sub Sprinkler
Special Ink Storm
Special points 190p
Special depletion
43 / 100
65 / 100
Fire rate
Charge speed
Ink speed
60 / 100
Obtainable at
Level 9
Cost Cash 9,000
Requirement Octo Canyon Octo Canyon
Added in 12 August 2017
Base damage 16.2 per pellet (Cap: 81)
30 (Contact)
Base duration
Ink consumption 6.35%
30% (Launch)
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy

MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
Other variants Splat Brella Splat Brella
Sorella Brella Sorella Brella

The Hero Brella Replica is visually identical to the Level 1 Hero Brella but is simply a re-skinned Splat Brella. Therefore unlike the switchable sub weapons of the Hero Brella, it comes with Sprinkler and Ink Storm. To unlock the Hero Brella Replica, the player must complete every level in Octo Canyon using the Hero Brella, after which it becomes available for purchase at Ammo Knights.


  • The Hero Brella Replica is a middleweight weapon.
  • The matchmaking range is 125. The game's matchmaking system looks at a team's average matchmaking range value, and matches them against a team with a similar average.
  • The Hero Brella Replica's canopy has 500 HP.
  • The canopy takes 0.2 seconds to open.
  • The canopy does 30 damage to opponents on contact.
  • The canopy takes 2.03 seconds to be launched, and 6.5 seconds to return.
    • The launched canopy initially travels at a speed of 1.32 units per frame. It remains on the stage for 5 seconds.
    • After being launched, incoming damage to the canopy is multiplied by 0.5.
  • Each shot consumes 6.325% of the ink tank's capacity, allowing the player to fire 15 shots before needing to refill the ink supply.
    • Holding long enough after firing to release the canopy uses 30% of the ink tank.
    • So, 36.325% of the ink tank is used in total to release the canopy.
  • After firing, there is a 1 second cooldown before the ink tank starts refilling.
    • The cooldown after holding open but not releasing the canopy is 0.33 seconds.
    • The cooldown after releasing the canopy is 2 seconds.
  • When initially firing the weapon in humanoid form, the shot takes 8 frames to come out.
    • When firing from swim form, the shot takes 15 frames to come out.
  • When firing continuously, it fires a round of pellets every 30 frames.
  • The interval between firing and when the player is able to enter swim form or use a sub weapon is 20 frames.
  • When firing while moving, the player's movement speed is set to 0.65 units per frame. While holding the brella open, the player's movement speed is set to 0.55 units per frame.
  • The Hero Brella Replica fires 11 projectiles per shot. Each projectile can do between 10.8 and 16.2 damage. A maximum of 5 projectiles per shot will damage the opponent, so the maximum possible damage per shot is 81.
  • If a projectile is in the air for more than 8 frames after being fired, it loses 0.3375 damage per frame until it reaches 10.8 damage at frame 24.
  • Shots can deviate 6 degrees horizontally and 4 degrees vertically.
  • Shots initially travel straight at a rate of 26 units per frame for 3 frames. Shots travel straight for 78 distance units.
    • After that, the projectile's velocity is set to 16.52 units if the projectile's velocity is not already lower than the listed value, and decreases further as it falls to the ground.


Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Points to fill special gauge: 160 → 180.
  • Decreased time required to begin opening the umbrella by 8/60 of a second.
  • After beginning to open the umbrella, decreased time required for it to open completely by 10/60 of a second.
  • Increased movement speed while the umbrella is open by roughly 38%.
  • While keeping the maximum damage of one shot burst at 90, increased the damage delivered by each shot that lands from 15 to 18.
  • Decreased damage done to the umbrella by shooters (excluding blasters), splatlings, and dualies by roughly 30%.
  • The umbrella will no longer be destroyed immediately after coming into contact with a Baller.
  • Increased damage dealt to opposing Ballers when shooting ink by roughly 30%.
  • Fixed an issue causing the aiming reticule to display outside the center of the screen when moving the camera and using a roller or brella-type weapon.
  • Fixed an issue causing brellas to shoot in an off-center direction when shooting them while moving the camera.
  • Fixed an issue causing a discrepancy in movement speed while trying to shoot a brella-type weapon with no ink remaining, as opposed to shooting a brella with ink in the ink tank.
  • Fixed an issue allowing brella weapons used by opponents to shoot while their umbrellas remained open.
  • Points to fill special gauge: 180 → 190.
  • Narrowed area painted with a single shot.
  • Ink consumption per shot: 5.0% → 5.5%.
  • Increased damage to the canopy from blaster-type weapons by roughly 38%.
  • Increased damage to the canopy from charger-type weapons by roughly 50%.
  • Increased area covered by ink droplets when shots hit a surface.
  • Points to fill special gauge: 190 → 200.
  • Ink consumption: 5.5% → 6.35%.
  • Decreased maximum damage dealt by each ink droplet: 18.0 → 16.2
    • Due to this change, the maximum damage dealt by a single shot has gone down from 90.0 to 81.0.
  • Decreased minimum damage dealt by each ink droplet: 12.0 → 10.8
  • Points to fill special gauge: 200 → 190.


Sheldon's Introduction

The Hero Brella Replica is a different design of the standard brella model with the same stats. This weapon came about after I made a breakthrough in my research and managed to create the ultimate weapon! Sadly, it never made it to mass production because the guys at the factory couldn't wrap their heads around my advanced schematics... So instead they just slapped some shiny bits on a standard brella and called it the Hero Brella Replica. Give it a swing!




  • Although the Hero Brella in Octo Canyon was usable immediately upon the game's launch, the Hero Brella Replica could not be bought at Ammo Knights after completing all missions with the Hero Brella until 12 August 2017 at 02:00 UTC when it and the Splat Brella were released.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヒーローシェルター レプリカ
hīrō sherutā repurika
Hero Shelter Replica
Netherlands Dutch Heldenplenzer (replica) Hero Splat Brella (replica)
Canada French (NOA) Para-encre héroïque (rép.)
France French (NOE) Para-encre héroïque (réplique) Hero Splat Brella (replica)
Germany German Helden-Pluviator Replik From Held (Hero), pluvia (Latin for rain) and Replica
Italy Italian Sparasole élite replica From sparare ("to shoot") + parasole ("parasol") Elite replica
Russia Russian Зонтган-004 (клон)
Zontgan-004 (klon)
Umbrellagun-004 (clone)
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Paratintas de élite réplica
Spain Spanish (NOE) Paratintas de élite (réplica) Elite inkbrella (replica)