Grim Range Blaster

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Grim Range Blaster
Grim Range Blaster HQ.png
Type Main, Shooter
Level Unlocked 20
Min. Splash Damage 50
Direct Hit Damage 125
35 / 100
60 / 100
Fire Rate
10 / 100
Sub Weapon Weapon Sub Burst Bomb.png Burst Bomb
Special Weapon Weapon Special Killer Wail.png Killer Wail
Special Depletion Specdep icon.png Light
Introducing the Grim Range Blaster: a Range Blaster remodeled by Sheldon! Inklings have described it as “totally metal.” Between the Burst Bombs sub and the explosive main, it’s truly an aggressive set capable of dispatching opponents with frightening speed.

The Grim Range Blaster is a Shooter in Splatoon. It is one of the nine weapons included in Sheldon's Picks Vol. 2 and was released on June 8th, 2016.


The Grim Range Blaster, as its name implies, is a variation of a regular Blaster with shots that travel farther before exploding. As a tradeoff, this blaster has a lower rate of fire.

A Range Blaster remodeled by Sheldon. Between the Burst Bombs and the explosive main, this is a very aggressive set that can dispatch opponents with frightening speed.
— In-Game Description(NA)
Sheldon's Introduction
"The Grim Range Blaster is a Range Blaster pushed to its limits. It's "totally metal", or so I'm assured. The black and green flame design is for squids who want their look to be as aggressive as their weapon. The Main works just like a Range Blaster, but the new Burst Bombs really amp up the splat speed of this set. The impressive range of the Killer Wail also adds a lot. Try this set out if you think you have a good feel for the range of a Blaster type weapon!



Recomended Abillities

Since Version 2.2.0, no amount of Damage Up will allow you to splat an opponent with one indirect blast. However, Damage Up can help ensure it takes no more than two hits to splat an opponent. Without Damage Up, an Inkling caught at the extreme edge of a blast, or within the blast of a shot that struck a wall or the floor, can take less than 50 damage.

The Ink Saver (Sub) ability decreases ink usage of your sub weapon up to 65% of its normal usage. Stacking the equivalent of two mains of Ink Saver (Sub) allows players to throw three Burst Bomb in succession, and more consistent Burst Bomb combos.

Ink Recovery Up fills the ink tank faster in squid form- great for blaster users, as they can spend less time refilling the tank and more time battling!

Since mobility can always be a challenge for blasters, consider equipping Swim Speed Up to make fast escapes from advancing foes.


Similar weapons

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ロングブラスターネクロ Long Blaster Necro
FlagQuebec.svg French (NOA) Éclablasteur lugubre
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Éclablaster Nox
FlagGermany.svg German Fern-Blaster Inferno
FlagItaly.svg Italian Blaster a distanza dark
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Telelanzamotas funesto
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Teledevastador tétrico Gloomy Teledevastator (From greek prefix "tele-" (from a distance) and Devastador (Devastator))

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