Dual Squelcher

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The Dual Squelcher is a main weapon in Splatoon. In Splatoon 2, it was converted into Dualie Squelchers.

It is similar to the Jet Squelcher, but has a higher rate of fire at the cost of range and power. The fire rate is faster than the S Weapon Main Splattershot Pro.png Splattershot Pro and slower than the S Weapon Main Splash-o-matic.png Splash-o-matic.


Dual Squelcher

Dual Squelcher

Category Main
Class Shooter
Sub S Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png Splat Bomb
Special S Weapon Special Echolocator.png Echolocator
Level 16
Cost Cash 9,800
Base Damage 28
Base Duration
Ink Consumption 1.2%
Special Points
Sp. Depletion Specdep icon.png 40%
68 / 100
27 / 100
Fire Rate
55 / 100
Charge Speed
Ink Speed

The Dual Squelcher comes in a set with the S Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png Splat Bomb and S Weapon Special Echolocator.png Echolocator.


  • The Dual Squelcher is a middleweight weapon.
  • The ink consumption of 1.2% allows players to fire 83 shots before needing to refill the ink supply.
  • When initially firing the weapon in kid form, the first bullet takes 3 frames to come out.
    • When firing from squid form, the first bullet takes 8 frames to come out.
  • When firing continuously, it has a fire rate of 6 frames between bullets.
  • When firing while moving, the player's movement speed is set to 0.6 units per frame.
  • After firing, there is a 20 frame cooldown before the ink tank starts refilling.
  • Bullets have a radius of 2 units.
  • The angle its shots can deviate while on the ground is 4 degrees.
  • The angle its shots can deviate while in the air is 12 degrees.
  • The Dual Squelcher has a 25% chance to shoot towards the outer reticle instead of the inner reticle.
  • When jumping, the chance to shoot towards the outer reticle instead of the inner reticle is immediately set to 40%.
  • Bullets initially travel at a rate of 22 units per frame for 6 frames, having an effective range of 132 units.
  • Paint droplets occur every 105 units.
  • The frequency at which paint drips from a bullet occurs at a rate of 2 droplets per shot.
  • There are a total of 8 different droplet patterns that can be created while firing this weapon.
  • Droplets that occur within 11 units of the player have a radius of 21 units.
  • Droplets that occur when they travel past 200 units of the player have a radius of 18.5 units.
  • All other paint droplets have a radius of 13 units.

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Walk speed while firing increased by 20%.
  • Special gauge loss: 50% → as low as 40%




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  • Not counting the transition from S Weapon Main E-liter 3K.png E-liter 3K to S2 Weapon Main E-liter 4K.png E-liter 4K, the Dual Squelcher is the only main weapon to not return in Splatoon 2. Instead, it was mechanically changed and converted into the S2 Weapon Main Dualie Squelchers.png Dualie Squelchers.
  • The S Weapon Main Dual Squelcher.png Dual Squelcher only fires through the top barrel. The bottom barrel is simply cosmetic.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese デュアルスイーパー
duaru suīpā
Dual Sweeper
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Dubbelplonzers Double Splashers
FlagQuebec.svg French (NOA) Nettoyeur double Double Cleaner
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Nettoyeur duo Dual Cleaner
FlagGermany.svg German Dual-Platscher Dual Splasher
FlagItaly.svg Italian Sweeper duo Sweeper duo
FlagRussia.svg Russian Двойной Плескарь
Dvoynoy Pleskar'
Double Splasher
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Soplador doble Double Blower
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Barredora Doble Double Sweeper

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