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Category Sub
Base Damage 20 (Min. Splash),
80 (Splash),
180 (Direct hit)
Base Duration explodes 5s after launch,
upon hit with an obstacle
Ink Consumption 80%
Special Points
Sp. Depletion
Fire Rate
Charge Speed
Ink Speed

Seekers are a Sub Weapon in Splatoon.


Upon deployment, Seekers chase after the closest enemy to them, leaving a trail of ink in their wake. Upon reaching the targeted enemy, they explode in a burst of ink. The Seeker's AI is not particularly intelligent, and should be aimed directly at the opponent if possible. The Seeker will also explode if it hits a wall. According to Judd, diving in one's own Ink will cause a Seeker to switch targets.

In Octo Valley they can be unlocked and upgraded to have a wider trail and bigger blast radius than the online Seekers.


Seekers run along the ground, spreading a narrow linear line of ink behind them—swim through this ink trail to quickly get around a stage. In their default mode, Seekers continue moving in a straight line until they hit an object, at which point they explode. But Seekers can also lock on to opponents. Hold down the sub weapon button to lock on to visible opponents—a reticle appears over your target. Release the sub weapon button to send the Seeker toward your target. While Seekers will attempt to chase down your target, they’re incapable of making sharp turns or traversing steep inclines. But they can zoom right up most ramps, perfect for surprising opponents on the other side.
— Splatoon Prima Guide


  • Use it to ink long paths. Not only does it keep you at a safe distance, you can also focus on other things while the Seeker does its job.
    • This can be used to quickly ink your team a path to a Splat Zone at the beginning of Ranked Battles, giving your team an edge in capturing the zone.
  • In Octo Valley, use the seeker to take out far-away enemies and to ink long paths. It is especially useful in levels which require sneaking - it distracts Octolings and will ink a path for you to hide in.
  • Holding Button1 R.png lets you select a target for your Seeker to chase. You can only target foes who aren't hiding in their ink, though, regardless of whether their position is tracked by your team or not.
    • This can be used to survey your surroundings, especially in Ranked Battle.
  • When moving on the ground, seekers leave an ink rippling effect nearly identical to that of an Inkling swimming through ink. Therefore, if a player swims through the trail of ink directly behind a seeker, they will become functionally invisible.
    • This can be used in many different ways. A player can follow directly behind the seeker all the way to the explosion of ink, or stop swimming at some point along the trail, allowing for some crafty surprise splats.

Ink Management In-depth

With an extremely high ink consumption of 80%, some weapons are left dry after deploying a Seeker. To fully capitalize on the distraction and mobility provided by the Seeker, a combination of the Ink Saver (Main) and Ink Saver (Sub) abilities is needed. The charts below show the combinations needed to achieve particular shot counts after using a Seeker. Alternatively, a combination of Ink Recovery Up and Ink Saver (Sub) is useful if the player just wants to throw more Seekers, as opposed to throwing a Seeker and then using the main weapon. After deploying a Seeker, there is a 1.17 second delay before ink can be refilled again.

Version history


  • Painting width increased by about 38%.
  • Movement speed increased by about 3%.
  • Fixed an issue where Seekers would not follow Krakens.


Octo Valley

Seekers are one of three usable Sub Weapons in Octo Valley, unlocked with Power Eggs and selected via Button1 DPad.png once available. They cannot be used in amiibo challenges, making Splat Bombs the only usable Sub Weapon for the Hero Roller and Hero Charger.


  • There are no Chargers or Splatlings with the Seeker as their Sub Weapon.
  • Seekers appear to be tiny sailboats.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese チェイスボム
cheisu bomu
chase bomb
FlagQuebec.svg French (NOA) Bombe radar Radar Bomb
FlagGermany.svg German Spürbombe Sensing Bomb
FlagItaly.svg Italian Bomba a ricerca Guided Bomb
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Bomba lancha Launch Bomb
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Bomba guiada Guided Bomb

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