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Splash-o-matic HQ.png
Type Main, Shooter
Level Unlocked 7
Base Damage 28
40 / 100
27 / 100
Fire Rate
75 / 100
Sub Weapon Weapon Sub Suction Bomb.png Suction Bomb
Special Weapon Weapon Special Bomb Rush Suction Bomb.png Bomb Rush
Special Depletion Specdep icon.png Light

The Splash-o-matic is a Shooter Main Weapon in Splatoon and was released on June 13th 2015 at 02:00 UTC. [1]


The Splash-o-matic is a Shooter with a high rate of fire but not a lot of attack power. Its attack power is slightly better than the Aerospray MG and RG, but has a slightly diminshed rate of fire equal to the Splattershot Jr.. It has a narrower splat range outwards.

"One for the pros. Not outrageously powerful, but highly accurate. This weapon really comes into its own in the hands of someone with good aim."
— In-game description
Its shots don’t spread much, and it has excellent rapid-fire capability. It could be said to be a bit lacking in attack power, but zero in on a target and they’ll burst in no time flat. Plus, this bad boy comes equipped with Suction Bombs as a sub weapon, and Bomb Rush as a special weapon.
Sheldon's Introduction
For your main weapon, I present the Splash-o-matic, a weapon fine-tuned for highly accurate barrages!

It's a little lacking in power, but it can ink the ground rapidly, letting you quickly fill up your special gauge.

Then with the Bomb Rush special weapon, you can toss Suction Bombs to your heart's content! Fun, yes?


Sheldon's Introduction
For your Main weapon, I present the Splash-o-matic, a weapon specialised for highly accurate barrages!

It's a little lacking in power, but it can paint the ground rapidly, letting you quickly fill up your Special Gauge...

Then with the Bomb Rush Special weapon, you can rain down Suction Bombs upon your foes! Fun, yes?



Version history


  • Base damage: 26.0 → 28.0


  • Initial velocity of shots increased by about 10%.
  • Spread reduced by about 10%
  • Range increased by about 10%.
  • Special gauge loss: 50% → as low as 40%

Recommended Abilities

Because the Splash-o-Matic has a shorter range than most shooters, the suction bombs can also be used to take out enemies that might be lurking out of the main weapon's range. Bomb Range Up will increase the distance the bombs travel when thrown.

Special Saver will conserve a significant amount of the special gauge after being splatted by an opponent, so Bomb Rush can be used more often.

With the weapon's fast and effective ink output, Special Charge Up allows players to have frequent Suction Bomb Rushes at hand, a valuable tool for aggressive and defensive plays alike.

The Swim Speed Up ability allows players to swim faster, which makes harder target to kill and much more mobility when moving in squid form.

Cold Blooded is an ability that shortens the duration of position-tracking to 50% of normal tracking time. As a stealthy, mobile weapon, Cold Blooded is immensely useful for the Splash-o-matic, enhancing its sneakiness, facilitating ambushes, preventing enemy ambushes, enabling more mobility, and preventing chargers to quickly splat players.

As a short range weapon, players will generally find themselves in enemy ink in engagements. The Ink Resistance Up ability allows players to continue to be mobile and to survive more fights without taking as much damage from enemy ink.

Comeback allows players to get back faster into the battle and constantly have a boosted range of abilities at hand, further charging Special Charge after special loss from death as well

Ink Recovery Up allows players to constantly throw Suction Bombs and have frequent presence on the map.


Similar Weapons

Name Origin

Splash-o-matic is derived from Splash and Automatic. The -o-matic suffix is also a common, cliché naming convention for technological gadgets.

シャープマーカー shāpu mākā is in reference to the pen-based appearance of the Splash-o-matic.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese シャープマーカー
shāpu mākā
Sharp Marker
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Plumón Spanish for "Quill Pen"
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Marcador fino Fine Marker
FlagFrance.svg French Marqueur léger Light Marker
FlagGermany.svg German Fein-Disperser Fine Disperser
FlagItaly.svg Italian Marker d'assalto Assault Marker

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