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For the variant appearing in Splatoon 2 and Return of the Mammalians, see Splashdown.

The Triple Splashdown is a special weapon in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3

Triple Splashdown

Triple Splashdown

Category Special
Special points
Special depletion
Fire rate
Charge speed
Ink speed
Introduced Specifications
Base damage 60 (Min. Splash)
220 (Direct Hit)
60(x2) (Fist Splash)
220(x2) (Fist Direct)
Base duration
Ink consumption
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy
MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
Other variant

The Triple Splashdown is a reworked version of the Splashdown special from Splatoon 2. The special works the same way as Splashdown, but the user summons two giant fists made of ink ahead and to either side of them to create two additional Splashdowns.

The fists will travel up slopes and over short walls, rising further to account for the level of the ground beneath them. However, they will be prevented from spreading out from the user's position by taller walls.

The fists complete their Splashdowns roughly 1/4 second after the user completes theirs, with the fists offset by a much smaller time relative to each-other. [Exact numbers needed]

The user as well as each of the fists can be shot down by opponents, but if any of them survive, they will complete a Splashdown even if the user is splatted. This makes the counterplay of the original Splashdown - simply shooting down the user - much more dangerous unless the opponent can fire from outside the Triple Splashdown's range or has very high firepower.

When splatted during the Triple Splashdown's duration, the user retains a portion of their full special gauge, even if one or both of the fists complete the Splashdown.

Compared to the original Splashdown, the Triple Splashdown deals far more damage overall and covers a wider, less predictable area. Its overall painting ability is similar to the original, but each individual Splashdown has reduced painting. It is also stronger against Brellas and other shields, able to destroy the shield with one Splashdown and then splat the player behind it with the next.

Like the Splashdown from the previous game, the player can use the special while super jumping to be invulnerable during the special, but the two fists will not be present.

This special is one of the nine available specials in Salmon Run Next Wave.

Special Power Up

Main article: Special Power Up

Equipping Special Power Up with Triple Splashdown increases the radius of the ink splatter and damage radius.

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players who activated their Triple Splashdown special after performing certain actions to appear in a different location on the screens of other players.


SRL Ballistics here with a triple-decker scoop—the Triple Splashdown special is coming! It's an older special that's been modified, but that mod team did some WORK. This bad boy generates two massive fists made of ink and allows the player to jump and splash down alongside them.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
The Triple Splashdown is a modified version of the special weapon used in Inkopolis, arriving in #Splatoon3's Chill Season 2023. Rise into the air and pound the ground with two fearsome fists of ink, generating up to three explosions!
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[2]
What's better than splashing down with one fist in a burst of ink-splattered devastation? Splashing down with THREE fists in a burst of ink-splattered devastation! You can even use this special at the end of a Super Jump, but its power will be dialed back to one fist in that case.
— In-game description.


Weapons with Triple Splashdown in Splatoon 3
Main #ID Sub Special Special Points Level Price Class Introduced​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
S3 Weapon Main Custom Blaster 2D Current.png Custom Blaster 211 S3 Weapon Sub Point Sensor Flat.png Point Sensor S3 Weapon Special Triple Splashdown.png Triple Splashdown 180p 8 Sheldon License 1 S3 Icon Blaster.png Blaster Version 6.0.0 (Chill Season 2023)​​​
S3 Weapon Main Custom Explosher 2D Current.png Custom Explosher 3041 S3 Weapon Sub Splash Wall Flat.png Splash Wall S3 Weapon Special Triple Splashdown.png Triple Splashdown 200p 30 Sheldon License 1 S3 Icon Slosher.png Slosher Version 7.0.0 (Fresh Season 2024)​​​​​​​​​​​​​
S3 Weapon Main Enperry Splat Dualies 2D Current.png Enperry Splat Dualies 5011 S3 Weapon Sub Curling Bomb Flat.png Curling Bomb S3 Weapon Special Triple Splashdown.png Triple Splashdown 200p 10 Sheldon License 1 S3 Icon Dualie.png Dualie Version 6.0.0 (Chill Season 2023)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
S3 Weapon Main Nautilus 79 2D Current.png Nautilus 79 4041 S3 Weapon Sub Suction Bomb Flat.png Suction Bomb S3 Weapon Special Triple Splashdown.png Triple Splashdown 210p 29 Sheldon License 1 S3 Icon Splatling.png Splatling Version 7.0.0 (Fresh Season 2024)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Main article: Badge#Special Weapon Wins

Winning a certain number of battles with the Triple Splashdown will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Triple Splashdown Badges
S3 Badge Triple Splashdown 30.png 30 wins with Triple Splashdown
S3 Badge Triple Splashdown 180.png 180 wins with Triple Splashdown
S3 Badge Triple Splashdown 1200.png 1,200 wins with Triple Splashdown



  • Triple Splashdown is the third special weapon from a previous Splatoon series game that has been modified to fit the "three" theme prominent in Splatoon 3, after the Triple Inkstrike and Trizooka.
  • The Triple Splashdown was added to Salmon Run Next Wave before any weapon kits featuring it were released. It is currently the first and only special weapon with this distinction (including the original Salmon Run).
    • Additionally, when jobs were viewed in SplatNet 3, Triple Splashdown's icon was replaced by Trizooka's icon. This changed with the release of Chill Season 2023.
  • It was possible before Version 6.0.1 to execute a glitch with Triple Splashdown causing the player to appear separated from the Triple Splashdown and, when executed near an edge, have the player fall and be splatted on one screen, and be fine on another, causing an invisible player glitch.
  • Both of the first two Triple Splashdown weapons were weapons whose Splatoon 2 counterparts had Inkjet as the corresponding special.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ウルトラチャクチ
urutora chakuchi
Ultra landing
Netherlands Dutch Ultralanding Ultra landing
CanadaFrance French Triple choc chromatique Triple chromatic shock
Germany German Tri-Tintenschock Tri-Ink shock
Italy Italian Triplo vernischianto Triple Paintslam
Russia Russian Тройной мегаплюх
Troynoy megaplyukh
Triple megasplat
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Clavado triple Triple dive/splash
Spain Spanish (NOE) Puñetazos explosivos Explosive punches
China Chinese (Simplified) 终极着陆
Zhōngjí zhuólù
Ultimate Landing
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 終極著陸
Zhōngjí zhuólù
Ultimate Landing
South Korea Korean 울트라 착지 Same as Japanese