Rainmaker shield

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The Rainmaker shield.
This article is about the shield. For the weapon that uses the shield as protection, see Rainmaker (weapon). For the mode it is used in, see Rainmaker.

The Rainmaker shield, or Rainmaker barrier, is a protective bubble surrounding the Rainmaker. Players must attack the shield to pop it and reach the Rainmaker weapon. As the player attacks it, the Rainmaker shield grows in size and changes to the player's ink color. Attacking a shield enlarged by enemy ink shrinks it back towards its neutral state; thus, if opposing players are dealing equal damage to the shield, no progress is made. After enough damage is dealt to the shield by one team, it explodes and releases a blast of ink that is lethal to any member of the opposing team who is standing too close, dealing 900 damage. Players of either team may then pick up the unshielded Rainmaker regardless of which team popped its shield. A player touching the Rainmaker shield receives 10.0 damage every three frames.

If a player carrying the Rainmaker falls out of bounds or into the water, or if the Rainmaker is left untouched for too long after the shield is broken, the Rainmaker shield always respawns in its original state in the center of the map.

Popping the shield

The Rainmaker shield has 1000 HP, but many weapon types have a damage multiplier applied when they hit the shield. The multiplier values are detailed in the tables below.

Roller-type weapons such as the Splat Roller or Inkbrush cannot deal any damage to the shield by rolling towards it.

Bomb sub weapons instantly detonate on contact with the shield.


The damage multipliers each weapon has against the Rainmaker shield are detailed below.

Main weapon Multiplier
Shooters ×1 (?)
  L-3 Nozzlenose ×1.20000005
  H-3 Nozzlenose ×1.39999998
Splatlings ×1 (?)
Blasters ×2.4 (?)
Brushes ×0.5
  Carbon Roller ×0.23684210
  Splat Roller ×0.30000001
  Dynamo Roller ×0.28799999
Sloshers ×2.4 (?)
Chargers ×2.8 (?)
Sub weapon Multiplier
  Sprinkler ×1 (?)
  Seeker ×3 (?)
Other sub weapons ×2 (?)
Special weapon Multiplier
  Kraken ×3.5 (?)
Other special weapons ×2 (?)

With Damage Up

Unlike against Inklings, weapons do not have a damage cap when hitting the Rainmaker shield with Damage Up buffs. This means that Damage Up can be used to pop the shield faster than normal.[1] The time gains for each weapon can be seen in the charts below.

Splatoon 2

The Object Shredder ability increases damage output against the Rainmaker shield by 10%. The damage multipliers each weapon has against the Rainmaker shield are detailed below.[2]

Main weapon Multiplier
Rollers 1.8×
Blasters 1.9×
Brellas 2.4×
Sloshers 2.4×
  Sploosh-o-matic 1.1×
  L-3 Nozzlenose 1.11×
  H-3 Nozzlenose 1.16×
  Squeezer 1.1×
  E-liter 4K (full charge) 2.3×
  Explosher (explosion) 3.2×
  Explosher (direct hit) 3.6×
Sub weapon Multiplier
  Sprinkler 0.6×
  Burst Bomb
  Curling Bomb
  Splat Bomb
  Suction Bomb
  Fizzy Bomb 3.6×
  Ink Mine
  Splash Wall 0.2×
Special weapon Multiplier Damage
  Bubble Blower 0.5 per frame (Contact)

50 (Min. Splash)
250 (Direct hit)

  Ink Storm 2 per frame
  Sting Ray 2.4×

1.8 per frame (direct)
1.5 per frame (shockwave)

  Baller (explode) 2.5× 137.5 (splash)

450 (direct hit)

  Inkjet 2.8× 84 (Min. Splash)

140 (Splash)
336 (Direct hit)
1.4 per frame (Exhaust)

  Baller (touch) 250
  Splashdown 275 (Min. Splash)

350 (Splash)
900 (Direct hit)

  Booyah Bomb unknown 950
  Ultra Stamp (Stamp) 120 (stamp splash)

300 (stamp direct hit)

  Ultra Stamp (Throw) 3.5× 105 (throw min. splash)

210 (throw splash)
420 (throw direct hit)




  • The Rainmaker shield behaves as a shield in Octo Valley which carries the Zapfish, but the shield does not respawn nor carries a Zapfish.
    • The shield only respawns when the current player falls into water or out of bounds or gets splatted by an opponent.
  • The Rainmaker shield is used in many out of bounds glitches. Place a Squid Beakon next to a wall, then splat the Rainmaker next to a Beakon. Super Jump to the Beakon and the player will clip into the wall.
  • The Rainmaker shield can be targeted by Tenta Missiles.

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