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Glitches are an unintended event that happens inside video games.

This is a list of known glitches in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.


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Double Squid Beakon Shadow with one Squid Beakon
Description Method Image
This visual glitch on Flounder Heights can be used to produce two shadows from one Beakon. Go to the area near the right side edge and climb up the wall that is looking over the ramp. Go near the edge (not too close) and place a Squid Beakon. If you look closely, the Beakon produces a shadow on the floor and the right side wall.
Double Beacon Shadow.jpg
Inkopolis News Music in the Plaza
Description Method Image
Using this glitch, the Inkopolis news music will be part of the background music for the Plaza. All the other Plaza music can still be heard and will mix with the Inkopolis News music. The player must take the Splatoon disc out towards the end of Inkopolis News. Then they must put it back in when the plaza screen shows up to hear the Inkopolis News music.
Ink Exploits in Bluefin Depot
Description Method Image
A multitude of ink exploits found in Bluefin Depot using objects added in Ranked Battles, one of them having use only in Rainmaker. * If a player goes near the back of the one of the ramps near the middle and throws a Suction Bomb on the bottom of the ramp, they can then go to the front of the ramp and hide near the side if they manage to maneuver themselves well enough.
  • A player can throw two suction bombs near the area to the right towards the middle of the map. Throw one on the left side wall's side that is facing parallel to the jump way, and one on the ground near the boxes. The wall will act as if it's been inked yet not have any visible changes.
  • When playing in the Rainmaker mode, a player can go right next to the wall with arrows that leads to a grate. This is on the right side of your team's half of the map. The player must be using a weapon that is a shooter (I.e. Splattershot) although a splatling will also work. Face away from the pit, if you're using a splatling, then charge the splatling, then jump down. Begin shooting as you fall down. Get the Rainmaker and go back to this spot. swim down far enough so you're down enough to not be able to be hit by anyone (you can go near the water, but just be careful not to touch it). No one will be able to hit you because they can't fall down far enough without dying, although an Inkstrike, a Killer Wail, a well placed bomb, a long-ranged blaster, or a charger might be able to hit you.

A video of the glitches.[1]

Wall Glitch.jpg
Ink Exploit.jpg
Out of bounds in Inkopolis Plaza
Description Method Image
Using this glitch, the player can go out of bounds in Inkopolis Plaza and explore. If the player heads toward the southwest portion of the Plaza, they may find two Inklings talking to each other just at the end of the yellow tiles. If the player jumps on top of the Inkling towards the east in humanoid form and then immediately switches to squid form, they may be pushed out of bounds. This glitch exists in all versions since Version 1.0.0.[2]. The glitch allows the player to see the back of the amiibo case, revealed by the out of bounds glitch. The words are written in Inkling. Inkopolis Out of Bounds.jpeg

Splatoon amiibo box ingame.jpg

Silent Plaza
Description Method Image
When a player presses Button1 ZR.png in Inkopolis Plaza, their field of view zooms in significantly, and the background becomes quiet. Using this glitch, the player can make the Plaza completely devoid of any sound. You can stack these effects by constantly using this glitch making everything quieter than before. This even goes with Inklings voices when you interact with any Inkling standing around in the plaza when the glitch is active. If the player goes up to Spyke and presses Button1 A.png to talk to him, and then immediately presses Button1 ZR.png to zoom in, and then cancels out of Spyke's conversation, the background noise of Inkopolis Plaza will stay quiet, as if they were zoomed in all the time. This glitch can be repeated many times to make the Plaza completely silent. The player will know when they did it right if the small reticle appears for a brief moment before Spyke begins his dialogue.
No gear Inkling
Description Method Image
Sometimes the player's Inkling or other Inklings in Inkopolis Plaza will have no clothes on other than a black skintight suit. They will also have no shoes on revealing their feet seeming to have no toes. This "gear" may be referred to as ?NoClothes in certain menus. It cannot be ordered from Spyke. This glitch occurs randomly and is likely caused due to scratches on the disc or an unstable Internet connection.

It is also possible to purposefully spawn this Inkling in your plaza by beginning a private match on the same frame a player leaves, then playing a match with the glitched player (named ????????? in the pre-battle menu, who does not spawn in the match itself) and checking Inkopolis Plaza. If the glitch was performed correctly and the glitched player is played with, the no gear Inkling will spawn in Inkopolis Plaza.

Area 4 skip in Octo Valley
Description Method Image
This glitch allows the player to skip Area 4 in Octo Valley and proceed to Area 5.[3] The player needs to head towards the entrance to Area 5 in Octo Valley. From there, they will need to ink the Sponge Block to Area 5 and the electric gate that blocks access. Then, they need to do a squid jump with speed onto the left corner of the gate that is closest to the Sponge. With a proper jump, the player will temporarily land on an invisible spot of the gate. The player must immediately jump into the gate to bounce away from it and then attempt several jumps towards the sponge while still in squid form. The player will be able to continue on from there to Area 5 as normal with the exception of the Area 5 cutscene not being shown. This can be done until the boss of Area 4 is defeated in The Ravenous Octomaw! and the player can Super Jump to any beaten missions in Area 5 without needed to go back to Area 4. This glitch exists in all versions since Version 1.0.0 (This will prevent the player from obtaining the S Weapon Main New Squiffer.png New Squiffer, however.)
Endless Ranked battle
Description Method Image
In this glitch, a battle in a Ranked game mode does not end, where the timer can reach and remain at 0:00 without going into overtime and the objective, being the Splat Zones, Tower, and Rainmaker, behaves unusually. This can be the Tower reaching the goal without ending the match, or not moving at all depending on the nature of this glitch. Similarly, the Rainmaker can be taken to the goal without ending, or act in a way that makes it impossible to be popped from its barrier and picked up. The exact cause is unknown, but a possible reason could be that the host, who is responsible for calculating the elements regarding the objective, such as the Tower's movement, disconnects in a way where the game fails to assign a new player with these tasks. See videos: Splat Zones, Tower Control, Tower Control #2, Rainmaker, Rainmaker #2.
Invisibilty when Kraken is activated right before the end of the match
Description Method Image
Using this minor glitch, a player can go invisible when the game is about to be over by having a weapon with Kraken charged. In order to do this glitch, you're going to need a weapon with the Special Kraken. When you see the game is going to end in Turf War or Ranked Battle and there's going to be the STOP BATTLING!(EU/OC)[a]/GAME!(NA)[b]/FINISH!(JP)[c] message. Activate your kraken by pressing Button1 RS.png the R stick and you'll go invisible.
Standing on the palm tree outside Arowana Mall.
Description Method Image
The player is able to stand on the palm tree in the out of bounds area outside Arowana Mall It is possible to jump out of bounds into the beach area outside the map via the side alley. The player is instantly splatted if they fall completely out of bounds, but it is possible to stand on the palm tree just outside the map. There is no way to get back, though; from there, they must jump off and be splatted.[4]
Outside arowana glitch.png
Out of bounds glitch in Flounder Heights
Description Method Image
This glitch allows the player to be able to reach out of bounds area in Flounder Heights in the mode Tower Control. In Flounder Heights, the tower path sticks to the wall and then goes above it, if the player gets between the tower and the wall when the tower is moving the player can clip through the wall and get into the out of bounds area.[5]
Out of bounds glitch in Propeller-Lift Fortress
Description Method Image
This glitch allows the player to go inside the moving platforms which can be moved by hitting the Propeller Lift and standing on a edge of a wall. This glitch is easier to attempt with the Inkling Girl Amiibo challenge. In Octo Valley, Enter the mission Propeller-Lift Fortress and head to Checkpoint 2 and stay at the first area of that checkpoint, take out the 3 Octobombers so they aren't in the way. There are 3 small walls in that area and the platform can stretch to a long distance just for some Power Eggs to collect. Instead of stretching the platform that far just for collecting the power eggs, make sure Agent 3 is standing in a line where the Platform and one of the 2 small walls (Only one wall isn't in a spot where the Platform will be near) will meet, throw a Burst Bomb at the Propeller Lift. If Agent 3 is standing in the correct spot, Agent 3 will successfully clip inside the platform. However, there is an Out-of-Bounds limitation when inside the platform.
Propeller-Lift Foretress Out Of Bounds.jpg


Judd Vibe reward oversight
Description Method Image Patched on
This glitch allowed the player to pick up ordered gear, add a gear ability slot, or re-roll gear abilities for free.[6] The player will need to talk to Spyke and do one of the following: pay for an order, add a gear ability slot, or re-roll the abilities on a piece of gear. After paying Spyke, the player should go to Judd and talk to him. Judd will give the player cash based on vibe points earned, but instead of adding them to the player's current balance, Judd will add it to the balance they had prior to paying Spyke. Because Judd only gives out bonuses every stage rotation, this glitch can only be performed once every rotation.
The Mighty Octostomp! Ink Color error
Description Method Image Patched on
This glitch allowed the player to change ink colors on a The Mighty Octostomp! in Octo Valley. Go to options. Turn Color Lock on and head straight to Octo Valley. Proceed to The Mighty Octostomp!. If one looks at the Wii U GamePad, they will notice that they are yellow, but on the screen, the ink will be yellow but instead shoot out green. If the player is to super jump, they will turn yellow mid-super jump.
Arowana Mall Ledge Jump
Description Method Image Patched on
This glitch allowed the player to take a shortcut up into a team's base in the side alleys of Arowana Mall by climbing through an unclimbable ledge. The unclimbable ledge in the wall was glitched in the curve between the two sides of the wall, If the glitch was successfully performed then the player could ledge jump to the other side and get into team's base. This glitch was patched in Version 2.1.0, and later unpatched in Version 2.4.0 and later patched in Version 2.5.0. Arowana Mall ledge jump.jpg 2.1.0, 2.5.0
Boneless Inklings
Description Method Image Patched on
This glitch allowed the player to make their Inkling boneless with the roller type weapon in the stage Piranha Pit in the mode Tower Control.[7] In Piranha Pit, The tower platform in Tower Control mode is nestled between two conveyor belts in the middle of the stage. With a bit of practice and timing, players can use their roller type weapon to manipulate the appearance of their Inkling by rolling in the conveyor belt and touching the walls of the Tower. After shaping your boneless Inkling you can move freely in the stage by rolling the weapon. Boneless inklings glitches.jpg 2.5.0
Super Jump while carrying the Rainmaker
Description Method Image Patched on
This glitch allowed the player to super jump to a teammate or squid beakon while carrying the Rainmaker. Players with high latency in the game were able to grab the Rainmaker and super jump with it before the game registered they grabbed it. They had to super jump right after picking it.[8]
Jump higher by touching an opponent's Splash Wall
Description Method Image Patched on
This glitch allowed the player to jump higher than usual by touching an opponent's Splash Wall. If the player could touch an opponent's Splash Wall from above, the player was able to jump higher than usual and get to unreachable areas. This was very effective with the combination of the specials Bubbler and Inkzooka were activated due to the player being invulnerable for short period of time and the knockback effect of the Inkzooka on the Bubbler.
Slide Super Jump
Description Method Image Patched on
This glitch made an appearance of enemy players slide long distances when they perform a Super Jump while swimming through ink. The enemy player needs to perform a Super Jump while swimming through ink in order for the player to see them slide long distances.
Super Jump Invincibility
Description Method Image Patched on
This glitch allowed the player to become invisible and invincible. Prior to Version 2.9.0, a player would fall off the map when the player performs Super Jump while falling, latter to that version, If the glitch was successfully performed then the player would super jump safely when falling off the map, and the player icon on the GamePad would drift off of the screen. This would make the player become invisible and invincible.[9]



Splatoon 2

Currently Working

???????? Inkling
Description Method Image
This glitch causes a female inkling named ???????? to appear on the results screen and in Inkopolis Square. Said inkling has the "Haircut" hair style, is Level 1 and wears the S2 Gear Headgear White Headband.png White Headband, S2 Gear Clothing Basic Tee.png Basic Tee, and S2 Gear Shoes Cream Basics.png Cream Basics. They do not appear on SplatNet 2, and when viewing match data, where the ???????? Inkling would be, the spot will be blank.

This glitch is performed almost the exact same way as the No Gear Inkling glitch from Splatoon, the only difference being the fact that it can be done in any multiplayer battle mode rather than exclusively in Private Battles. If performed correctly, other players will see the player performing the glitch leave the lobby before the lobby goes into a battle and will be able to see the ???????? inkling in the results and Inkopolis Square.

???????? Inkling match results.jpg

???????? Inkling in Inkopolis Square.jpg


Glowing Stages
Description Method Image Patched on
The area outside the stages used to glow brightly, and obscure vision. The Background used to flash repeated colors repeatedly if the player has been playing Splatoon 2 for too long.
Version 3.0.1
Stranded at Marooner's Bay
Description Method Image Patched on
This glitch is used on the Salmon Run stage, Marooner's Bay, where the player becomes stranded by water. After completing a low tide wave, when the tide is about to rise, quickly get to the Egg basket fold before the tide has nearly finished rising. If successful, the Egg basket fold shouldn't disappear, leaving the player stranded.[11] A high tide will ruin the glitch, so when the tide rises, the tide level has to be normal in the next wave.
Version 3.2.0
Splashdown Game Crash
Description Method Image Patched on
A glitch that, when performed, will cause the software to crash for all players.

The player performing the glitch must have a weapon with Splashdown. In Sturgeon Shipyard, the player must make their way to the left, where the rotating platform is located. The player then jumps onto a steel wall, next to the platform where it goes down. The player then must activate the Splashdown just as the platform reaches their character. If done correctly, the character will clip into the moving platform and crash the game.


off stage inkblock art academy

|swim through the overlapped wall near the base in the ditch make sure the space is inked and swim across if comleted successfully you will end up under the map and fall to your death |discovered by Mipha |patched N/A


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