Omega (character)

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Species Inkling
Hair color Aqua blue, with a shade of red
Eye color Red
Gender Female
Maximum HP
Other forms
We're stronger than they are, but we can't stop them!!
— Omega thinking to herself in Volume 11 of the manga.

Omega is a character in the Splatoon manga. She first appeared in Volume 8 and is a member of Team X-Blood. Along with Vintage, she was part of the former Team Purple before it disbanded.


Omega is a female Inkling who wears Fake Contacts, ω-3 Tee, and Toni Kensa Black Hi-Tops. She has the "Banger" hairstyle and her main weapon is the Nautilus 47. Her hair color is aqua blue with a small amount of red at the tips of her tentacles, which is unique to her and her team. She also has a unique red eye color.


Omega has a quiet and serious personality, possibly due to being shy. She, like her teammates, became more compassionate after their battle with Team Blue.



  • Omega has an ability that lets her sense other people's movements, which is known as X-Zone. It seems that only she and Vintage have this ability.
  • She and Vintage are childhood friends.
  • Omega likes to share her favorite songs from her favorite band to other people.
  • Red-Soled wants Omega to wear cuter clothes, but she has not had the opportunity to take her shopping yet.
  • When she sees Skull having fun in the Rainmaker battle against Team Blue, Omega is momentarily stunned as she knew Skull to be "so cold" in battle.
  • In the bonus chapter, "Lost Property", Omega gifts the jellyfish extra tickets to a nearby concert bringing Strap, Clip-Ons, and Goggles as well.