Inkopolis Café

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The Inkopolis Café is a chain of coffee shops within Inkopolis.

One of the Inkopolis Café buildings is located underneath the Inkopolis News Studio in Inkopolis Plaza. It is on the left of the entrance to Spyke's alley. It cannot be entered without the use of the out-of-bounds glitch.


The café has a large, curved glass window. Its shape matches the Inkopolis News Studio above it. Inside, there is a counter where customers can buy food and drinks, with a menu on it. There are no lights in the café, and there is no one inside it. Occasionally a jellyfish (and sometimes two Inklings) can be seen dancing outside the window.

In Splatoon 2, a similar-looking café is found near the Deepsea Metro, resembling a circular building with the Basic Tee icon carved multiple times in the wood. Spyke and a jellyfish waiter can be found inside, sitting on chairs next to tables. It is unknown if the café is open or closed, as no one is found outside it. The lights are dimmed, and during Splatfests, the lights are turned off entirely.

The coffee shop can also be found within various multiplayer maps, some of the most notable being in the centre of The Reef, with two separate cafés established at both sides of the bridge, Arowana Mall, which also houses two separate coffee shops. There is also a shop located within MakoMart, which can be seen to the far corners of the stage.

Plaza Café

A second Café is in Inkopolis Plaza. It greatly resembles Inkopolis Café, but with a bench near it, the arcade machine in front of it, and a large sign is on the side of the building. It, as stated in the conjectural name, does not appear in the Square. It is right next to Booyah Base. The bottom floor has no window, and there are a couple of posters advertising Cooler Heads on the building's side. Occasionally, a few Inklings walk in front of it to abruptly stop and pose. The Plaza Café, like the café in Inkopolis Square, could just be an expansion of Inkopolis Café.