Booyah Base

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Booyah Base
All the coolest Inklings hang out at this mall. But watch out…the shopkeepers might not sell to you if you don't meet their high standards.
— Splatoon's official website, [1]

Booyah Base is a mall in Inkopolis Plaza. It is comprised of a variety of shops in which players can purchase the several types of gear available in the game.


Ammo Knights

Main article: Ammo Knights
Ammo Knights

Ammo Knights is a weapon shop run by Sheldon, a Horseshoe crab. It can be accessed from Booyah Base. Here, players can purchase weapons with in-game Cash earned in multiplayer matches and amiibo challenges.

Ammo Knights sells weapons of all weapon classes: blasters, chargers, rollers, shooters and sloshers. It also features a Shooting Range to experiment with potential purchases.

For a list of purchasable items, see Main Weapons.

Cooler Heads

Main article: Cooler Heads
Cooler Heads

Cooler Heads is a headgear shop run by Annie and Moe. It is located in Booyah Base. Here, players can purchase headgear with in-game Cash earned from multiplayer matches and amiibo challenges.

For a list of purchasable items, see Cooler Heads

Jelly Fresh

Main article: Jelly Fresh
Jelly Fresh

Jelly Fresh is a clothing store run by Jelonzo. It can be accessed from Booyah Base. Players can purchase clothing here with cash earned in multiplayer matches and Amiibo challenges. Like all stores, the merchandise changes every day.

For a list of purchasable items, see Jelly Fresh

Shrimp Kicks

Main article: Shrimp Kicks
Shrimp Kicks

Shrimp Kicks is a shoe store owned by Crusty Sean. It sells shoes that can be purchased with cash from Multiplayer matches.

For a list of purchasable items, see Shrimp Kicks

Profiles and bios

Upgrade your weapons for more splatter power. You'll take a three-weapon set into every battle, so choose wisely.
— Splatoon's official website, [2]
Get the freshest threads from the hottest brands here. Shopping tip: Merchandise changes every day, so check back often!
— Splatoon's official website, [3]
If you can put it on your head, you'll probably find it here. Shopping tip: You can see each item's main ability before you buy it by tapping the Ability Guide on the GamePad.
— Splatoon's official website, [4]
From hi-tops to work boots, this shoe shop has you covered. Shopping tip: You'll earn coins to spend in stores by playing online. The better you do, the more you can earn!
— Splatoon's official website, [5]


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Four variations of DJ Lee Fish's song Lookin' Fresh can be heard in the shops in Booyah Base:


  • "Booyah Base" is a play on the word "bouillabaisse," a type of fish stew.
  • "Ammo Knights" is a play on the word "ammonite," which is an extinct type of marine mollusk.
  • "Jelly Fresh" is a play on the word jellyfish.
  • The word "Ebisu" in Shrimp Kicks' Japanese name comes from that of the Japanese god of fishermen and luck, Ebisu.
  • The three gear-selling shopkeepers all wear more than one of their gear type.
  • The four versions of DJ Lee Fish's Lookin' Fresh played in Booyah Base reflect each store and its shopkeeper:
    • Annie's has louder treble, i.e. vocals, and minimal percussion, giving it a weaker sound in that respect. This is a reflection of her shy, detached personality, as well as the fact that she sells gear for the top part of the buyer's body, hence the emphasis on the treble.
    • Jelonzo's music is faded out except for the melody, the "center", because his gear goes on the middle part of the body. It also has many bubbly sound effects in the background, showing his bubbly and ecstatic personality as well as referencing his gelatinous species.
    • Crusty Sean's has the bass turned all the way up and emphasizes percussion, because his gear corresponds to the lower part of the body. Furthermore, the heavy beat gives it a bouncy sound, reflecting his outgoing personality.
    • Sheldon's music is more distant, showing his separation from the others as a weapons dealer. It also has static and other sounds reminiscent of a military radio, as a reference to his obsession with the military.
  • According to a developers' interview, Booyah Base was built on the land upon which Sheldon's home (and weapons shop) stood. However, it was not Sheldon but his grandfather, Ammoses Shellendorf, who owned the land.[6]
  • According to Sunken Scroll 18, there is a "Ultra-Mega-Hyper Sale" at Booyah Base, but when it is on is not mentioned.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ブイヤベース
Buiya bēsu
Bouillabaisse, and possibly 'Buya (Shibuya) base
FlagFrance.svg French Galeries Lacrevette "Galeries" (shop gallery) and "La crevette" (the shrimp), a play on the word "Galeries Lafayette" (a giant mall in Paris)
FlagGermany.svg German Bouillabasar From "Bouillabaisse" and "Basar" (bazaar)
FlagItaly.svg Italian Centro Commerciale Calamarama Calamarama Shopping Mall, from Calamaro (squid) and the suffix rama, which roughly translates to with branches
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Galerías Besamel Bechamel Galleries
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Zona de tiendas Store zone


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