Gone Fission Hydroplant

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Gone Fission Hydroplant

Gone Fission Hydroplant

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Gone Fission Hydroplant is a Salmon Run Next Wave-exclusive online multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3. It is an abandoned hydroplant built in Splatlandian waters that has been seized by the Salmonids and converted into their own Power Egg processing plant. [1]


The layout consists of numerous ramps that go down to the shoreline and three other ramps going up to some raised platforms surrounding the Egg Basket. Two ramps go directly to the shoreline west and south of the basket. There is a grated walkway connecting two of the raised platforms.


  • During high tide, the only areas available are the middle area with the Egg Basket at the center and the raised platforms surrounding it.
  • During low tide, the lowered water level reveals a larger lower area with many gaps between branching platforms.


Main article: Badge#Salmon Run Next Wave

Reaching certain ranks during a Gone Fission Hydroplant rotation in Splatoon 3 will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Gone Fission Hydroplant Badges
Eggsecutive VP 200 at Gone Fission Hydroplant Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 400 at Gone Fission Hydroplant Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 600 at Gone Fission Hydroplant Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 999 at Gone Fission Hydroplant Reached!



The stage's name is a play on the phrase "gone fishin'," and references both hydropower energy and nuclear fission.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ムニ・エ―ル海洋発電所
Muni Ēru Kaiyō-hatsudensho
Muni Ēru Ocean Power Plant [a]
Netherlands Dutch Kwikwi-krachtcentrale Kwikwi power station
CanadaFrance French Centrale Anguilla Eel Central
Germany German Wasserkraftwerk Stromschnell Rapid Hydroelectric Power Station [b]
Italy Italian Centrale Anguilla Elettrica Central Electric Eel [c]
Russia Russian ГЭС-комплекс «Лом»
GES-kompleks «Lom»
Hydroelectric power station complex "Scrap"
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Hidrocentral Rebosante Overflowing Hydropower Plant
Spain Spanish (NOE) Hidrocentral Pilpil Pilpil Hydroelectric Plant
China Chinese (Simplified) 麦年海洋发电所
màinián hǎiyáng fādiànsuǒ (Mandarin)
Mai Nian Ocean Power Station
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 麥年海洋發電所
màinián hǎiyáng fādiànsuǒ (Mandarin)
Mai Nian Ocean Power Station
South Korea Korean 뫼니 엘 해양 발전소
moeni el haeyang baljeonso
Meuniel Offshore Power Plant
 Internal Shakedent [2]

Translation notes

  1. Muni Ēru comes from ムニエル munieru (French for "meunière")
  2. A play on Strom, meaning both "electricity" and "stream", and Stromschnelle ("rapid")
  3. A play on centrale elettrica ("power plant") and anguilla elettrica ("electric eel")