Crableg Capital

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Crableg Capital

Crableg Capital

Introduced 1 September 2023
Total area 2,145p
Features Inkrails
Hazards Abyss
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Crableg Capital is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3. It is set in a skyscraper area that is under construction.

Splatoon 3

Crableg Capital debuted in Splatoon 3 as part of the Drizzle Season 2023. Similar to the Splatoon incarnation of Hammerhead Bridge, the stage heavily features grates as ways to travel the stage, along with a lower area that remains inkable.




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  • Hagglefish Market can be seen near the coast on one side of the stage, which Big Man mentions in one of the stage dialogues.
  • One of the buildings behind one of the team spawn resembles the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タカアシ経済特区
Takaashi Keizaitokku
Stilt (tall leg) Special economic zone[note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Visstickdistrict Fish stick district
CanadaFrance French Quartier Crabe-ciels A pun on gratte-ciel (skyscraper) and crabe (crab) + quarter
Germany German Seespinnen-Skyline Majidae Skyline
Italy Italian Granchiacieli A pun on grattacielo (skyscraper) and granchi (crabs)
Russia Russian Крабхэттен
Crabhattan[note 2]
SpainMexico Spanish Distrito Rascalópodo A pun on rascacielos ("skyscraper") + -ópodo suffix ("-opod") + District
China Chinese (Simplified) 高脚经济特区
gāojiǎo jīngjì tèqū (Mandarin)
Tall leg special economic zone
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 高腳經濟特區
gāojiǎo jīngjì tèqū (Mandarin)
Tall leg special economic zone
South Korea Korean 거미게 경제특구
geomige gyeongjeteukgu
Spider crab special economic zone
Translate logo.svg Internal Spider From "Japanese spider crab"

Translation notes

  1. From タカアシガニ ("takaashigani"), Japanese spider crab; same etymology as Bisk's Japanese name
  2. From краб krab ("crab") and Манхэттен Manhetten ("Manhattan")