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Species Memverse node (Appears as a member of Luciferidae)
Hair color
Eye color
Pronouns It/Its
Location Order Sector
Maximum HP
Other forms
The greatest hazards sometimes lead to the happiest of windfalls.
— Cipher explaining Risky Rewards in Side Order

Cipher is a character in Splatoon 3: Side Order. It runs a stall located in the Order Sector called Cipher's Siftings,[1] appearing after the player clears the Spire of Order for the first time, and sells the player locker decorations, stickers, banners, and gear in exchange for Prlz.[2] It seems to show interest in Agent 8 and is one of few residents in the Order Sector capable of communication.[3]


Cipher appears as a prawn in the family Luciferidae, but is not one itself. It has a translucent body and the lavender fades into a pink on its antennae, fingers, and feet. Its antennae curl around two small silver hoops and it has two eye stalks ending in two large eyes with blue oval pupils. It wears a white coat that is pink on the inside and has a silver belt.

Personality and traits

Cipher is the only character among those living as nodes of the program who has begun to realize that the Order Sector is a virtual world. Its speech pattern is odd due to the blended thoughts from a shared consciousness. Though Cipher is knowledgeable, it possesses a childlike curiosity about everything.[4] It collects Prlz in hopes of learning more about the Memverse.[5]


Main article: Side Order#Cipher's Siftings

Cipher sells multiple things, including locker decorations, stickers, banners, and gear. After a player purchases everything in its shop, Cipher will offer a service similar to the Shel-drone, delivering random rewards to the player's lobby terminal every day for 100 Prlz.


Cipher is the one Order Sector inhabitant to take an interest in Agent 8. At Cipher Siftings, you can use Prlzs to buy locker decorations, Splashtags and more. #Splatoon3
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[1]
This is Cipher, a mysterious resident who appears in the Order Sector. Unlike other residents, it seems interested in Agent 8 and is able to communicate.

Its stall Cipher's Siftings offers locker decorations & nameplates to use for battles, which can be purchased with Prlz.

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[3]

USA North America (English)

  • "Courageous Octoling. I have been awaiting your appearance. Already you bring change to this world. But there is more change to come. Your bringing is incomplete. I am Cipher. You shop within Cipher's Siftings. My preferred currency of exchange is Prlz. My delivery system is leaving purchases at the lobby terminal. I hope that your desire is found among my siftings." - When the player interacts with Cipher for the first time.
  • "Welcome, Octoling. What do you desire?" - When entering Cipher's Siftings.



Cipher refers to a numeric character or a cryptographic algorithm used to encrypt or decrypt information; it is also slang for a hip-hop jam session with multiple participants, befitting the musical name theming of Side Order as well as Cipher's identity as a kind of shared consciousness. Its name is also derived from the middle syllables of luciferidae, its species.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ユメエビ
The Japanese name of the luciferidae taxa of prawns. From 夢 yume ("dream") and エビ ebi ("shrimp")
Netherlands Dutch Cifer Similar to English
France French (NOE) Crustifer From crustacé ("crustacean") and Lucifer
Germany German Cipher Same as English
Italy Italian Cifero From Lucifero ("Lucifer") and decifero (first person of "to decipher")
Russia Russian Цифер
From цифра tsifra ("digit") or цифровой tsifrovoy ("digital"), and Люцифер Lyutsifer ("Lucifer")
Spain Spanish (NOE) Lucifredo From Lucífero ("Lucifer") and the male given name Alfredo
China Chinese (Simplified) 梦霞
Mèng xiá
From 梦 mèng ("dream") and 霞 xiá ("rosy clouds"). 霞 also sounds similar to 虾 xiā ("shrimp").
South Korea Korean 창새우
Korean name of Lucifer