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Zones are a type of mechanic in the Splatoon series. It is the main mechanic of the Splat Zones Ranked Battle mode (in which a zone is also called a Splat Zone), and a floor objective in Splatoon 3: Side Order. It also appears on the Shifty Station variation The Splat in our Zones in Splatoon 2.


Zones are areas on the ground which exhibits special behavior when being covered with ink. Zones can either be in a "controlled" state or an "uncontrolled" state. The area of a zone is marked with a glowing outline, colored in either the ink color of the side in control, or a neutral color if no one has control. When the player is far away from the zone, an approximation of the outline is radiated upwards at regular intervals, getting darker the higher it gets. This does not appear when the player is within close range of the zone, but the zone outline will become visible through obstructions in dashed lines.

Initially, the zone is uncontrolled since its ground has not been inked. Once it is covered in a certain amount of ink from one side, they will take control of the zone and its entire area will instantly change into their color of ink. The opposing side can then cover the zone with their ink to attempt to take over control. When the opposing ink coverage exceeds a specific threshold, the side being in control loses control of the zone and it becomes uncontrolled. Either side must cover the zone in ink of their color to a certain amount to retake control of the zone.

Ink coverage required to:
Take control Cause the other side to lose control
Splatoon 70%[1] 40%[1]
Splatoon 2 70%[2] 50%[2]
Splatoon 3

Splat Zones (mode)

Main article: Splat Zones

"Protect the zones!" objective (Side Order)

Main article: Protect the zone!

In Side Order, the "Protect the zones!" floor objective requires the player take control of one or two zones depending on the floor. The player must protect the zones from Jelletons while being swamped. Checkpoints are provided in this mode, either appearing half way through or two appearing one and two-thirds of the way through the timer respectively.


Names in other language

Splat Zone (in Splat Zones)
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ガチエリア
gachi eria
Competitive area
Netherlands Dutch Spetterzone Splatter zone
Canada French (NOA) Zone clé
France French (NOE) Défense de zone
Germany German Splatterzone
Italy Italian Zona splat Splatzones
Russia Russian Зона контроля
Zona kontrolya
Controle zone
SpainMexico Spanish Zona de pintado Painted zone
China Chinese (Simplified) 真格区域
zhēngé qūyù
Real area
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 真格區域
zhēngé qūyù (Mandarin)
zan1 gaak3 keoi1 wik6 (Cantonese)
Real area
South Korea Korean 랭크 에어리어
raengkeu eeorieo
Rank area
 Internal VS_Obj_03 [3]
Zone (in Side Order)
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese エリア
Netherlands Dutch zone
CanadaFrance French zone
Germany German Zone
Italy Italian zona zone
Russia Russian зона
SpainMexico Spanish zona
China Chinese (Simplified) 区域
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 區域
qūyù (Mandarin)
keoi1 wik6 (Cantonese)
South Korea Korean 에어리어
 Internal Sdodr_Area