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S3 Fizzbang Trailer Promo.png
Fizzbangs at Marlin Airport
Release date 1 March 2024

Fizzbangs are a Splatfest-exclusive mechanic in Splatoon 3, introduced in Fresh Season 2024, that debuted in the Lightly Salted vs. Consommé vs. Salted Seaweed and Drums vs. Guitar vs. Keyboard Splatfests. They are small bombs that can be thrown to produce explosions resembling fireworks.


Fizzbangs follow the player, similar to the clams in Clam Blitz, and can be thrown. Upon landing on the ground, they fly upwards a short distance and explode, which damages opponents within a certain radius. Fizzbangs are acquired by Squid Spawning, Super Jumping after being splatted, or by splatting opponents. Splatting an opponent gives the player one to three Fizzbangs depending on the remaining time in the match: one during the first minute of the match, two during the second minute, and three in the final minute. At the last two minutes, A banner announces "We can hold more Fizzbangs!" and players are given one more Fizzbang. If they are splatted after that, they will also respawn with two. Likewise, during the final minute, they will gain another Fizzbang and respawn with three. Any player can hold up to seven at a time.



  • The Fresh Season 2024 trailer and promotional video feature Inklings and Octolings wearing varied clothing while using Fizzbangs, even though they would normally have to wear Splatfest Tees during an actual Splatfest. This was likely becuase Lightly Salted vs. Consommé vs. Salted Seaweed and Drums vs. Guitar vs. Keyboard had not been revealed.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ハナビダマ
Fireworks Ball
Netherlands Dutch Knalbal Bang Ball
France French (NOE) Balle pyrotek Firework Ball
Germany German Feierkracher From Feier ("party" or "celebration") and Feuerkracher ("firecracker")
Italy Italian Sfera pirotecnica Fireworks Ball
Russia Russian Фейербол
From фейерверк feyerverk ("fireworks") and файрбол fayrbol ("fireball")
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Bomba festiva Festive bomb
Spain Spanish (NOE) Bola pirotíntica "Bola" means ball, "Pirotíntica" is a pun on "Pirotecnia", meaning pyrotechnics, and "Tinta", meaning ink.
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 煙火彈
yānhuǒ dàn (Mandarin)
jin1 fo2 daan2 (Cantonese)
Fireworks Pellet
South Korea Korean 불꽃탄