Bottom Feeders

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Bottom Feeders

Artwork from Splatoon 2. From left to right: Bertie Feeder, Murdoch Feeder, Finn Feeder, Tangle Feeder, and Jawn Feeder.
Species Finn: Crowntail betta fish
Tangle: Mozuku seaweed
Jawn: Shark
Murdoch: Yesso scallop
Bertie: Globefish
Hair color
Eye color
Gender 1 male; 1 female; 3 unknown
Relations Bertie Feeder: Unnamed daughter
Maximum HP
Members (Non-virtual)
Violin: Yu Manabe (真部 裕)
Drums: Takahiko "PUMP" Obata ( 小畑隆彦)
Other forms
A new band called the Bottom Feeders has been tearing up the Inkopolis charts lately. The band is fronted by a tropical-betta-fish violinist, features vocals by a dude made of seaweed, and also includes a shark, a scallop, and a globefish. Their unforgiving yet catchy music style is the product of fusing ancient Celtic sea shanties with punk rock.

The Bottom Feeders are a five-person Celtic rock band. Their songs were added in Splatoon 2's Version 2.0.0. They originate from a country up north, and predominantly perform live, spending most of the year on tour. They have been consistently using their own label ever since their debut. In-universe, it is stated that the organization of their performances, as well as the songs' progression, often change depending on the mood of the members.[2]


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Bottom Feeders
Fins & Fiddles
Seafoam Shanty

In Japanese, each song title has an English part and a Japanese part; for localization, only the English part was kept.[3]


Finn Feeder

Finn Feeder is the fiddler, a glamorous tropical betta fish and the focus of the band's sound.[4] She wants to share the goodness of traditional music's sound no matter how much the world changes. She has a stubborn personality, and often does things in her own way, leading to the band almost dissolving on multiple instances. She has been seen showing aggressive behavior to Tangle Feeder in artwork, and Murdoch seems to have been beaten up by Finn. This may be based on the aggressive behavior of betta fish.[5] She does not get along with the members of Ink Theory, which debuted at the same time.[2]

In Splatoon 3, Finn Feeder is a guest violinist for Riot Act's song No Plan Survives.

Tangle Feeder

Tangle Feeder is the vocalist, a man made of the edible seaweed mozuku and the leader of the band.[4] In their album art, he wears a plaid kilt, combat boots, and large square glasses, reflecting the band's fusion of various styles. He is a young man with a rebellious spirit, dissatisfied with how voguish music has become and wishing to return to more straightforward styles. However, the songs he writes are mediocre, and the other members are quite harsh on him. Up until recently, he was unaware of where his voice was coming from, but it turns out to be produced by the friction of the string-like organs that make up his body rubbing against each other. He seemed pleased with learning that he is able to sing with his feet.[2]

Despite Mozuku seaweed being a more brown color, Tangle is green.

Murdoch Feeder

Murdoch Feeder is the guitarist, a Yesso scallop with a weakness for cute girls. Unlike Finn Feeder and Tangle Feeder, they are not as particular about the sound of the band and are fine with anything as long as they are having fun.[2]

Jawn Feeder

Jawn Feeder is the bassist, a shark that likes motorcycles and meat. Much like Murdoch Feeder, they are fine with doing anything as long as they are having a good time.[2]

Bertie Feeder

Bertie Feeder is the drummer, a globefish who wears a plaid kilt similar to that of Tangle. Like Murdoch Feeder and Jawn Feeder, they also don't care much about the band's sound as long as they are having a good time. They are a member of a Rainmaker team with Kuze and Ryu Chang, and they have an only daughter that they care for and adore.[2]




  • Tangle Feeder is the only biological character in the Splatoon series who isn't an animal, as seaweed are algae.
    • As such, Bottom Feeders are the only band with a non-animal member.
  • The band once participated in a battle of the bands against their budding rivals Ink Theory in a venue situated in Inkadia called ZAPP Square.[6] The venue's name is a parody of the Zepp brand of music venues in Japan.
  • According to fictional tweets seen in the Splatune 3 booklet, Baker of C-Side is a fan of the Bottom Feeders, and has expressed interest in hanging out with Finn Feeder.[7]

Names in other languages

Bottom Feeders
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese From Bottom
China Chinese From Bottom
Finn Feeder
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese フィン・ボトム
Fin Botomu
Fin Bottom
Tangle Feeder
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タングル・ボトム
Tanguru Botomu
Tangle Bottom
Murdoch Feeder
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ムルター・ボトム
Murutā Botomu
Murutā Bottom
Jawn Feeder
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese フカ・ボトム
Fuka Botomu
Shark Bottom
Bertie Feeder
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ブロウ・ボトム
Burou Botomu
Blow Bottom