Octoling Onslaught

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#25: Far-Flung Flooders
Octo Valley missions
#27: Unavoidable Flying Object

Octoling Onslaught
~ Rumble at the Rig ~
Number 26
Area 5
Sheldon's Request
Items 1 scroll, 2 armor, 1 Inkzooka
Music Octoling Rendezvous
amiibo challenges Inkling BoyInkling Boy (recolor)Inkling Boy 2 Cash 2000
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Octoling Onslaught

Octoling Onslaught is the twenty-sixth mission available in the single player mode, Octo Valley. It takes place in a modified version of Saltspray Rig, a multiplayer stage.

Octo Valley

Take the small ramp on the left and furthest from the entrance of Area 5. There is another ramp, but don't use it. Perform a Swimming Squid Jump to reach the other side, there is an Inkrail, but don't take it either. Go on the grate path and use the Gusher. There's the Kettle for Mission 26.



Octoling Onslaught Stats
Area Enemies Armor Special Weapon Sunken Scroll
Beginning Area 1x Elite Octoling
1x Octoling
N/A 1x Inkzooka N/A
Checkpoint 1 4x Octolings
1x Elite Octoling
1x Piece of Armor N/A Yes
Checkpoint 2 N/A 1x Piece of Armor N/A N/A
Final Checkpoint 2x Elite Octolings 1x Octoling N/A N/A N/A


The player will spawn on a checkpoint on the right side of the map. Nearby is a big wooden crate with nothing in it. Once the player walks out of the spawn point and after Agent 2's dialogue, an Octoling|Kelp Octoling will jump onto the crate and start trying to splat the player. Like always, you can defeat this Octoling or make a run to the checkpoint, which is to the left path of the box.

Checkpoint 1

The player will be near the bottom part of the rig with a rectangular-shaped area. Once the player jumps off the edge of the path, a normal Octoling will jump to a high part in the middle of this area. The player is able to grab an Inkzooka Special in one of the small crates on the left. Once you are done here, the next checkpoint is on the Bottom Area, where the lifts are actually absent.

Checkpoint 2

Once the player reaches this area and moves forward, another Octoling will spawn. On top of one of the oil tins here is a crate which contains a suit of Armor. Obtain this, and move on to the section near the top part. Here, the player can defeat the Octoling and take a nearby Inkrail to the unreachable side.

Location of the level's Sunken Scroll.

Here is where the Sunken Scroll can be obtained. However, once the player reaches here, another Kelp Octoling will appear as well as a normal Octoling once the player reaches the crate with the Sunken Scroll. Grab the Sunken Scroll, defeat the Octolings and go back to the middle part to the next checkpoint.

Another Octoling will spawn and on one of the small platforms, another crate containing Armor is located. Grab this armor and the final checkpoint is after walking up the ramp to the final area.

Final Checkpoint

One more final Octoling will spawn, and this is where the Inkzooka can be used if the player hasn't defeated some of the other Octolings yet, as they will Super Jump here. Once the player defeats one, one last Kelp Octoling will appear. Either defeat these Octolings or splat the metal containers, swim up them, splat the Gusher then jump off onto a platform with the Zapfish. An Octoling will be waiting for you there. Splat it then burst the Zapfish's shield and take the Zapfish.


Sunken Scroll

A 12,000-year-old fossil of a creature with an odd internal skeleton. Its small skull indicates the creature was likely primitive with little intelligence. This specimen appears to have been fossilized in the middle of some kind of ritual.

Location: At the Southwestern corner of the map. As soon as the mission starts, if you look to the left to the level platform across the map, you should be able to see the crate containing the scroll. If you are familiar with the Saltspray Rig map in multiplayer, the scroll is located where the enemy spawn point would be. Work through the level as normal until you get to the slopes leading to the central area of the map. Rather than following that path, go to the left of it and you should see an inkrail. Ride up the inkrail and follow the path to the scroll. An enemy Octoling will super jump in, so watch out.


Armor 1 location: The zigzag paths down in the lower area have two containers with one having a small orange crate containing the armor.

Armor 2 location: By the second checkpoint in the middle of the map there is a crate containing the armor sitting on top of a slightly raised platform with a "T" shape.

Special Weapons

Inkzooka location: On the lowest area on the map located to the left from the starting point there are two small crates, with the orange one carrying the Inkzooka.

Enemies and mechanics

Previously introduced


Agent 1's Quotes

Agent 1
They could spring from anywhere, Agent 3!
Agent 1
OK! Time to catch us a ZapfishZapfish!
Agent 1
Inkzooka! Let 'em have it!
Agent 1
Agent 1
Nailed it!
Agent 1
You're near the ZapfishZapfish!

Agent 2's Quotes

Agent 2
Octolings! Over to you, Agent 3!
Agent 2
Lookin' good, Agent 3!
Agent 2
Don't let them corner you!
Agent 2
This just in! Agent 3 is standing around doing absolutely nothing!
Agent 2



  • If the player goes to the area where the Sunken Scroll is found and submerge into ink, Agent 2 will say a piece of dialogue not heard elsewhere.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ぜんりょく!タコゾネス
~ワカメ こむすめ シオノメ油田~

Zenryoku! Takozonesu:
Wakame Komusume Shionome Yuden
Full Strength! Octolings:
Young Girls with Seaweed, Saltspray Rig
Canada French (NOA) - La revanche des octalings -
Conflit sur la plat-forme
- Revenge of the octolings -
Conflict on the rig
France French (NOE) - Station Doucebrise -
La revanche des Octalings
- Saltspray Rig -
The Octolings' revenge
Germany German Oktoling-Hinterhalt auf
der Bohrinsel Nautilus
Octoling ambush on
the Saltspray Rig
Italy Italian All'ultimo inchiostro: resa
dei conti con le Octoling!
At the last ink: the
ultimate showdown with the Octolings!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Asalto de las octolings
~ Gresca en la plataforma ~
Assault of the octolings
~ Brawl in the platform ~
Spain Spanish (NOE) Encerrona octoamazona
sobre la plataforma
Octoling trap
on the platform