Deepers Creepers

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Deepers Creepers is a song by Bloody Hook.


Deepers Creepers plays in the Battle Lobby during Splatoween in Splatoon 3, replacing Soak & Stomp. Deepers Creepers has two versions, the first playing during the first day of Splatoween and the second version playing on the second day. The first version seems to have fewer instruments than the second while containing more solo parts. The beginning of the song has a piano playing, with each note being echoed, before other instruments join and drown out the piano. The song is primarily instrumental, with abnormal beats to convey creepiness. The few parts with speaking seem to feature muffled Inkling.


  • Despite the song name and artist information being shown in the jukebox screen when being played in the Battle Lobby, this song is not available in the song list and is not playable from the jukebox after the end of Splatoween.


Deepers Creepers is a play on the word "deep" and the minced oath "jeepers creepers". Despite being a minced oath, the phrase "jeepers creepers" is commonly associated with Halloween; the use of it in the song's title may allude to the horror film franchise of the same name or the jazz standard of the same name.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Germany German Deepers Creepers Same as English