Alterna Shimin Program M-??: mY dEAR

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オルタナ市民プログラム M-??:mY dEAR
S3 After Alterna Beginning.jpg
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
Clean room in 0000 After Alterna
Album Splatune 3
Track list no. 19 (Splatune 3 Disc 3)
BPM 100
Length 3:24
Audio file

オルタナ市民プログラム M-??:mY dEAR (romanized: Alterna Shimin Program M-??: mY dEAR) is a song in Splatoon 3.


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Alterna Shimin Program M-??: mY dEAR plays in the clean room of After Alterna in Return of the Mammalians. This soundtrack is similar to Alterna Shimin Program M-01: Standard Course (Asagiri no Kaigansen) with the ambience of bird sounds, although different in a distinct melody and absence of distorted sound.


  • This song loops unusually compared to most other in-game music due to its audio file containing two loops of the song that fade out completely before repeating. The music can thus be heard in-game fading out and restarting if the player waits in the clean room for about one minute and thirty-five seconds.


"オルタナ市民プログラム" ("Alterna Citizen Program") is a term used by O.R.C.A. during its introduction in the Japanese version of the game.[1] "mY dEAR" is stylized to resemble someone typing "My Dear" in title case using the Shift key on a keyboard, but with Caps Lock unknowingly enabled.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オルタナ市民プログラム M-??:mY dEAR
Orutana Shimin Puroguramu M-??: mY dEAR
Alterna Citizen Program M-??: mY dEAR