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S3 Band C-Side.jpg
Performer C-Side
Game Splatoon 3
Length 1:30 (Demo)
Audio file (Demo)

Clickbait is a song performed by C-Side.


Clickbait is a song from Splatoon 3 performed by C-Side. The song features vocals, guitar, and bass, and is a multiplayer music track for Splatoon 3. It can be heard on a gameplay footage from the Release Date Revealed trailer.[1]

Other versions

Clickbait (Demo)

A demo version of Clickbait can be heard on the Live from Squid Research Lab on the Nintendo website.[2] The instruments sound less "live" and the vocals are less filtered. After the extended guitar sequence, there is a new vocal part that fades away seconds after instead of looping the first vocal part.

Clickbait (September 2021 Direct)

A shorter version of the demo version can be heard on a Splatoon 3 online multiplayer battle trailer on September 2021 Direct.[3] While otherwise identical to the aforementioned demo version, this version skips some parts of the song, and the beginning of the guitar sequence is cut off by static noises as the trailer transitions to the trailer for the Return of the Mammalians mode.


"Clickbait" refers to a deceptive tactic used on websites to trick a person into clicking onto something via a misleading thumbnail. Its usage here is likely a pun on bait used to catch fish.