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Clickbait (Demo)
S3 Band C-Side.jpg
Performer C-Side
Game Splatoon 3
Length 1:30
Audio file

Clickbait (Big Run teaser)
Omega-3 Artwork.jpg
Performer ω-3
Game Splatoon 3

S3 Band C-Side.jpg
Performer C-Side
Game Splatoon 3
Length 2:51
BPM 180
Audio file Anarchy Battle Version

Clickbait is a song performed by C-Side.


Clickbait is a song from Splatoon 3 performed by C-Side. The song features vocals, guitar, and bass, and is a multiplayer music track for Splatoon 3.

Clickbait has two versions. One is used for Anarchy Battles and another is used for Turf War battles. Because of Turf War's time limit of 3 minutes and using its last minute for Now or Never!, the Turf War version loops earlier, at around the 1:25 mark, unlike the Anarchy Battles version where it loops at around 1:47.

The full Regular Battle version was first heard in the Release Date Revealed trailer on 22 April 2022.[1]

Remixes and covers

Clickbait (Splatoon 3 Direct introduction)

A simplified cover of Clickbait similar to Splattack! (Jam Session) and Inkoming! (Cloud Demo). It starts with a sparse drum solo, but more instruments are added in. It can be heard at the beginning of Splatoon 3 Direct on 10 August 2022.[2]

Clickbait (Big Run teaser)

A distorted cover of Clickbait in style of ω-3 songs (and presumably made by them) can be heard in Splatoon 3 Direct on 10 August 2022 and Chill Season 2022 Announcement trailer, specifically the reveal of Big Run event in Salmon Run Next Wave mode.[2] [3] [4]

Clickbait (Chill Season 2022 trailer)

In the Chill Season 2022 announcement trailer, another version of ω-3’s Clickbait was heard. This version is extended from the one in the Big Run announcement.

Other versions

Clickbait (Demo)

A demo version of Clickbait can be heard on the Live from Squid Research Lab on the Nintendo website.[5] The instruments sound less "live" and the vocals are less filtered. The vocal part exclusive to the Anarchy Battles version can be heard in this demo for a few seconds before it fades away.

Clickbait (September 2021 Direct)

A shorter version of the demo version can be heard on a Splatoon 3 online multiplayer battle trailer on September 2021 Direct.[6] While it is very similar to the aforementioned demo version, this version skips some parts of the song, and the beginning of the guitar sequence is cut off by static noises as the trailer transitions to the trailer for the Return of the Mammalians mode.

Clickbait (Live)

The live version of Clickbait is somewhat similar to the versions used in the actual game. The song starts with the opening. The first loop of the song is the Turf War version of Clickbait while the second loop is the Anarchy Battle version. After that the drums get faster to transition into Sea Me Now.

Lobby Terminal Jingle

When the player is near or accesses the Lobby Terminals in both the Lobby and Grizzco Industries, a digitized version of the intro vocals of Clickbait can be heard.[Citation needed]


  • Clickbait is considered the main theme of Splatoon 3, as it is used for multiple promotions for the game as well as multiple versions of Clickbait used in the game like the tutorial and Tableturf Battle.


Clickbait refers to a deceptive tactic used on websites to trick someone into clicking onto something via misleading thumbnails or titles, as well as a pun on fishing baits.