Ink or Sink

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Ink or Sink
S Band Squid Squad.jpg
Artist Squid Squad
Game Splatoon
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Heard in Splatoon Multiplayer
Squid Beatz
Album Splatune
Fresh Kids (in-game)
Composition & Arrangement Toru Minegishi
Vocals Hiroaki Takeuchi
ICHIYA (in-game)
Ikkan (in-game)
Guitar Susumu Nishikawa
Yoshihiko Haga
ICHIYA (in-game)
Ikkan (in-game)
Drums Akira Tsuneoka
MURASAKI (in-game)
Keyboards NAMIDA (in-game)
Length 2:37 (Splatune)
Bpm -
Genre Rock, Electronic
Key signature -
Track list no. 2 (Squid Beatz)
4 (Splatune Disc 1)
Audio file
For the Splatoon online tournament, see Competitive:Ink or Sink.

Ink or Sink is a song performed by Squid Squad.


Like most Squid Squad music, Ink or Sink features a blend of rock and electronic music, starting with an intro that places emphasis on the synthesizers and guitars, before moving to a section with alternating vocals in the Inkling language. During the chorus, the song abruptly switches to heavy metal, before switching back after looping. It is one of the five battle songs released with Splatoon at launch, and like all battle songs, it has a random chance of being played during online matches. It can also be heard in Squid Beatz, and it is included in Splatune.

Through the fictional interview contained in the Splatune booklet, it was revealed that Ink or Sink was the first song Squid Squad wrote after Splattack!, and features MURASAKI using his many spines as sticks on the drums.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

See also: Ink or Sink

It is also featured in the soundtrack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It has a chance of playing on Moray Towers, and can also be heard in the Sounds section in the Vault menu.


  • In April 2016, Ink or Sink was added to Daigasso! Band Brothers P.
  • During a Splatoon 2 event that took place from 12 July 2019 to 15 July 2019 in Tetris 99, getting 100 or more points awarded the player with a Splatoon theme, changing the graphics, music, and sound effects to those from the franchise. When this theme is applied, Ink or Sink is heard when there are 50 players left in the match, switching from Splattack!. It continues to play until there are 10 players left in the match when the music switches to Now or Never!.


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