No Quarters

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No Quarters
Artist Chirpy Chips
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
BPM 158
Key signature B minor
Audio file

No Quarters is a song by the Chirpy Chips.


No Quarters starts with a loud chip tune riff followed immediately by a steady drumline before going into the vocals, and ends with a less chaotic rendition of the main riff before looping. It was revealed in the Chill Season 2023 trailer, which also served as a music video for the song. Harmony's vocals can be heard throughout the song and she can be seen wearing her usual outfit throughout the trailer for Chill Season 2023.

Other versions

No Quarters (Live)

The live version of No Quarters performed during the Splatoon 3 Live Concert featuring Deep Cut at Nintendo Live 2024 TOKYO is similar to the in-game version but has a slightly lengthened opening. The song ends with an outro similar to that in the Chill Season 2023 trailer, though the tempo starts being increased half way through to prepare for the transition to Aquasonic.


SRL Musicology here, pumped to reveal a new Chirpy Chips single and music video! Yeah, Ballistics and Fashion Desk and pretty much everyone else is yelling that this is actually the Chill Season trailer (coming 12/1, BTW), but we're focused on the retro synth chiptune bassline!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
"No Quarters", the new single from chiptune champs Chirpy Chips, lands 01/12! Their music video features never-before-seen footage of #Splatoon3 – a sneak peek at Chill Season 2023, perhaps?
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[2]


"No quarter" is a military command to kill rather than taking prisoners, implying an all-out battle. Quarters are also often used as currency in arcades, fitting the Chirpy Chips' retro game theming.

The term "counter stop" is a Japanese term used commonly in regards to arcade games for a programmed maximum value, such as the player's score, added to prevent the counter from overflowing. When applied to score, it represents a perfect score, as it is not possible to exceed this value.

Names in other languages

The name of the song is the same as English in all languages except for Japanese.

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese Counter Stop The highest score one can get in a video game before the count stops