#47 onward

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For the stage clear jingle, see Hero Mode - Onward!.
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#47 onward
Artist Dedf1sh feat. Off the Hook
Vocals Rina Itou
Alice Peralta
Pearl (in-game)
Marina (in-game)
Game Splatoon 3 (Side Order only)
Heard in
Splatoon 3
End credits after clearing 30F in Side Order for the first time (replayable via the Foyer)
Genre Electronic
BPM 155
Key signature G# minor/B major
Length 4:40
Audio file

#47 onward is a song by Dedf1sh, with vocals by Off the Hook. It is played during the end credits of Splatoon 3: Side Order.


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#47 onward is an electronic pop track featuring vocals by Pearl and Marina.[1] The instrumental is mostly electronic, but includes a high string arrangement in different parts of the song that grows more elaborate as the track progresses. Just over three minutes in, the song modulates up a half step to A minor/C major, with Marina reprising her pre-chorus melody over an octave up during the climax.

Samples and interpolations

#12.2 awakened

Fragments of the hook from #47 onward can be heard in #12.2 awakened, which plays when Agent 8 and Pearl first meet Acht in the elevator of the Spire of Order.


  • This is the only end credits song in the Splatoon series to be credited to a non-idol musician, namely Dedf1sh.


Onward refers to moving forward, as the conclusion of the first battle with Overlorder can be seen as leading to multiple future deeds (the overall theme of striving for a better future presented throughout Side Order and especially during the aforementioned battle, the more immediate goal of Off the Hook returning to their world tour, and even the player moving on to their next run).

It could also be a meta reference to the Onward! jingle and catchphrase from Octo Valley, which is used as a motif for the Octarians throughout the series and is especially present in the soundtrack of Side Order.

Names in other languages

The name of the song is the same as English in all languages except for Japanese.

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese #47 slumber