Big Betrayal

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Big Betrayal
S3 Band Deep Cut.png
Artist Deep Cut
Arrangement Big Man (in-game)
Lyricist Big Man (in-game)[1]
Vocals Anna Sato
Laura Yokozawa
Shiver (in-game)
Frye (in-game)
Big Man (in-game)
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
Splatfest Battle
Tricolor Battle
Genre EDM
BPM 152
Key signature A minor, Bb minor
Length 1:31 (first verse)
2:55 (first loop with both verses)
1:42 (music video)
Audio file

Big Betrayal is a song performed by Deep Cut. It is one of four songs that can play during Splatfest battles in Splatoon 3, added into rotation during Drizzle Season 2023 and first being used in the Shiver vs. Frye vs. Big Man Splatfest.


Big Betrayal is a midtempo EDM track with elements of house and J-pop. The first half of the track is in the key of A minor, opening with a lighter chord progression that revolves around the v and bVI (E minor and F major) with synth leads panned left and right that resemble sirens. This transitions into the section in which Shiver and Frye harass Big Man in the music video, with electric bass and synthesizers that share a unison bass line. When the sung vocals begin, the song modulates to Bb minor, with Shiver and Frye singing hits along with the instrumental backing. The chorus comes in after a 1-bar break with the idols harmonizing with a vocoder to a punchy, syncopated melody and is followed by a halftime section similar to Till Depth Do Us Part that loops into the intro.

Big Betrayal contains two verses, both sung to the same music.

Big Betrayal features production techniques that are not often heard in Deep Cut's vocal tracks, such as sample splicing and abrupt cuts in the backing track, which are more prominent in their non-vocal tracks such as Deep Cut's Theme and Surprise and Shine.


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Translation needed
Needs direct translation for romanized lyrics edit

The music video gives official lyrics for Big Betrayal. Most of the lyrics are nonsensical; however, the speaking portion is translated. The English version of the music video has several differences in its romanization of the sung lyrics compared to the Japanese version. There are currently only lyrics available for the first half of the song, as the second is not featured in the music video.

Big Betrayal Lyrics (Japanese version)

F (translation):のう、マンタロー この写真はなんじゃ?
ハイカラな女子に囲まれて へラへラしておる
このお調子者は だれなんじゃろな?

B (translation):それは正体不明の
RANOMAT って シンガーで
一体だれなのか まだ□&○%$■☆♭*!

F (translation):オマエさん しらばっくれるのも

S (translation):あ~ら マンタローはん、
楽しそうで よろしおすなぁ?
ほんなら ずっと
ハイカラの オトモダチと
遊ばはったら ええんとちゃいます?

B (translation):これには 深い理由が!

S (translation):カネも引っ張ってこんと

F:デリ ユーベン ミトチュレ
S:うぇに まてしなだり

S/F/B:ダッダンレト ワニ ユートンチナ デイデ
ダロッテ ウティンナダリティ

S/F/B:ナチュンリト バートゥ
ユニン ティソ マトゥ
ソービンチェ ヌトファ ピシャゲルド!
イーチェンム ニティロ
ドーチェンティマ ディテロ
F:ダッピニ デーチェンタリ ティーノゥ

S/F/B:ネーチャンディ バッティロ
ニュエティンガ チェド
バーチェンリー マンダニ ピシャゲルド!
イルキヌファ チャンリ
ニューエンディヤン ベテロ
F:ワッティハ ミダンタニ ビーノゥ

S/F/B:チョッペリ ミュラ チェンニーロ!

Big Betrayal Lyrics (Romanized from Japanese version)

F:Deri yūben mitochure
S:Weni mateshinadari

S/F/B:Daddanreto wani yūtonchina deide
Darotte utinnadariti

S/F/B:Nachunrito bātu
Yunin tiso matu
Sōbinche nutofa pishagerudo!
Īchenmu nitiro
Dōchentima ditero
F:Dappini dēchentari tīnou

S/F/B:Nēchandi battiro
Nyuetinga chedo
Bāchenrī mandani pishagerudo!
Irukinufa chanri
Nyūendiyan betero
F:Wattiha midantani bīnou

S/F/B:Chopperi myura chennīro!

Big Betrayal Lyrics (Romanized & translated by Nintendo of America)

F (translation):Yo, Big Man. Wanna explain this photo?
'Cause it looks like a thoughtless,
careless chump...
cozying up to those Inkopolis sisters!

B (translation):Ay! Ay! Ay-
(No, no, no! That's just Ian BGM!
Uh- I think he's a vocalist of
no relation whatsoever-)

F (translation):You think we're that dumb?!

S (translation):Awww, don't worry.
It's nice to see you having fun
with new friends.
Maybe you should
spend ALL your time with them
if they're so great!

B (translation):Ay- Ay... AY! (Alright, listen- It's just-
I want artists from Splatsville and
Inkopolis to get along!
And I thought that doing a collab would-)

S (translation):You wanted a collab?
Well, I want cold, hard cash!
Next time we get a piece, capisce?

F:Deri yuuben mito chure...
S:Uweni mate shina dari..

S/F/B:Da darento wani yuuton cheena deyde...
darotte utcin nadariti..
bakkan rei!

S/F/B:Nachunrito baatoo...
yunin tiso matoo...
sohbinche nutofa pishagerdo!
Ichenmu nitiiro...
dochentima deitero...
F:dappini dechentari teii nou...

S/F/B:Neechandei battiro...
nyuetinga chedo...
baachenrii mandani pishagerdo!
Irukinufa chanri...
nyuuendiyan betero...
F:wattiha midanrani bii nou...

S/F/B:chopperi myura chen niiro!

Singer Legend
S: Shiver F: Frye B: Big Man

Music video

The music video for Big Betrayal was released on 25 August 2023. It features text with a translation of the conversation at the start of the song, followed by a transcription of the nonsensical lyrics of the sung portion. The music video only includes the first verse of the song.


SRL Musicology here with major news—a new song from Deep Cut just dropped! Titled Big Betrayal, this tune tells the story of Big Man's secret solo project as Ian BGM…and the consequences when Shiver and Frye found out about it. Listen to it here & during the upcoming Splatfest.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2]
This new song from Deep Cut, titled Big Betrayal, tells the story of Big Man's secret solo project as Ian BGM…and the consequences when Shiver and Frye found out about it. Listen to it here and during the upcoming #Splatoon3 Splatfest.
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[3]


  • Each idol's main concerns as expressed in the translated argument portion of the song reflect the stances they held in the Money vs. Fame vs. Love Splatfest.
    • Shiver is concerned with Big Man making money without giving his bandmates a cut, in alignment with her representing Team Money.
    • Frye is concerned with Big Man's association with the Squid Sisters damaging Deep Cut's reputation amidst Inkopolis and Splatsville's ongoing rivalry, in alignment with her representing Team Fame.
    • Big Man is concerned with helping build friendly relations between Inkopolitan and Splatlandian musicians through music collaborations, in alignment with him representing Team Love.
  • This is one of the few songs to include a word from a real language in its lyrics, namely the phrase "pishagerudo" (ピシャゲルド), which is part of the Japanese name of the song.


Big Betrayal is a reference to Big Man's involvement in the production of Liquid Sunshine with the Squid Sisters without informing Shiver and Frye, who see this as a betrayal of Deep Cut. "Big" in the name might refer to Big Man.

Names in other languages

Big Betrayal
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 鉄槌ピシャゲルド
Tettsui Pishagerudo
Smackdown Crackdown
"Smackdown" comes from ピシャゲルド, which is a corrupted version of ひしゃげるぞ, meaning "I'll beat you up" in Hiroshima dialect.
"Crackdown" comes from 鉄槌, which means "iron hammer", but can also refer to cracking down on incorrect activity.