City of Color

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City of Color
S Band Squid Sisters.jpg
Performer Squid Sisters
Album Splatune
Game Splatoon
Heard in Splatoon Inkopolis Plaza (Splatfest only)
Inkopolis News (Inkopolis News version, Splatfest only)
Squid Beatz
CallieMarie amiibo
Vocals keity.pop
Mari Kikuma
Callie (in-game)
Marie (in-game)
Length 2:00
BPM 130
Genre Pop
Key signature C major
Track list no. 1 (Splatune Disc 2)
26 (Live in Makuhari)
Audio file

City of Color(NA)[a] or City of Colour(EU/OC)[b] is a song performed by the Squid Sisters.


City of Color is a peppy pop song. During Splatfests, the Squid Sisters performed this song on top of two trucks in Inkopolis Plaza. It can also be heard in Squid Beatz after hearing it during a Splatfest. Using either the Callie Callie or Marie Marie amiibo also allows the player to watch the Squid Sisters perform the song as if they were in a Splatfest.

According to the booklet contained in Splatune, it was revealed that City of Color was the Squid Sisters' debut song.


The booklet included with Splatune gives the official lyrics for City of Color. The lyrics are nonsensical; the Japanese hiragana simply gives the pronunciation.

City of Color Lyrics

Tyurirurimyotte winiwini
Yuwarinicche nawemohi

Tyurirurimyohe winiwini yuwani
Yuweni yuwenu na nanihenu

Fihanenneni nienoweni

Noehinyuherahe nanuenoni shumeri
Hihana fiha nyueni

Fihana mifa nienoweni
Fihana mifa nienowena

Nyoehinuherahe nawenoni nyumeri
Fihana mifa nyueni

Hey! × 6

てゅりるりみょって うぃにうぃに
ゆわりにっちぇ なうぇもひ

てゅりるりみょへ うぃにうぃに ゆわに
ゆうぇに ゆうぇぬ な なにへぬ

ふぃはなんねに にえのうぇに

のえひにゅへらへ なぬぇのに しゅめり
ひはな ふぃは にゅえに

ふぃはな みふぁ にえのうぇに
ふぃはな みふぁ にえのうぇな

にょえひぬへらへ なうぇのに にゅめり
ふぃはな みふぁ にゅえに

Hey! × 6

Remixes and covers

Maritime Memory

Main article: Maritime Memory

Maritime Memory is a much slower cover of City of Color with a nearly completely different instrumental.

Other versions

Inkopolis News (Splatfest)

This is simply the instrumental version of City of Color without the Squid Sisters singing, which also includes the Inkopolis News saying heard in the original Inkopolis News song. It was played immediately after the player has pressed Button1 ZL.png and Button1 ZR.png on the start screen during a Splatfest and played during Inkopolis News, replacing the regular Inkopolis News song. After the news segment ended, the vocals were added, transitioning it to the regular version.

Splatfest theme announcement jingle

This is a very shortened version of the song's intro with a lower pitch. It was played during Inkopolis News when the Splatfest theme was announced.

Splatfest final result jingle

Like the announcement jingle, this is a very shortened version of the intro, but with a more twinkly sound. This was played during Inkopolis News once the winner of the Splatfest was announced.

City of Color (Live)

During live Squid Sisters concerts, an extended version of City of Color is used. Although each performance is different due to the live bands, they retain the same strong structure. There is a new guitar solo not found in the original, along with a slightly altered instrumental after the solo. Then it has a new outro, featuring another guitar solo before the song ends. Two recordings of this version from their first and second live concerts can be found in Splatoon Live in Makuhari.

City of Color (Shy-Ho-Shy Demo)

An early version of City of Color was released with Splatoon Live in Makuhari, featuring a much simpler instrumental than the final product and different vocals. Shy-Ho-Shy was first mentioned in the booklet for Splatune, as the committee member that originally discovered the Squid Sisters' talent, possibly showing that this demo was created for them to prove themselves.

Samples and interpolations

Octo Eight-Step

Main article: Octo Eight-Step

Octo Eight-Step by Turquoise October samples Callie's vocals from City of Color and reverses them.

Spicy Calamari Inkantation

Main article: Calamari Inkantation

The melody of City of Color's chorus can be heard after the end of the chorus of Spicy Calamari Inkantation during the small instrumental break. After the instrumental break, there are a few vocals before a new short instrumental break which is also from City of Color.


  • Due to the end of Splatfests in Splatoon, it is now impossible to listen to City of Color in Squid Beatz if the player has not participated in any Splatfests. Although one can still listen to the song through the amiibo performances, this still does not unlock it in Squid Beatz.


City of Color is named after the appearance that Inkopolis Plaza took during Splatfests, with it being lit up by neon signs, bright lights, and fireworks.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イカラシンカ High-Color Sinker


  1. North America
  2. Europe and Oceania


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