Shiokalive at Chokaigi 2016

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Shiokalive at Chokaigi 2016, also known as Squid Sisters 2nd Live Concert from Chokaigi 2016 (シオカラーズ セカンドライブ 超会議2016(JP)[a]), was a virtual live concert that happened concurrently with the Splatoon Gachi Bon-Matsuri (ガチ盆まつり(JP)[a])[b] held at Niconico Chokaigi on 29 April 2016. It featured the surprise debut of Callie and Marie's individual solo songs, Bomb Rush Blush and Tide Goes Out, respectively.



On 24 March 2016, it was announced that the Squid Sisters would perform again at Niconico Chokaigi 2016 during the Music Festival (超音楽祭(JP)[a], Cho-Ongakusai).[1] It would be held alongside the previously-announced Splatoon Gachi Bon-Matsuri event, happening elsewhere at Chokaigi. Those who were not able to be at the previous concert were encouraged to attend, as experiencing the concert in-person would be "a little different from the live broadcast".[2] It was later announced that they would perform on 29 April 2016.

The concert was simultaneously live streamed on the official Cho-Ongakusai live stream, which was region locked for foreigners, and the Gachi Bon-Matsuri stream, which was not region locked. The Gachi Bon-Matsuri event also had a viewing party of the concert for attendees. Besides the new songs on the setlist, the concert also had different choreography, different dialogue, and shortened the lengths of City of Color and Maritime Memory.

On the following day, the Squid Sisters amiibo were announced during festivities for the Gachi Bon-Matsuri's second day.[3] This revealed how to access Callie and Marie's new singles in-game. The concert was also officially uploaded by Nintendo onto YouTube and Niconico shortly after this announcement.

In addition to the features the Squid Sisters amiibo can access in Splatoon, they can also be used on the Niconico 3DS app, where users in Japan can make comments with Squid Sisters-themed colors on an alternate video of this concert with different camera angles.[4]

A remastered recording of the concert's audio is available in the live album Splatoon Live in Makuhari -Shiokalive-.

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