Battle Defeat

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This article is about the battle defeat theme in Splatoon. For the battle defeat themes in Splatoon 2, see Ink Another Day. For the normal battle defeat theme in Splatoon 3, see Learning Curve. For the Splatfest battle defeat theme in Splatoon 3, see Still Swimmin'.

Battle Defeat
Game Splatoon
Heard in
Squid Beatz
Album Splatune
Track list no. 8 (Squid Beatz)
9 (Defeat – Jingle, Splatune)
10 (Defeat – Results, Splatune)
Genre Electronic
BPM 74
Length 1:03
Audio file

Battle Defeat is a song.


The song consists of two parts: the short defeat jingle that plays at the beginning as the results are declared, and the main part of the song that loops over the results screen. If the player wins the match, Battle Victory plays instead. It is a gloomy theme, meant to convey the despair felt after the loss of a match, featuring prominent electronic sound effects and drum beats. The jingle has a "burp" sound, quite similar to various Turquoise October songs. It can also be heard in Squid Beatz, and it is included in Splatune, however the jingle is split into a separate track.

Remixes and covers

Defeat - Jingle

Unlike the original, this version just plays the opening jingle, leaving the looping victory theme as a separate track in every instance, not just in Splatune. Compared to Splatoon 2's victory jingle, which is near identical to the first game's, the defeat jingle is a more extensive remix, eschewing the "burp" noises of the original. It plays before its replacement in Splatoon 2, Ink Another Day.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バトル 負けリザルト
Battle – Make Result
Defeat – Results