Spectrum Obligato ~ Ebb & Flow (Out of Order)

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Spectrum Obligato ~ Ebb & Flow (Out of Order)
Artist Off the Hook feat. Dedf1sh
Vocals Rina Itou
Alice Peralta
Pearl (in-game)
Marina (in-game)
Game Splatoon 3 (Side Order only)
Heard in
Splatoon 3
During the 30F boss fight for the first time
Replaying the Epic, Vibrant Battle
Genre Electronic
BPM 171
Key signature G major
Length 3:23 (jukebox, before looping)
Audio file

Spectrum Obligato ~ Ebb & Flow (Out of Order) is a song performed by Off the Hook featuring Dedf1sh. It is played during the final boss battle of Side Order.


Spectrum Obligato ~ Ebb & Flow (Out of Order) is an upbeat arrangement of Ebb & Flow. Acht is also featured, likely splicing Marina's vocals and adding record scratches. Marina's scat vocals from the original Ebb & Flow are spliced and added to the song, as well as her freestyle lyrics from live shows.

The song is played during the fourth phase of the first battle against Overlorder in Side Order. In-game, it is split into different segments, which transition to the next as the player progresses through the battle:

  • After the cutscene of Overlorder executing the mass Grayscaling, during the rhythm portion, three different layers of music slowly fade in the further the player gets, ending with a short transition tune when the player completes this section. This phase does not appear in the jukebox version of the song, nor can it be replayed.
  • The jukebox song starts with the pre-intro, which also plays during the cutscene after the rhythm section leading up to when Pearl uses her voice to destroy the roof of the Spire of Order. The silent transition into the intro is faster in the jukebox version compared to the transition in-game.
  • When replaying the battle, the song starts with the intro phase, which includes an extra sixteen bars compared to the jukebox version. This plays until just after the player gains control of Eight, before transitioning into the first phase proper.
  • The first phase starts with Pearl and Marina singing the first few lines of Ebb & Flow, with added samples of their singing of other versions.
  • The second phase, which is transitioned into once three portals are destroyed, starts with a bridge into the chorus of Ebb & Flow, although said chorus is cut off a little early to add in an extra bridge before the chorus repeats.
  • The final phase is not included in the jukebox version. It plays in the battle after Overlorder's shield is broken and the Color Wail is accessible. This phase consists of eight bars which repeat until Overlorder is defeated, with only Pearl's distorted singing on top of the backing track.

Samples and interpolations

Marina rescued cutscene

After completing the first boss fight against Marina Agitando on the first climb in the Spire of Order, the Spectrum Obligato motif plays as Agent 8 catches Marina in slow motion.

Side Order floor cleared jingle

The recurring melody of Spectrum Obligato is reharmonized as an eleven-note jingle that plays after clearing a non-boss floor during a normal run in Splatoon 3: Side Order. The intensity of the jingle increases after each boss floor.


Spectrum refers to the theme of color in Side Order and the series as a whole. In classical music, obligato indicates an essential part of a composition that must be played as written (the opposite of which is improvisation). This could refer to the motif heard throughout the game being highlighted in the track, or the obligatory inclusion of Ebb & Flow in the game's finale. It may also refer to Phase 4 of the Overlorder battle being the only segment of a run where every player is guaranteed to be using the exact same color chips. There is also a way it could mean that "color" in the Splatoon series can not be removed from it due to paint, color, and personality being at the core of each game. Out of Order refers to both the fact that this is an Ebb & Flow remix and the fact that the player is fighting order, or the term referring to a malfunctioning or broken device.

Names in other languages

The name of the song is the same as English in all languages except for Japanese.

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オンリー・オブリガート ~ フルスロットル・テンタクル(Last Order)
Onrī Oburigāto Furusurottoru Tentakuru Rasuto Ōdā
Only Obligato ~ Full-Throttle Tentacle (Last Order)