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What is this called?
Kaiten-yaki vs. Ōban-yaki vs. Imagawa-yaki
Teams   回転焼き (Kaiten-yaki)
  大判焼き (Ōban-yaki)
  今川焼き (Imagawa-yaki)
Regions Japan
Start 18 November 2023 at 00:00 UTC
End 20 November 2023 at 00:00 UTC
Length 48 hours
Winner Ōban-yaki

回転焼き vs 大判焼き vs 今川焼き (Kaiten-yaki vs. Ooban-yaki vs. Imagawa-yaki) was a Splatfest event exclusive to the Japan region in Splatoon 3. It was the third Splatfest to take place during Drizzle Season 2023 and was announced on social networks on November 8 2023.[1]

The Americas/Oceania and Europe regions' Handshake vs. Fist Bump vs. Hug Splatfest took place concurrently with this Splatfest.


This was the first Splatfest in Splatoon 3 to differ by region: players who selected the Japan region were able to participate in this Splatfest, whereas players who selected the Americas/Oceania, Europe, or Hong Kong/South Korea regions were instead able to participate in the Handshake vs. Fist Bump vs. Hug Splatfest as a combined group, which was held at the same time.

The Splatfest question is about the name of a dish most commonly known as imagawayaki, which is a dessert made from dough filled with sweet red bean paste cooked in a special enclosed pan. The dish is known for being referred to with a large number of different names; imagawayaki's Japanese Wikipedia article lists more than 50 different regional or brand-related names for the dish.

The teams represent the three most common names for the dish in Japanese:

  • 回転焼き Kaiten-yaki (lit. "spun fried (dish)"), which is common in the Kyūshū region.
  • 大判焼き Ōban-yaki (lit. "large size fried (dish)"), which is common in the Kansai and Tōhoku regions. "Ōban" is also the name of an Edo-period Japanese coin, which this dish resembles in shape.
  • 今川焼き Imagawa-yaki (lit. "Imagawa-style fried (dish)"), which is common in most regions of Japan; this name for the dish is derived from the historical Imagawa Bridge in Kanda where the dish was first sold in the 18th century.

The Tricolor Turf War stage for this Splatfest was Manta Maria.


Results were announced in-game on 20 November 2023 at 02:00 UTC.

Halftime Report

At the halfway point in the Splatfest, Deep Cut revealed the team currently with the most overall Clout, and also announced that the mode Tricolor Turf War would be open.

  回転焼き (Kaiten-yaki)   大判焼き (Ōban-yaki)   今川焼き (Imagawa-yaki)
33.39% 32.95% 33.66%


Category   回転焼き (Kaiten-yaki)   大判焼き (Ōban-yaki)   今川焼き (Imagawa-yaki)
Conch Shells - 7p 33.35% 33.41% 33.24%
Votes - 8p 19.16% 43.73% 37.11%
Clout (Open) - 12p 33.39% 33.12% 33.49%
Clout (Pro) - 12p 33.43% 32.38% 34.19%
Tricolor - 18p 32.38% 34.07% 33.55%
Total 00p 33p 24p


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Dialogue Dialogue Region

回転焼き vs 大判焼き vs 今川焼き〜‼︎」

(What is this called?!
Kaiten-yaki vs Ōban-yaki vs Imagawa-yaki~!!)


(It's a world-dividing battle-!!)

「対決するんは、ホカホカの皮に あんこギッシリの

(The participants in the showdown will be:
Red bean paste tightly bound in a warm and crumbly crust:
"Kaiten-yaki"! and)


「ホカホカの皮に あんこギッシリの

(Red bean paste tightly bound in a warm and crumbly crust:
"Ōban-yaki"! and)


「エイ!(ホカホカの皮に あんこギッシリの
「今川焼き」でーす !)」

(Ay! (Red bean paste tightly bound in a warm and crumbly
crust: "Imagawa-yaki"!))

「って、名前以外 同じやないかーい!」

(They're all the same except the name!)


(Either way doesn't change how tasty it is.)

バンカラ街では それで通ってるんとちゃうの?」

(Personally, I've only seen "Kaiten-yaki" shops.
Is that not how it is in Splatsville?)

(A~y~(Now that you mention it, the shop we'd stop by on the
way back from school did use to say "Kaiten-yaki"))



(They have "Ōban-yaki" stalls at Hagglefish Market!
I brought you some from there before, remember?)

(That was "Ōban-yaki", wasn't it?)



(Ay ay! (You can buy "Imagawa-yaki" at MakoMart, you know!
It's in the frozen foods section, but I like it!))
「マンタローん家の冷凍庫に いつも入っとるやつか?

(Big Man, is that the kind you always have in the freezer
at your house? Those were delicious, yeah.)


「モノは同じなのに 土地や店によって名前がちがうとは

(They're the same no matter the land or shop you get them
at, but the names are all different, that's really weird, huh.)


(A-y? (I mean, wouldn't it be best if everyone called it what they wanted?))

「何言うてんねん! 決められんコトに決着をつける、

(What are you saying?! Splatfests were made to decide
on matters that can't be decided!)

「よく言った! それでこそリーダーじゃ‼︎」

(Well said! As expected of a leader!!)
Notes: Frye's dialogue is in reference to the Shiver vs. Frye vs. Big Man Splatfest.


「エイ?(でも コレの名前、他にもいっぱいあるよ?)」

(Ay? (But, doesn't this have many other names?))

こん中から ビビッ! ときたやつを選んでや〜」

(Apologies to anyone who calls it by other names
Please choose the name that excites! you among these~)


ほどよい甘さのあんこが たまらんぞ〜!」

(My number one fave is "Ōban-yaki", then!
Medium-sweet red bean paste is irresistible to me~!)


皮が香ばしくて おいしいんだよ!)」

(A~y! ("Imagawa-yaki" are so good they make my
mouth water. I love how tasty and fragrant the crust is!))


(Isn't it the same for "Kaiten-yaki"..?
They're all names of the same thing!!)


Dialogue Dialogue Region

フェスは もう始まってんで〜!」



Dialogue Dialogue Region


(It's "Ōban-yaki"!)


「ええ〜⁈ 信じられへん!」

(Huh? I can't believe it!)


(Ay ay?! (For real?!))

これからも ワシらで「大判焼き」を推していこうぞ!」

(I'm thankful for everyone's fiery battles! From now on, we've decided it's "Ōban-yaki"!)

「「回転焼き」派のみんなも イカしとったで〜!」

(Everyone on Team "Kaiten-yaki" did their best too!~)
「エイ!(「今川焼き」派のみんなも ありがとー!)」

(Ay! (I also want to thank Team "Imagawa-yaki"-!))


(Even though we lost, I enjoyed seeing your spark in battle.)

「エイ〜!(みんなやっぱり コレの呼びかたには

(Ay!~ (I really felt the heartful dedication from everyone who calls it this name!))

「だんだん気になってきてんけど… コレって
ほんまのほんまに 名前以外は全部同じなん?」

(I've started wondering... is it really true that everything other than the name is the same?)

「店によって 甘さとか食感がちがうことはあるがのう」

(According to stores, there are differences in the sweetness and texture.)


「エ〜イ!(中身も つぶあんだけじゃなくて、白あんとか
カスタードクリームとか いろいろあるよね!)」

(A~y! (The filling isn't always just red bean paste, there's white bean paste, custard cream, and many more!))

「いろんなトコで 食べくらべをしてみたいもんじゃ!」

(I want to have an eating contest with these different types!)



(Ayy? (Now that I think of it, I think our next concert's venue is close to the home of "Imagawa-yaki"...))
Notes: Big Man mentioning Deep Cut's next concert venue is "close to the home of the Imagawa-yaki" likely refers to Tokyo, and was teasing that a Deep Cut concert would happen in the next Nintendo Live event, taking place in Tokyo in January 2024.[2]

「ほほう… 本場の「今川焼き」も他と変わらんのか

(Oho... then we'll we need to eat a whole lot to check if that and other places' "Imagawa-yaki" is different, won't we?)

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Splatfest Tees

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Idols: Day 1
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  • Alongside Handshake vs. Fist Bump vs. Hug, Kaiten-yaki vs. Ōban-yaki vs. Imagawa-yaki was the first time a third Splatfest took place within the same season.
  • This is the first Splatfest in which all teams have near-identical icons.
  • Since this Splatfest is exclusive to Japan, the related dialogues for Anarchy Splatcast are not available in languages other than Japanese.
    • When the system language is set to English or other European languages, the game starts normally in the selected language, but the Splatfest-specific dialogues are displayed in Japanese.
    • When the system language is set to Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, or Korean, the game is forced to reload into Japanese.
      • After getting the final results announcement and receiving Super Sea Snails, the game automatically reloads back into the system language.
  • This is currently the only Japan-exclusive Splatfest in Splatoon 3 to share ink colors with the Western region's concurrently-held Splatfest.
  • This was the fourth Splatfest in Splatoon 3 to have a food theme, with Spicy vs. Sweet vs. Sour being the first, Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate vs. White Chocolate the second, and Vanilla vs. Strawberry vs. Mint Chip the third.

Names in other languages

Short name
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 回転焼き vs 大判焼き vs 今川焼き Kaiten-yaki vs Ōban-yaki vs Imagawa-yaki
 Internal Naniyaki Which yaki