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Grizzco Industries is a company in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3, run by Mr. Grizz. The company recruits Inklings and Octolings to participate in three waves of Salmon Runs. They collect Golden Eggs from the Salmonid bosses and receive various reward capsules depending on their performance. All employees are given an Employee Handbook to read at the beginning of their career. All gear produced by Grizzco Industries are rare, and cannot be ordered through Murch. The gear can only be obtained by winning them in reward capsules or the gear featured.

Following the defeat of Mr. Grizz in the Return of the Mammalians story mode, ownership of Grizzco Industries appears to have been seized by Li'l Judd, along with only having Salmonid cards, and having Grizzco card sleevees in Tableturf Battle. who now dons an earpiece on the battle results screen. Mr. Grizz's voice is still heard through the replaced radio, but this is likely through a voice-changer or audio recordings.


Likely ability
Unlikely ability

The Grizzco brand produces all gear awarded in Salmon Run. Grizzco produces headgear, clothing, and shoes. Grizzco gear does not favor any secondary ability and, uniquely, assigned with a random primary ability that can also appear as a secondary ability. Grizzco gear cannot be ordered from Murch.

Grizzco gear tends to takes on a more "protective" fashion style, with much of the gear being based off of safety equipment (ex. the Anchor Life Vest). Many of the clothes are related to companies such as Squiddor, the Juice Parka has the logo from Saltspray Rig, and the headgear often has the purpose of protecting a part of the head.

One piece of gear is an exception to both these rules, the Online Jersey. It is not awarded through Salmon Run (rather, it is obtained via a code received when making a twelve-month online subscription), nor is it working gear or a collaboration item. Instead, it was given the Grizzco branding since the real-life uniform worn by the winners of the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2018 it is based after had the Grizzco logo imprinted on it. It also has a primary ability that is not random, making this gear the only Grizzco gear that has this distinction.

In Splatoon 3, Grizzco's gear strongly resembles 'futuristic' fashion as seen in 80s movie franchises, such as Back to the Future. So far, all Grizzco-brand gear introduced in Splatoon 3 has been headgear.


During wildcard rotations, one of Mr. Grizz's personal weapons are accidentally added to the mix.[1] Grizzco weapons are tweaked versions of normal weapons with much more powerful stats. The following weapons have been available:

Rare weapon Description Games
Splatoon 2 "2" icon.svg Splatoon 3 "3" icon.svg
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Blaster.png
Grizzco Blaster
Modified Blaster. A moderate-damage, close-range, fast rate of fire with low ink consumption blaster.
It debuted on 16 September 2017.
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Brella.png
Grizzco Brella
Modified Splat Brella. A moderate-damage, mid-range, fast rate of fire with low ink consumption brella. There is no canopy on this brella, so it cannot open. Instead, holding down the trigger fires rapidly.
It debuted on 15 October 2017.
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Charger.png
Grizzco Charger
Modified Bamboozler 14. A high-damage, long-range, high ink consumption charger with an instant charging time. It cannot store a charge.
It debuted on 29 April 2018.
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Slosher.png
Grizzco Slosher
Modified Sloshing Machine. A high-damage, long-range, slow rate of fire with high ink consumption slosher. The projectiles from it penetrate shields and keep moving after hitting an enemy, then fall directly downwards at the end of their arc.
It debuted on 17 June 2018.
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Stringer.png
Grizzco Stringer
Modified Tri-Stringer. A high-damage, long-range, high ink consumption stringer. It fires nine projectiles per shot and charges quickly, but its accuracy is low due to its irregular spread pattern.
It debuted on 1 October 2022.
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Splatana.png
Grizzco Splatana
Modified Splatana Stamper. A high-damage, short-range, low ink consumption splatana. Both slashes have extremely short range, but in return, they do very high damage. The charge slash can pierce armor as well but has a long charge time.
It debuted on 2 December 2022.

For a history of wildcard rotations, see Salmon Run data.

As stated by Live from Squid Research Lab, these weapons belong to Mr. Grizz, who issued a statement asking workers not to steal it or alert the media to its existence, under threat of immediate termination of their employment.[2] This may indicate that the weapons are produced illegally.


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S2 Band Grizzco Industries.jpg
Grizzco Industries
Happy Little Workers
Ever Further



  • Grizzco Industries has a Twitter account, Twitter@GrizzcoSupport, which was shown in the Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct. It is currently protected.
  • The area where the player can claim their bonuses has a picture of an Inkling in an early version of the outfit players wear in Salmon Run, with orange gloves and hat and white boots.[3]
  • Grizzco has a number of aspects commonly associated with Japanese toxic workplaces (also known as "black companies"):
    • The business itself is dangerous and questionably legal, with equipment that obviously violates safety regulations.
    • The shifts are irregular (Splatoon 2) or neverending (Splatoon 3) and don't seem to be in compliance with labor laws.
    • The Employee Handbook is messy and has scribbles all over it.
    • The recruitment commercial advertises the company using vague platitudes like "change the world" and "creating the future" instead of specifically describing what the job entails, dishonestly covering up any dangerous aspects and implying a vague corporate structure. In addition, in the Japanese version, Mr. Grizz speaks with a veneer of unnerving politeness towards his employees and occasionally says vague, abstract things about the sea, which is evocative of bosses in such companies attempting to placate their staff with ostensible politeness in order to distract from the shadiness of the job.
    • The company hires anyone and everyone without checking for qualifications or experience, and the "turnover rate" is high with employees being picked up and dropped on a whim, resulting in most of the employees being easily preyed-upon young teenagers.
    • Payment "bonuses" being handed out in capsules, which the Inkopolis Square branch has its employees redeem via a booth separate from the building itself, is a reference to the "three-store system", a well-known way for pachinko parlors to skirt around Japanese laws regarding gambling for cash. The system involves the pachinko parlor making its payouts to players using "prizes" instead of cash, thereby allowing it to pass itself off as a game center instead of a gambling parlor, but also "conveniently" being next to a pawn shop and wholesaler that allow pachinko players to cash in the prizes and circulate the "prize" back to the parlor. Further evoking this is the fact that, in Splatoon 2, the player can swap out gear duplicates for cash in the same way a pachinko player would swap out a prize.
  • After finishing the story in Splatoon 3, one of Agent 2's dialogues says "Who is running Grizzco Industries these days? It's business as usual, even now!", referencing Mr Grizz's defeat.


Grizzco is a portmanteau of "grizzly", as in grizzly bear, and "Co." for company.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese クマサン商会
Kuma-san Shōkai
Mister Bear & Co.
Netherlands Dutch Beer & Co
Beer bv. (original trailer)
Bear & Co[note 1]
Bear Ltd.
Canada French (NOA) M. Ours Cie Mister Bear Co.
France French (NOE) M. Ours SA Mister Bear Corp.
Germany German Bär GmbH Bear LLC
Italy Italian Ursus & Co. From ursus, latin for "bear"
Russia Russian Потапыч Inc.
Potapych Inc.
From Потапыч Potapych, meaning "son of Potap", a common patronymic for bears in Russian folk tales
Spain Spanish Don Oso, S.A. (Splatoon 2)
Don Oso (Splatoon 3)
Mister Bear, Inc.
Mister Bear
China Chinese (Simplified) 熊先生商会
Xióng xiānshēng shānghuì
Mister Bear & Co.
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 熊先生商會
Xióng xiānshēng shānghuì
Mister Bear & Co.
South Korea Korean Mr. 베어 상회

Translation notes

  1. "Co" is short for "compagnon" (“companion, (bussiness) partner”)