Sizzle Season 2024

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Fresh Season 2024
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For the 2023 event of the same name, see Sizzle Season 2023.

Sizzle Season 2024 is the ongoing eighth season in Splatoon 3. The season began on 1 June 2024 and will end on 31 August 2024.


Sizzle Season 2024 was announced on 16 May 2024 on the @SplatoonNA and @SplatoonJP Twitter accounts. A higher-quality trailer was also uploaded to Nintendo's official North American and Japanese YouTube accounts.


Main article: Catalog
Video showcasing the content of the season's Catalog. (link to video)

A new catalog for this season was added. Like in previous seasons, all content included in this catalog is available from the start until the end of the season. Titles, Tableturf Battle cards, food and drink tickets, and banners given are random unless specifically shown.

Level Item Icon / Image
1 Banner
2 Title Peak-Condition - Luminary
3 Food Ticket Double EXP
4 Pack of Cards
5 Headgear Coral Cap
6 Clothing Fringehead Hoodless
7 Shoes LT-CL0WN
8 Sticker LH-TKT sticker
9 Pack of Cards
10 Emote Sisters Style
11 Decoration squid stacking rings
12 Food Ticket
13 Banner
14 Headgear Sea-Lily Hat
15 Clothing Zontal Ztripe Tee
16 Shoes Fishbone Sabots
17 Sticker LH-RLWY sticker
18 Pack of Cards
19 Title
20 Drink Ticket
21 Banner
22 Pack of Cards
23 Headgear Deluxury Sleep Mask
24 Clothing Chompers Varsity Jacket
25 Shoes Bit 'n' Bridle Loafers
26 Mystery Box
27 Decoration car pull toy
28 Title
29 Sticker LH-RTMP sticker
30 Food Ticket
31 Emote Ready for Action
32 Clothing Kelp Trooper Top
33 Clothing Dark Splash Shirt
34 Shoes AG Gaiter Waders
35 Sticker LH-SGN sticker
36 Pack of Cards
37 Drink Ticket
38 Banner
39 Pack of Cards
40 Emote Bursting Out
41 Headgear Sauna Hat
42 Clothing Coral Bloom Aloha
43 Shoes Skirmish Sabots
44 Title
45 Fresh Card Pack
46 Food Ticket
47 Sticker LH-BZI poster
48 Title
49 Decoration rocking seahorse
50 Headgear Snaxolotl Hood
51 Mystery Box
52 Sticker LH-TNTV character
53 Banner
54 White Retro Tee Outfit
Barrelfish Home Helmet**
White Retro Tee**
Hyper Guppies**
55 Drink Ticket
56 Title
57 Sticker LH-HND sticker
58 Pack of Cards
59 Food Ticket
60 Takoroka Tandem Outfit
Crust Bucket Visor**
Takoroka Tandem**
White Lo-Vert Hi-Tops**
61 Title
62 Pack of Cards
63 Emote Makin' Waves
64 Sticker LH-CDM character
65 Drink Ticket
66 Black Ranger Vest Outfit
Seashell Bamboo Hat*
Black Ranger Vest**
Pro Trail Boots*
67 Decoration Char Jahead balloon
68 Title
69 Food Ticket
70 Banner
71 Pack of Cards
72 Lyco-P Streetstyle Tee Outfit
Do-Rag, Cap & Glasses*
Lyco-P Streetstyle Tee**
Tenya OctoPurps**
73 Sticker LH-STMP sticker
74 Title
75 Mystery Box
76 Drink Ticket
77 Pack of Cards
78 Hype Stripe Button Up Outfit
Cap'n Cap**
Hype Stripe Button Up**
Annaki Strappy Sandals**
79 Banner
80 Title
81 Sticker LH-CRD sticker
82 Decoration giant squidbot
83 Pack of Cards
84 Annaki Anchored Coat Outfit
Stealth Squidbeak Shield**
Annaki Anchored Coat**
Dappled Hammertreads**
85 Emote Stance Up
86 Sticker LH-SQKNG poster
87 Title
88 Food Ticket
89 Pack of Cards
90 Umibozu Road Jersey Outfit
Noise Cancelers*
Umibozu Road Jersey**
Arrow Toesies Purp**
91 Drink Ticket
92 Pack of Cards
93 Banner
94 Takoroka Nineties Nylon Outfit
Glam Clam Specs**
Takoroka Nineties Nylon**
Icy Down Boots*
95 Title Thank You for - Playing
96 Sticker LH-BTNT character
97 Decoration Salmonid Snapper
98 Mystery Box
99 Clothing Indigo Boss Haori**
100 Emote Spring-Loaded
* Not exclusive to the catalog.
** Returning gear items that were previously exclusive to the Sizzle Season 2023 catalog.


This season added the final 6 variants of already existing weapons and introduced 2 new weapon types for the Stringer and Splatana classes including their second variants.

Weapon types and variants introduced in Sizzle Season 2024
Main #ID Sub Special Special Points Level Price Class Introduced
Charcoal Decavitator 8021 Splash Wall Inkjet 200p 25 Sheldon License 1 Splatana Version 8.0.0 (Sizzle Season 2024)
Custom Wellstring V 7031 Point Sensor Wave Breaker 200p 24 Sheldon License 1 Stringer Version 8.0.0 (Sizzle Season 2024)
Mint Decavitator 8020 Suction Bomb Big Bubbler 200p 21 Sheldon License 1 Splatana Version 8.0.0 (Sizzle Season 2024)
Wellstring V 7030 Autobomb Ultra Stamp 200p 19 Sheldon License 1 Stringer Version 8.0.0 (Sizzle Season 2024)


17 gear items were newly added and 7 Salmon Run gear items returned, making for a total of 24 new pieces of gear to the game.

New gear

Returning gear

The following Salmon Run gear returned as purchasable gear rewards in Sizzle Season 2024:

Additionally, three new slopsuits became available for purchase:

  • The Silver Slopsuit, a silver suit with black boots and gloves
  • The Gold Slopsuit, a black suit with gold boots, gloves and helmet
  • The Iridescent Slopsuit, a light pink and teal suit with silver boots and gloves



Stage Notes Release date
Lemuria Hub
Lemuria Hub
This stage features many moving platforms and lateral symmetry. Lemuria Hub was announced on 16 May 2024 in the Sizzle Season 2024 announcement trailer. 1 June 2024


Big Run

Stage Notes Event dates

Multiple sites!
BIG Big Run was announced in the Sizzle Season 2024 trailer. In this special version of the Big Run event, all previous Big Run stages will be available and Xtrawaves will feature all three King Salmonids attacking at once as the Triumvirate. The Grizzco Roller, a new rare weapon, will be introduced. 8 June 2024 to 10 June 2024


Theme Region Notes Event dates

Palace vs. Theme Park vs. Beach
Global A new special Splatfest with a summer theme will take place during this season. 13 July 2024 to 15 July 2024


Name Stages Mode Duration
New Season Challenge
Hammerhead Bridge

Lemuria Hub
Turf War 2 June 2024
00:00 UTC - 02:00 UTC
04:00 UTC - 06:00 UTC
08:00 UTC - 10:00 UTC
12:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
16:00 UTC - 18:00 UTC
20:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC
Tournament Test Run (Japan)
Undertow Spillway

Shipshape Cargo Co.
Splat Zones 4 June 2024
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
Ultra Stamp Rally
Manta Maria

Marlin Airport
Tower Control 6 June 2024
02:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC
06:00 UTC - 08:00 UTC
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
14:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC
18:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC
22:00 UTC - 00:00 UTC
Tournament Qualifiers (Japan)
Undertow Spillway

Shipshape Cargo Co.
Splat Zones 15 June 2024
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
Splat Bomb Rush
Hammerhead Bridge

Lemuria Hub
Splat Zones 16 June 2024
00:00 UTC - 02:00 UTC
04:00 UTC - 06:00 UTC
08:00 UTC - 10:00 UTC
12:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
16:00 UTC - 18:00 UTC
20:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC



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Dialogue Dialogue Region
“O, leuk! Er is een nieuwe seizoen begonnen!)”

(Oh, fun! There has begun a new season!))
“Yesss! Supervers!”

(Yesss! Super fresh!)

“Ay! Ay?! (Het hitteseizoen is terug!
Iedereen klaar om te bakken in de zon?!)”

(Ay! Ay?! (The Sizzle Season is back! Is everyone ready to bask in the sun?!))
“Ik loop altijd warm voor spetterende
nieuwe wapens!”

(I always warm to splat-tacular new weapons!)
“Ay. Ay? (Coooool. Kun je ze ook met vinnen
bedienen? Dat vraag ik voor... eh, mezelf.)”

(Ay. Ay? (Coooool. Can you operate them with fins too? I am asking that for... uh, myself.))
“Wat blinken ze mooi... Welke is mijn nieuwe
favoriet? Ik moet ze allemaal uitproberen...”

(How beautifully they shine... Which one is my new favorite? I will have to try them all out...)

“Ay! Ay! (Oh, schijnbaar krijgt iedereen
hierna een Krabbert-vergunning! Cool!)”

(Ay! Ay! (Oh, seemingly everyone will be getting a Sheldon Licence after this!))
“Er wacht straks vast een enorme rij bij Armada.
Vooral als elke klant naar Krabbert luistert.”

(There will certainly be an enormous waiting at Armada soon. Especially if every customer is listening to Sheldon.)

“Luisteren? Geen tijd voor! Niet als er net

(Listening? No time for that! Not when A NEW LEVEL HAS just BEEN ANNOUNCED!)
“Ay. Ay! (Wij luisteren wel, dus je hoeft niet zo
te gillen. Maar een nieuw level, dat klinkt goed!)”

(Ay. Ay! (We do listen, so you don't have to scream that much. But a new level, that sounds good!))
“Goed om in te vechten! Tijd om dat
smetteloze nieuwe level onder te kliederen!”

(Good to battle in! Time to make a mess of that spotless new level!)
“Ik kan niet wachten om er een kleurige
bende van te maken!”

(I can't wait to make a colorful mess of it!)
“Beer & Co heeft weer een nieuwtje!”

(Grizzco has another piece of news!)

“Ay? Ay? (Wat is dit? Een klassenfoto van

(Ay? Ay? (What is this? A class photo of King Salmonids?))
“Volgens mij hebben ze best lol samen.”

(I believe they have quite fun together.)

“Ik hoor de laatste tijd vaak over klussers
die drie Salmonsters tegelijk tegenkomen.”

(I have been hearing a lot lately about shifters who encounter three King Salmonids at the same time.)
“Ay?! Ay? (Drie?! Is één van die griezels
niet erg genoeg?)”

(Ay?! Ay? (Three?! Is one of those ghouls not bad enough?))

“Bah, wat boeit dat Monstertrio? Het enige
trio waar je voor moet oppassen, zijn wij!”

(Bah, who care about that Triumvirate? The only trio what you have to watch out for is us!)
“Ik zou toch maar goed opletten als je gaat
klussen, als je niet monsterlijk wilt verliezen.”

(I would still take good care when you are going to work a shift, if you don't want to lose monstrously.)


Dialogue Dialogue Region
«Как замечательно! Начался новый сезон

(How wonderful! A new season has started!)
«Йо-хо!!! Круто!!!»

(Booyah!!! Cool!!!)

Биг Ман
«Ик! Ик?! (На дворе снова палящий сезон!
Пора плюхать на солнышке!)»

(Ay! Ay?! (Sizzle Season is here again! It's time to splat in the sun!))
«Новое оружие меня не подведет!»

(The new weapon won't let me down!)
Биг Ман
«Ик. Ик-ик? (Хороши! Там есть что-то для
меня? С плавниковым управлением?)»

(Ay. Ay-ay? (Looks good! Is there something for me? Something fin operated?))
«Крутецкие плюхоплюшечки... Кто из вас
будет основным? Испытаю-ка я их в бою!»

(Cool splatty stuff... Which of you will be main? I'll test them in battle!)

Биг Ман
«Ик! Ик! (Ого! Кажется, каждый получит
лицензию Пушкина в подарок! Круто!)»

(Ay! Ay! (Wow! Looks like everyone will receive a Sheldon License as a gift! Cool!))
«В «Мече и Хвосте» нас будет ждать очередь.
Длинная, если все начнут Пушкина слушать!»

(There will be a line waiting for us at «Ammo Knights». A long one, if everyone will start listening for Sheldon!)

«Спрашивать? У кого есть время на
болтовню, когда у нас тут НОВЫЕ АРЕНЫ?!»

(Asking? Who has time to chat when we have NEW ARENAS here?)
Биг Ман
«Ик. Ик! (Я бы тоже послушал его советы.
Но эти арены так манят к себе...)»

(Ay. Ay! (I'd also listen to his advices. But these arenas are so beckoning...))
«Главное, чтобы они были функциональными.
В бою одного внешнего вида мало!»

(The main thing for them is to be functional. In battle, appearance alone is not enough!)
«Полный вперед с полным краскометом!»

(Full speed ahead with a full shooter!)
«Кстати, поступили очередные
новости от «Потапыч Inc.».»

(By the way, we received another news from «Grizzco».)

Биг Ман
«Ик? (Это что, снимок со встречи
одноклассников самонидов-королей?)»

(Ay? (Is that a King Salmonids graduates reunion or something?))
«По-моему, им весело!»

(I think they're having fun!)

«Я все чаще слышу, что кто-то встретил
трех самонидов-королей одновременно...»

(I hear more and more often that someone has met three King Salmonids at the same time...)
Биг Ман
«Ик?! Ик? (Трех?! Будто одного было мало!)»

(Ay?! Ay? (Three?! As if one wasn't enough!))

«Триумвират, значит? Ха-ха, удачи! Самый
крутой триумвират в Плюхтонии – это мы!»

(So is this a Triumvirate? Ha-ha, good luck! The coolest triumvirate in Splatlands is us!)
«Но осторожней там, бригады. С таким
трио и вчетвером сложно справиться.»

(But be careful out there, brigades. It's hard to cope with such a trio even for a team of four.)


Trailer screenshots

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 2024夏 Sizzle Season
2024 Natsu Sizzle Season
Summer 2024 Sizzle Season
Netherlands Dutch Hitteseizoen 2024 Heat season 2024
CanadaFrance French Saison du soleil 2024 Sun Season 2024
Germany German Sonnensaison 2024 Sun Season 2024
Italy Italian Stagione ardente 2024 Blazing Season 2024
Russia Russian Палящий сезон 2024
Palyashchiy sezon 2024
Scorching season 2024
SpainMexico Spanish Temporada abrasadora 2024 Scorching Season 2024
China Chinese 2024 夏 Sizzle Season
2024 xià Sizzle Season (Mandarin)
2024 haa6 Sizzle Season (Cantonese)
Summer 2024 Sizzle Season
South Korea Korean 2024 여름 Sizzle Season
2024 yeo-reum Sizzle Season
2024 Summer Sizzle Season