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The Triumvirate on Inkblot Art Academy
Species Salmonid
Hair color
Eye color
Location Salmon Run Next Wave
Maximum HP
Other forms
A triple King Salmonid threat, huh? I'll be generous this time and allocate 2 uses of your special ability and some special model weapons from surplus.
Mr. Grizz at the start of a Triumvirate wave

The Triumvirate is a special type of boss encounter where all three King Salmonids attack together during an Xtrawave in Salmon Run Next Wave. It debuted during the BIG Big Run in Sizzle Season 2024, in which it was fought in all Xtrawaves. Since then, it has appeared exclusively during full wildcard rotations.


During this type of Xtrawave, the three King Salmonids emerge from different parts of the stage and attack in their usual patterns. Each of the three King Salmonids has its own health bar, and defeating one displays a message in shaky letters, e.g. "Cohozuna down!" All three must be defeated to clear the Xtrawave. Regardless of if a crew defeats the boss, fish scales are dispensed at a tripled rate.

Alongside the standard egg cannon, players are equipped with one of the eight rare weapons and are supplied with two uses of their special weapon instead of the usual single use. In addition to the damage that players may inflict on the King Salmonids, they are able to severely damage one another as well: Megalodontia's attack hurts the other Kings if they are within its reach, and destroying Horrorboros' bomb hurts the other Kings close by (in addition to damaging Horrorboros itself, like normal). Players must take full advantage of this friendly fire to deplete the Triumvirate's huge amount of collective health.


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  • Each King Salmonid's attack patterns are the same as when facing them alone, so all their strengths and weaknesses stay the same as well.
  • The player targeted by Megalodontia should lure it to the location that Horrorboros is moving towards, so that Horrorboros' mouth is hit by Megalodontia's attack. This instantly destroys the bomb and deals huge damage to both Megalodontia and Horrorboros, as well as anything else in the vicinity.
    • Repeatedly chaining this process is the safest way to defeat all three King Salmonids, since it prevents Horrorboros from successfully attacking while simultaneously dealing massive amounts of damage to Horrorboros and Megalodontia.
  • Due to the three King Salmonids taking up a lot of space in addition to other Boss Salmonids, the crew must utilize their main and special weapons' advantages to the fullest in order to keep the battle relatively under control.
    • Weapons that deal heavy damage like the Grizzco Charger or Grizzco Stringer should mainly focus on attacking the King Salmonids directly. Make sure to leverage their individual strengths and weaknesses as well; for instance, the Grizzco Stringer can deal enormous single-target damage, but the Grizzco Charger should try and pierce through multiple targets at once.
    • Weapons excelling at turfing and crowd control like the Grizzco Brella, Grizzco Dualies and Grizzco Roller should ensure the floors and walls are covered in the player's ink. The extra mobility is crucial for getting good angles to splat Boss Salmonids and for avoiding the King Salmonids' attacks.
    • Armor-piercing weapons like the Grizzco Slosher and Grizzco Splatana should mainly focus on defeating Boss Salmonids, so that they and the other players can use as many Golden Eggs as possible.
    • The Grizzco Blaster is well-rounded enough that it should adapt according to the situation, to make up for the other weapons' weaknesses.
    • Situationally, the Grizzco Roller can inflict massive amounts of damage on Megalodontia if it is lured to a location where the player can wedge themself between it and a wall, allowing them deal continuous damage by rolling against Megalodontia without being knocked back.
      • On Big Run stages, Horrorboros may emerge from a Gusher, allowing the Grizzco Roller player to use the same strategy after it first appears.
    • The player with the Crab Tank should use both charges to deal as much damage as possible to Megalodontia's weak spot, shooting at the other King Salmonids if Megalodontia retreats into ink. However, if the crew is having trouble luring Megalodontia to attack Horrorboros, the player with the Crab Tank should shoot at Horrorboros' bomb instead. If Cohozuna is left with significantly more health than the other two King Salmonids, it may also be worthwhile to use one or both Crab Tanks to attack it.
    • Most other special weapons don't deal nearly as much damage as the Crab Tank, so use them to attack Horrorboros' bomb to get the most mileage out of the damage, or use them to take out problematic Boss Salmonids like Stingers and Flyfish. Don't hesitate too long waiting for the perfect opportunity, however; using specials inefficiently is still usually better than not using them at all, especially since the crew collectively has eight specials to use in just 100 seconds (or even less time, if things go poorly).


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Defeating the Triumvirate once will reward the player with a special badge that they can use on their Splashtag.

Badge Description
Dethroned a Triumvirate

A special locker decoration figure is rewarded by Mr. Grizz upon defeating the Triumvirate at Hazard Level MAX.

Decoration Availability
Grizzco helicopter



  • Any individual King Salmonid defeated during this Xtrawave still counts towards badge progress for the total number of splats for that type of King Salmonid.


"Triumvirate" refers to a trio of leaders who work together in a political alliance.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オカシラ連合
okashira rengō
Boss Union
Netherlands Dutch Monstertrio Monster Trio
CanadaFrance French Triumvirat Triumvirate
Germany German Trioffensive Trioffensive
Italy Italian Triumvirato Triumvirate
Russia Russian Триумвират
SpainMexico Spanish Trialianza Trialliance
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 頭目聯合
tóumù liánhé (Mandarin)
tau4 muk6 lyun4 hap6 (Cantonese)
Head united
 Internal Triple[1] -