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Species Salmonid
Hair color
Eye color
Location Salmon Run, Salmon Run Next Wave
Maximum HP
Other forms

Chinooks are Event-specific Salmonids that appear exclusively during the Known Occurrence known as The Mothership. Each one drops one Golden Egg when splatted, acting as the primary source of Golden eggs throughout.


Chinooks are similar in appearance to Chum. They wear metal propeller headlamp helmets that allow them to fly, making them similar to an Octocopter in that regard. They carry large containers from the Mothership that resemble white styrofoam coolers, with a cyan glow under the lid and do not follow the Mothership when it goes to the egg basket. Splatting the coolers they place independent of the Chinooks does not grant any Golden Eggs.

Chinooks do not attack directly. The coolers they drop spawn Lesser Salmonids. The coolers glow red when they are about to open, and eventually explode. They can be destroyed before either occurs. The coolers Chinooks carry deal small amounts of damage when touched in mid-air or when they explode. With enough damage taken beforehand, the explosion can splat the player.

After Chinooks drop a cooler, they quickly take off, but may still drop Golden Eggs if splatted before their departure.


See also: Salmon Run data
HP Damage  Attack/Defeat/Total Power Eggs  Golden Eggs 
50 0 12 / 6 / 18 1


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Splatoon 2

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  • Chinooks are not officially classified as Lesser Salmonids nor Boss Salmonids. They drop Golden Eggs similarly to Bosses, but are identical to the Lesser Chum save for the propellers on their heads.
    • The lack of classification of them as Bosses in SplatNet 2 and SplatNet 3 suggests they are likely Lessers, but no other Lesser Salmonid produces its own unique Golden Eggs when splatted, and all other event-exclusive Salmonids are classified as Bosses.
  • Relative to its HP (50), the Chinook provides more Power Eggs than any other Salmonid, at 18.


The Chinook's name is a reference to the species of salmon of the same name. The name is also, along with its propeller helmet and role of transport, a reference to the Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter, a transport helicopter used to carry heavy loads. Both of these names are derived from the Chinook Nation, an Indigenous American nation native to the Pacific Northwest region.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese シャケコプター
Shake koputā
Salmon 'copter
Netherlands Dutch Salmokopter From Salmoniet ("Salmonid") and helikopter ("helicopter")
CanadaFrance French Salmocoptère From Salmonide ("Salmonid") and helicoptère ("helicopter")
Germany German Kopta From Helikopter ("helicopter")
Italy Italian Salmocottero From Salmonoide ("Salmonid") and elicottero ("helicopter")
Russia Russian Геликомуль
From геликоптер gelikopter ("helikopter") and омуль omul ("whitefish")
SpainMexico Spanish Salmocóptero From Salmonide ("Salmonid") and helicóptero ("helicopter")
China Chinese (Simplified) 直升机鲑鱼
zhíshēngjī guīyú (Mandarin)
Helicopter Salmon
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 直升機鮭魚
zhíshēngjī guīyú (Mandarin)
Helicopter Salmon
South Korea Korean 연어콥터
Salmon Copter
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