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S3 SRNW 20.jpg
Cohozuna as it appeared upon first reveal.
Species King Salmonid
Hair color
Eye color
Location Salmon Run Next Wave
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Cohozuna is a King Salmonid that appears in Salmon Run Next Wave during the Xtrawave. It is the first, and so far, the only King Salmonid to be revealed.


Cohozuna appears to be a giant, grotesquely obese Cohock. It has two glowing bulging white eyes, chains around its neck, and a pair of pants with two belts. It has been described as "unfathomably terrifying" and "ginormous".[1][2]


It can jump high into the air and land on teammates to attack, splatting them instantly if they are underneath it, and dealing heavy damage if they are relatively close to its point of impact. This attack is similar, if not identical to the Splashdown, as the Splashdown landing marks appear before it lands. It can additionally fall onto its front, crushing those before it.

It can be attacked by shooting ink directly but launching Golden Eggs at it with Egg Cannons deals more damage than regular attacks. Despite being an easy target due to its size, it has an extremely large amount of health and will require a full team concentrating their fire and launching multiple Golden Eggs to have a decent chance of defeating it within the given time limit. The player is rewarded fish scales by dealing damage to the Cohozuna.



Cohozuna is a portmanteau of "Cohock" (which in turn is derived from "coho salmon") and "yokozuna", the highest rank in professional sumo wrestling.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヨコヅナ
Yokozuna[note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Sumosalmo From sumo and salmoniet ("Salmonid")
Germany German Malmsalm From zermalmen (to crush or pulverize) and Salmonide ("Salmonid")
Italy Italian Colossalmonoide From "colossale" (colossal) or "colosso" (colossus) and "salmonoide" (salmonid)
Russia Russian Исполид
From исполин ispolin (giant, titan) and Самонид Samonid (Salmonid)
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Salmonote From salmon and the suffix -ote, indicating bigness

Translation notes

  1. Yokozuna is the highest rank in sumo or the grand champion.