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S3 SRNW 20.jpg
Cohozuna as it appeared upon first reveal.
Species King Salmonid
Hair color
Eye color
Location Salmon Run Next Wave
That is a Cohozuna. Now, don't get squished by it, or that's going in your file. Oh, and it'll splat you too.
— Mr. Grizz at the start of the Xtrawave

Cohozunas[1] are King Salmonids that appear in Salmon Run Next Wave during the Xtrawave and Big Run. They are the first and currently only type of King Salmonid.


Cohozunas resemble giant, extremely obese Cohocks with red scales on their backs and gray ones on their sides. They have two glowing bulging white eyes, chains around their neck, and a pair of pants with two belts. They have a mohawk similar to that of the mohawk hairstyle used for Smallfry, and have been described as "unfathomably terrifying" and "ginormous".[2][3]


Cohozunas have two attacks. They can jump high into the air and land on teammates, splatting them instantly if they are underneath it, and dealing heavy damage if they are relatively close to its point of impact. This attack is similar to the Splashdown, with the Splashdown landing marker appearing before it lands. They can also attack by falling onto its front, crushing those before it.

Players can attack Cohozunas by shooting ink at it, or by launching Golden Eggs at it with egg cannons that deal 800 damage per shot. A Cohozuna's size can create problems such as cutting off access to Golden Eggs or trapping teammates in dangerous areas. Despite being an easy target due to the aforementioned size and its sluggish movement, it has massive health and will require a full team concentrating their fire and launching multiple Golden Eggs to have a decent chance of defeating it within 100 seconds. The player is rewarded with fish scales by dealing damage to the Cohozuna, with the exact amount rewarded being based on the hazard level and the amount of damage inflicted upon it.

A Cohozuna's health is based on the room's hazard level. When facing a team of Profreshionals or above, it will have the maximum 40,000 HP.[4]

  • Hazard level 0% ~ 7.9%: 28,000 HP
  • Hazard level 8.0% ~ 19.9%: 29,600 HP
  • Hazard level 20.0% ~ 39.9%: 32,000 HP
  • Hazard level 40.0% ~ 79.9%: 36,000 HP
  • Hazard level 80.0%+: 40,000 HP


Main article: Badge#Salmon Run

Splatting Cohozunas a specific number of times in Salmon Run: Next Wave will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Cohozuna Badges
S3 Badge Cohozuna 10.png Cohozuna Splats x 10
S3 Badge Cohozuna 100.png Cohozuna Splats x 100
S3 Badge Cohozuna 1000.png Cohozuna Splats x 1,000

Cohozuna figure locker decorations are also available as Big Run rewards.

Decoration Obtain
S3 Decoration base Cohozuna.png Participation
S3 Decoration bronze Cohozuna.png The Top 50%
S3 Decoration silver Cohozuna.png The Top 20%
S3 Decoration gold Cohozuna.png The Top 5%



Cohozuna is a portmanteau of "Cohock" (which in turn is derived from "coho salmon") and "yokozuna", the highest rank in professional sumo wrestling.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヨコヅナ
From 横綱 (Yokozuna)[note 1] and ツナ (tsuna, tuna)
Netherlands Dutch Sumosalmo From sumo and salmoniet ("Salmonid")
Canada and France French Salmotori From salmonoïde ("Salmonid") and tori (from "sumotori," Japanese for "sumo wrestler")
Germany German Malmsalm From zermalmen (to crush or pulverize) and Salmonide ("Salmonid")
Italy Italian Colossalmonoide From "colossale" (colossal) or "colosso" (colossus) and "salmonoide" (salmonid)
Russia Russian Исполид
From исполин ispolin (giant, titan) and Самонид Samonid (Salmonid)
Spain Spanish Salmonote From salmon and the suffix -ote, indicating bigness
China Chinese (Simplified) 横纲
héng gāng (Mandarin)
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 橫綱
héng gāng (Mandarin)
South Korea Korean 천하장사
The Strongest Under the Sky[note 2]

Translation notes

  1. The highest rank or the grand champion in sumo.
  2. Refers to champions of the unlimited weight class in the Korean Ssireum Championships.


  1. Mr. Grizz at the start of an Xtrawave: "That is a Cohozuna. Now, don't get squished by it, or that's going in your file. Oh, and it'll splat you too."
    "Fixed an issue where a player would be pushed into stage terrain when attacked by a Cohozuna.", "Fixed an issue where players could avoid taking damage by jumping when a Cohozuna did its jump attack, regardless of whether they were in the attack area or not.", and "Made it so that Cohozunas will not attempt to do jump attacks against players on top of a Fish Stick." In the Version 1.2.0 patch notes
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