Monthly Challenge

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Monthly Challenge
Aim for the highest Challenge Power!
Type Online multiplayer mode, Challenge
Players 8 (4v4)
Ranked No
Weapons All
Controllers Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date 25 June 2023

The Monthly Challenge is a Challenge in Splatoon 3 and the successor of the monthly event battles that appeared in Splatoon 2's League Battle mode, where the top three teams and the 100th-ranked teams are published on social media. Information about it was first available on 6 June 2023 at 20:00 UTC on SplatNet 3 after the conclusion of the first Too Many Trizookas! Challenge. It got its first announcement on Splatoon's Japanese Twitter account,[1] was first available on 25 June 2023 in Sizzle Season 2023, and was the fourth available Challenge.


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When the Challenge is played in Turf War, only primary gear abilities will be enabled, so secondary gear abilities will have no effect, while in any other mode, this rule does not apply.

In-game info

How high can you get your Challenge Power this month?
Only primary gear abilities will be enabled in Turf War battles. Secondary gear abilities will have no effect!
There will be no limits on gear abilities in Anarchy Battle modes!

List of Challenges

Duration Announced Mode Stages Rankings
25 June 2023 at
Splat Zones

Scorch Gorge

Eeltail Alley
Monthly Challenge/Top 100 (June 2023)
29 July 2023 at

Hagglefish Market

Undertow Spillway
Monthly Challenge/Top 100 (July 2023)
20 August 2023 at
Tower Control

Museum d'Alfonsino

Mahi-Mahi Resort
Monthly Challenge/Top 100 (August 2023)
30 September 2023 at
Clam Blitz

Hammerhead Bridge

Wahoo World
Monthly Challenge/Top 100 (September 2023)
15 October 2023 at
Splat Zones

Brinewater Springs

Monthly Challenge/Top 100 (October 2023)
25 November 2023 at

Mincemeat Metalworks

Inkblot Art Academy
Monthly Challenge/Top 100 (November 2023)
23 December 2023 at
Tower Control

Barnacle & Dime

Flounder Heights
Monthly Challenge/Top 100 (December 2023)
27 January 2024 at
Clam Blitz

Um'ami Ruins

Manta Maria
Monthly Challenge/Top 100 (January 2024)
25 February 2024 at
  • JP[a]

Splat Zones

Sturgeon Shipyard

Crableg Capital
Monthly Challenge/Top 100 (February 2024)
30 March 2024 at
  • JP[a]


Humpback Pump Track

Shipshape Cargo Co.
Monthly Challenge/Top 100 (March 2024)


SRL Challenge Team back again, letting you know that a tough Monthly Challenge is coming up! The first play window is from 9 PM to 11 PM PT on 6/24. Next, early birds can get in on the action from 5 AM to 7 AM PT on 6/25, and again from 1 PM to 3 PM PT the same day. Good luck!

After the conclusion of the next Monthly Challenge, we'll be announcing the top three teams along with the winner of the Average Roe award! Just compete in the 1 PM to 3 PM PT time slot on 6/25 to be eligible. And, you know, finish in the top three!

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[5]


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Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ツキイチ・イベントマッチ
月に一度のチャレンジバトル! イベントパワーの限界を目指せ!
Monthly Event Match
A once-a-month challenge battle! Aim for the limit of Challenge Power!
Netherlands Dutch Eventgevecht van de maand
Bereik de hoogste eventkracht!
Challenge of the month
Reach the highest Challenge Power!
Canada French (NOA) Match épreuve mensuel
Vise la Force d'épreuve maximum!
Monthly Challenge Battle
Aim for the maximum Challenge Power!
France French (NOE) Match Challenge mensuel
Vise le Challenge Power maximum !
Monthly Challenge Battle
Aim for the maximum Challenge Power!
Germany German Event-Kampf des Monats
Wer erreicht die höchste Event-Power?
Event Battle of the month
Who will reach the highest Event Power?
Italy Italian Partita evento mensile
Mira al record di energia evento!
Monthly event match
Aim for the challenge power record!
Russia Russian Бой-событие месяца
Соберись и бейся за топ-силу события!

Boy-sobytie mesyatsa
Soberis' i beysya za top-silu sobytiya!
Challenge of the month
Get ready and fight for the top Challenge Power!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Desafío del mes
¡Alcanza la máxima fuerza especial!
Challenge of the month
Reach the maximum Special Power!
Spain Spanish (NOE) Evento mensual
¡A por la máxima energía evento del mes!
Monthly event
Go for the maximum Energy Power of the month!
China Chinese (Simplified) 月一·活动比赛
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 月一‧活動比賽
South Korea Korean 월간 이벤트 매치
월간 챌린지 배틀! 이벤트 파워의 한계를 노려라!
Monthly Event Match
 Internal EventMatch_MonthlyLeagueMatchReal_Title
EventMatch_MonthlyLeagueMatchReal_Subtitle [6]

Average Roe
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ぴったりまんなか賞
Netherlands Dutch Middenmoter Average person
CanadaFrance French Moy. parfaite
Germany German Maximal mittig Maximum Medium [note 1]
Italy Italian Media perfetta Perfect average
Russia Russian Середнячок
SpainMexico Spanish Puesto medio
China Chinese (Simplified) 排正中间奖
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 排正中間獎
South Korea Korean 딱 한가운데 상
 Internal L_ScoreD_00-T_Standings_00 [7]
Average Roe Award
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ぴったりまんなか賞
Netherlands Dutch Middenmoterprijs Average person prize
CanadaFrance French Prix de la moyenne parfaite
Germany German Maximal-mittig-Preis Maximum Medium [note 1] Prize
Italy Italian Premio Media perfetta Perfect Average award
Russia Russian За середнячок
Za serednyachok
[Prize] For the middling
SpainMexico Spanish Premio por puesto medio
China Chinese (Simplified) 排正中间奖
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 排正中間獎
South Korea Korean 딱 한가운데 상
Top Individual Contributor
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ソロトップ賞
Netherlands Dutch Solo-superster Solo superstar
CanadaFrance French Superstar solo
Germany German Solo-Superstar Solo Superstar
Italy Italian Migliore in solitaria Better alone
Russia Russian Ас сольного икросбора
As sol'nogo ikrosbora
Solo caviar collecting ace
SpainMexico Spanish Premio individual
China Chinese (Simplified) 单排最佳表现奖
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 單排最佳表現獎
South Korea Korean 솔로 톱 상
 Internal L_ScoreE_00-T_Standings_00 [7]

Translation notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 Mittig can be otherwise translated as average


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