Art Battle for the Ages

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Art Battle for the Ages
It's rollers vs. brushes for bragging rights!
Type Online multiplayer mode, Challenge
Players 8 (4v4)
Ranked No
Weapons Rollers
Controllers Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date 17 July 2023

Art Battle for the Ages is a Challenge first available on 17 July 2023 in Sizzle Season 2023, and the seventh available Challenge in Splatoon 3.


In this Challenge, the only main weapons that players are allowed to use are roller and brush weapons. If a player tries to play the Challenge with a weapon that is not a roller or brush weapon, they get the option to cancel or select an owned weapon that is a roller or brush; other weapons are grayed out.

In-game info

This Challenge only allows rollers and brushes—it's not for the faint of art!
The only weapons you can use are rollers or brushes!

List of Challenges

Duration Mode Stages Rankings
17 July 2023 at
Clam Blitz


Brinewater Springs
Art Battle for the Ages/Top 100 (July 2023)
23 August 2023 at
Clam Blitz

Brinewater Springs

Art Battle for the Ages/Top 100 (August 2023)


SRL Challenge Team here! If you thought the Splatfest was divisive, have we got a doozy for you! The next Challenge is an Art Battle for the Ages, pitting rollers against brushes for bragging rights. 7 to 9 PM PT on 7/16, 3 to 5 AM PT on 7/17, and 11 AM to 1 PM PT later that day.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]


Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 最強ローラー&フデ決定戦
ブキ限定バトル! 最強のローラー&フデ使いを目指せ!
Netherlands Dutch Kunstzinnig knokken
Creatief kliederen met rollers en kwasten!
Brawling artistically
Messing about creatively with rollers and brushes!
Canada French (NOA) Une compétition pour les artistes
Rouleau ou pinceau... Qui est le plus beau?
A competition for artists
Roller or brush... Which is prettier?
France French (NOE) Une compète pour les esthètes
Rouleau ou pinceau... Qui est le plus beau ?
A competition for aesthetes
Roller or brush... Which is prettier?
Germany German Kunst mit Vollkontakt
Kreatives Klecksen mit Roller und Pinsel!
Art with full contact
Creative splodging with Roller and Brush!
Italy Italian La battaglia artistica del secolo
Rulli vs pennelli: chi la pittura la vince!
The artistic battle of the century
Rollers vs. brushes: who paints it wins it!
Russia Russian Искусство на века
Валики против кистей – дуэль титанов!

Iskusstvo na veka
Valiki protiv kistey – duel' titanov!
Art for the ages
Rollers versus brushes – the duel of the titans!
SpainMexico Spanish Batalla pictórica histórica
¡Una gran disputa de pinceles y rodillos!
Historical pictorial battle
A great dispute between brushes and rollers!
China Chinese (Simplified) 最强滚筒&画笔争夺战
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 最強滾筒&畫筆爭奪戰
South Korea Korean 최강 롤러&붓 결정전
무기 한정 배틀! 최강의 롤러&붓 유저를 노려라!

choigang rolleo & but gyeoljeongjeon
mugi hanjeong baeteul! choigangui rolleo & but yujeoreul noryeora!
The strongest roller & brush battle
Limited to these weapons for this battle! Aim for the strongest roller & brush user!
 Internal EventMatch_WeaponLimited_RollerBrush_Title