Bucket of Crab Tanks

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Bucket of Crab Tanks
Crab Tanks on the loose! Strafe to safety!
Type Online multiplayer mode, Challenge
Players 8 (4v4)
Ranked Splat Zones
Weapons All with Crab Tank
Controllers Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date 15 July 2024

Bucket of Crab Tanks is a Challenge in Splatoon 3. Information about it was first available on 9 July 2024 at 12:00 UTC on SplatNet 3 after the conclusion of the Tournament Test Run (Japan) Challenge of Sizzle Season 2024 and it will be first available on 15 July 2024 during Sizzle Season 2024 as the thirty-first available Challenge in Splatoon 3.


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During this Challenge, the only main weapon that players are allowed to use are weapons that come with the Crab Tank special weapon. If a player tries to play the Challenge with a weapon that does not have the Crab Tank, they can cancel or select an owned weapon that does; other weapons are grayed out. This is the only Challenge of that type, where the special gauge charge will not be affected. The walking speed when moving sideways will be increased. When the Challenge is played, only primary abilities are enabled, so secondary abilities have no effect.

In-game info

Whether faster Crab Tanks are your dream or nightmare, now they are real!

  • You can only use weapons with the Crab Tank special.
  • The sideways walking speed of the Crab Tank will be greatly increased!
  • Your speed when rolling with the Button will not change.
  • Only primary gear abilities will be enabled! Secondary gear abilities will have no effect.

List of Challenges

Duration Mode Stages Rankings
15 July 2024 at
Splat Zones

Wahoo World

Crableg Capital
Bucket of Crab Tanks/Top 100 (July 2024)


Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 快走カニタンクバトル
カニタンクの歩行速度がアップ! カニ歩きで撃ちまくれ!
Netherlands Dutch Een emmer vol Krabbentanks
Beweeg opzij voor de Krabbentanks!
A bucket full of Crab Tanks
Move aside for the Crab Tanks!
Canada French (NOA) Panier de Crabes d'assaut
Tous aux abris, les Crabes d'assaut sont de sortie!
France French (NOE) Panier de crabes d'assaut
Tous aux abris, les crabes d'assaut sont de sortie !
Germany German Krabbenpanzer, marsch!
Krabben krabbeln überall! Rasch in Deckung!
Crab Tank, march!
Crabs are crawling everywhere! Quick, take cover!
Italy Italian Granchi armati scatenati
Granchi armati a piede libero! Quale crostaceo trionferà?
Russia Russian Кработанковые учения
Кработанки ползут! Все в укрытие!

Krabotankovye ucheniya
Krabotanki polzut! Vse v urkytie!
Crab Tank exercises
Crab Tanks are crawling up! Everyone take cover!
SpainMexico Spanish Choque de cangrejobots
¡Ataca sin piedad empleando el cangrejobot a paso acelerado!
China Chinese (Simplified) 捷足螃蟹坦克对战
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 捷足螃蟹坦克對戰
South Korea Korean 쾌속 질주 크랩 탱크 배틀
크랩 탱크 보행 속도 UP! 게걸음으로 마구 쏴라!