Sheldon's Dress-Up Showdown

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Sheldon's Dress-Up Showdown
Raid Sheldon's arsenal and closet for random weapons and outfits!
Type Online multiplayer mode, Challenge
Players 8 (4v4)
Ranked No
Weapons All
Controllers Nintendo Switch Joy-Con with grip.png Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.png Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date 22 October 2023

Sheldon's Dress-Up Showdown is a Challenge in Splatoon 3. Information about it was first available on 9 October 2023 at 22:00 UTC on SplatNet 3 after the conclusion of the first Modded Rainmaker Test-Fire and it was first available on 22 October 2023 during Drizzle Season 2023 as the sixteenth available Challenge in Splatoon 3.


During the Challenge, each player's weapon is randomly assigned before each battle, similar to The Sheldon Sampler Challenge. Additionally, gear worn by each player is randomly assigned. The weapons and gear assigned before each battle are distributed regardless of whether players own them. The distributed pieces of gear each have their default ability and no secondary abilities regardless of the loadout found on the player's copy of the same gear if owned.

Players are randomly equipped with one of the following amiibo gear sets:

Gear set amiibo's set
Headgear Clothing Shoes
Squid Hairclip School Uniform A School Shoes + Hi Socks Inkling Girl Inkling Girl (Splatoon)
Squid Hairclip School Uniform B Base School Shoes
Samurai Helmet Samurai Jacket Samurai Shoes Inkling Boy Inkling Boy (Splatoon)
Power Mask Power Armor Power Boots Inkling Squid Inkling Squid (Splatoon)
Hero Headset Replica Hero Jacket Replica Hero Runner Replicas Callie Callie
Armor Helmet Replica Armor Jacket Replica Armor Boot Replicas Marie Marie
Squid Clip-Ons School Cardigan A Baggy-Sock Fringe Loafs Inkling Girl 2 Inkling Girl (Splatoon 2)
Squid Clip-Ons School Cardigan B Base Fringed Loafers
Squinja Mask Mk I Squinja Suit Squinja Boots Inkling Boy 2 Inkling Boy (Splatoon 2)
Squinja Mask Mk II Squinja Suit Squinja Boots
Power Mask Mk I Power Armor Mk I Power Boots Mk I Inkling Squid 2 Inkling Squid (Splatoon 2)
Pearlescent Crown S Pearlescent Hoodie Pearlescent Kicks Pearl Pearl
Pearlescent Crown L Pearlescent Hoodie Pearlescent Kicks
Marinated Headphones Marinated Top Marinated Slip-Ons Marina Marina
Enchanted Hat Enchanted Robe A Enchanted Boots Octoling Girl Octoling Girl
Enchanted Hat Enchanted Robe B Enchanted Boots
Steel Helm Steel Platemail Steel Greaves Octoling Boy Octoling Boy
Fresh Fish Head Fresh Fish Gloves Fresh Fish Feet Octoling Octopus Octoling Octopus
Boss Floss Schoolyard Scrap Jack Knotty Bois Inkling (Yellow) Inkling (Splatoon 3)
Sushi Sous-Chef Band Black-Belt Gi Kick Dampeners Octoling (Blue) Octoling (Splatoon 3)
Chaos Helm Chaos Commander Suit Chaos Kicks Smallfry Smallfry
Hohojiro Mask Chomp Top Faux Sharkskin Platfins Shiver Shiver
Onaga Mask Eelneck Tank Eel Heel Socks Frye Frye
Manta Mask Big Slick Big Muds Big Man Big Man

In-game info

Make the most of a random assortment of Sheldon's weapons and outfits in this come-as-you-are Challenge!

  • You will be assigned an outfit and weapon at the start of battle.
  • Your loadout will completely change with each subsequent battle!
  • Sheldon is graciously loaning all of the equipment, so you don't need to own the items you're using. You also don't get to keep them.

List of Challenges

Duration Mode Stages Rankings
22 October 2023 at S3 icon Tower Control.png
Tower Control
S3 Stage Um'ami Ruins.png
Um'ami Ruins
S3 Stage Barnacle & Dime.png
Barnacle & Dime
Sheldon's Dress-Up Showdown/Top 100 (October 2023)
29 December 2023 at S3 icon Tower Control.png
Tower Control
S3 Stage Um'ami Ruins.png
Um'ami Ruins
S3 Stage Barnacle & Dime.png
Barnacle & Dime
Sheldon's Dress-Up Showdown/Top 100 (December 2023)
30 March 2024 at S3 icon Tower Control.png
Tower Control
S3 Stage Um'ami Ruins.png
Um'ami Ruins
S3 Stage Barnacle & Dime.png
Barnacle & Dime
Sheldon's Dress-Up Showdown/Top 100 (March 2024)


  • Sheldon's Dress-Up Showdown's initial debut coinciding with Splatoween's Splatfest Sneak Peek in combination with its themed gear set distribution ruleset seem to reference Halloween costume parties.
  • As the first instance of this Challenge took place before the Deep Cut amiibo were released, the three associated amiibo outfit sets were not available during that Challenge. Subsequent re-runs of the Challenge include the outfits.

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 仮装してブキをかわいがるブキチ杯
仮装もブキもランダムでし! ぜひ 楽しんで欲しいでし!
Netherlands Dutch Krabberts chaotische showdown
Willekeurige wapens en willekeurige uitrusting!
Sheldon's chaotic showdown
Random weapons and random gear!
Canada French (NOA) Arsenal au hasard
C'est les portes ouvertes à Alassaut! Armes et équipement aléatoires pour tous!
France French (NOE) Matez mon matos
C'est les portes ouvertes à la Marée armée ! Armes et tenues aléatoires pour tous !
Germany German Chaos-Klecks auf Arty-Art
Waffen und Klamotten per Zufallswahl!
Chaos Splat the Sheldon Way
Weapons and gear at random!
Italy Italian Sfilata in salsa Armand
Armand presta armi ed equipaggiamento casuali!
Russia Russian Показ мод от Пушкина
Случайное оружие и снаряжение из ассортимента Пушкина!

Pokaz mod ot Pushkina
Sluchaynoe oruzhie i snaryazhenie iz assortimenta Pushkina!
Sheldon's fashion show
Random weapon and gear from Sheldon's assortment!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Arma y disfraz al azar
¡Diviértete con armas y artículos aleatorios!
Random weapon and costume
Have fun with random weapons and articles!
Spain Spanish (NOE) Trofeo del arma y el disfraz
¡Pásalo bomba con armas y artículos aleatorios!
Trophy of the weapon and the costume
Have a blast with random weapons and articles!
China Chinese (Simplified) 装扮并爱惜使用武器的武器子杯
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 裝扮並愛惜使用武器的武器子盃
South Korea Korean 가장하고 무기를 다뤄 보는 부키치 배
가장도 무기도 랜덤임다! 즐거운 시간이 될 검다!
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